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Been there, and still there

Updated 18 days ago

What are typical cdl driver salaries? - 46 Replies

[QUOTE who="williamhbonnie in Cleveland, Ohio"]i was so pumped up to b a trucker ... i was goin to my community college to b trained ... i planed on...

L7 equipment in Spring, Texas

Updated 1 month ago

veteran otr driver needs a job - 5 Replies

I have a class A cdl. I have 25 yrs of experience with van,reefer, and flatbed. I am a safe driver(one accident in 25 yrs,non preventable). I do have...

Art in Hoboken, New Jersey

Updated 3 months ago

I have an 8+yr old felony drug conviction , I just got my class A license and I can't find a job - 4 Replies

I have tried all the Big companies and am starting to get discouraged.The truck driving school told me that some companies want 5yrs some want 7yrs...

todd in Augusta, Georgia

Updated 3 months ago

Driver Solution/P.A.M. legit??? - 3 Replies

anyone know if driver solution is legit? what about PAM Transport company and training program? i would like something somewhat close in texas.

Bonas77 in Sterling, Colorado

Updated 4 months ago

CDL Permit - 2 Replies

Hello, I have a CDL class B permit with Airbrake endorsement (I also have my Class C license for towing). I have passed my DOT physical, but I am...

rjones1963 in east peoria, Illinois

Updated 6 months ago

Manual or Automatic ?? - 2 Replies

What are the majority of straight trucks equipted with a Manual or Automatic transmission ? Are ther automatic transmissions for Semi's ??

rjones1963 in east peoria, Illinois

GSTC / gordon sevic trucking Not worth working for....

I was with this company for 8 months as a company driver only to find out you will always be treated like you just started driving yesterday. Above...

sylvia in Chennai, India

Updated 10 months ago

Top cdl driver skills needed to get the job. - 1 Reply

What are the top 3 traits or skills every cdl driver must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your cdl driver expertise?

jaypthegreat in san bernardino, California

Updated 11 months ago

class a driver - 1 Reply

can anyone give me any info about jim palmer, I have orientation coming up but im having second thoughts. in Houston, Texas

Updated 12 months ago

cdl driver - 1 Reply

i want a full time job. i have a cdl license class a with TX endorsements and clear records. thanks...

Scott in Macon, Georgia

Company-paid CDL training with drug-charge forgiveness?

I'm looking to get into the trucking industry, but my wild youth has caught up with me, apparently. I straightened out my life in 2007 and haven't...

DannetteCooper in Suffolk, Virginia

Updated 20 months ago



CattleHauler in Athens, Ohio

Updated 24 months ago

dui - 1 Reply

I got a DUI in DEC of 09.I have my licence back now, but not sure when a company will hire me. Any suggestions about when and where to look?

Tree climber in Kingston, New York

Updated 26 months ago

New York State Physical CDL Prescription Drugs - 2 Replies

I have my cdl-b permit.hopefully driving school bus.taking medical exam in next week or so.I have prescription for xanax.take every once in...

Toni in Urbana, Illinois

Updated 27 months ago

OTR DRIVER - 8 Replies

Help. Have put in over 100 apps. and no luck. I had a bridge accident in Oct.08. and lost my job. Have 4 yrs. OTR Exp. Is there any companies that...

Joshua Fann in Frisco, Texas

Updated 31 months ago



Glenn G in Denver, Colorado

How local truck driving school mis -led me after they took my money

I recently attended AIT driver training in Henderson Colo. After 18 weeks of school and satifactory attendance and grade point average I have no...

Ron Livings in Panama City, Florida

Local / Regional jobs in Panhandle

Just got my CDL and am interested in local or regional runs in the southern states. Would really like a local position home every night. Or even...

drivingpair in Canton, Ohio

Driving as a pair?

My friend and I want to get our CDLs after we graduate college, and drive long distance together. We won't care so much about being home, and...

Legal_Guy in Anonymous Proxy

Updated 34 months ago

truck driving jobs for felons in NYS. - 19 Replies

Are there jobs for felons in NYS as truck drivers?

broca in Granite City, Illinois

want to learn to drive trucks/live in Illinois

I see PAM transport hiring out of st.louis. When I try to put my zip code in (62034) I declines as out of hiring area?? I live .15 min from St.... in Carlisle, Pennsylvania



Updated 37 months ago

standard shift - 1 Reply

I need to learn how to drive standard shift on a 10 speed truck. I have been looked over for several position because I do not know how to drive a...

Trudy Kraft in Merritt Island, Florida

Updated 38 months ago

driving jobs - 3 Replies

hello i just got my cdl b class lisence and looking for a job in the nyc or long island area ,does anyone can give me an idea where to look ?maybe...

JT in Roanoke, Virginia

Updated 38 months ago

Are there truck griving jobs for felons in nys? - 6 Replies

I was told form a friend of mine that there are. Is that true?

art lee in Houston, Texas

Updated 41 months ago

Any company paid cdl training located in houston tx? - 3 Replies

Anyone know of any good paid cdl training companies - schools located in houston or southeast tx area? I dont have alot of money to be traveling far...

Joyce in Sadorus, Illinois

Updated 42 months ago

Applying for a cdl for the first time - 1 Reply

I want to get a cdl. Never had one before. Had a reg driver's license in NJ and then moved to VA in 1987. No problem getting driver's license in...

Marty Rhodes

Updated 42 months ago

Truck Driving - 1 Reply

I fail drug test 2004.How do i get off my dot record.Please help.

madfranklin in San Diego, California

Updated 43 months ago

learn to drive a truck - 2 Replies

Got CDL ten years ago.Didnt use them,now I would like to drive.But will need to be retrain,and don't know where to go.Can anyone help me.

Mike in Amityville, New York

Restrictions on a NY Class B CDL?

I currently have a CA Class B CDL which was all I needed in the past to drive a 15 passenger van for several tour operators. The CA CDL has the...

pedirocks in Lenoir, North Carolina

Updated 46 months ago

I have truck and driver - 1 Reply


Cody in Hettinger, North Dakota

Worker's Comp after semi accident

I was driving for a water & oil trucking company during a winter storm advisory and had an accident thanks to the snow, rolled the semi, hit my head...

Jeff15424 in Markleysburg, Pennsylvania

Dui in 06

I was wondering if any company would hire a person with a dui in 06' My husband is having a hard time finding employment because of it. Does any one...

rome in Statesville, North Carolina

Updated 48 months ago

waste mangenment - 6 Replies

they post jobs when you apply and call they give the run around i have 20yrs exp in solid waste. iwould like to know am i the only one...

marcy in Amarillo, Texas


ive known other drivers who have had more seiouse accidents wher there were injuries or deaths, and they havent been " black listed ". how do i find...

Helena in Charlotte, North Carolina

allied \republicwaste

do any one know in charlotte what company is to buy their routes.

Newbie Wife

What companies hire out of Las Cruces, NM for new grads

Very confused as to WHERE you have to live to get hired. So many companies state you can live "anywhere", but then it seems they are only hiring if...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 60 months ago

Attn : owner operators will you hire me - 1 Reply

I graduated my truck school (all state careers) wit honors and took a defensive driving cousre and student of the month. 6 month local driving exp. I...

sammy 10 in Pleasanton, California


Oakland Ca,I keep Seeing TLC.,Always looking for drivers I will tell you they suck their liars and they will mishandle everything very unprofessional in Clewiston, Florida

trabajo cdl

siete ocho siete cuatro seis nueve nueve seis cinco ocho...gracias

Matt in Slidell, Louisiana

Updated 64 months ago

Whats the best company to apply for cdl paid training w/otr - 1 Reply

Would like to drive trucks in NC. Would like to know what some of the best companies that are out there that offer paid training (i understand there...

don in Burlington, Washington

Updated 67 months ago

CDL A or B - 2 Replies

How much easier is it to obtain a B license over an A license ?? What are the differences between tests and knowledge of both licenses ? Is there...

wisdom77 in Greensboro, Ohio


im a cdl driver, laid off from wilson trucking. was there for three years. came in one day and handed a pink slip. im still looking for a driving, my...

mike in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

Updated 68 months ago

driving job in Seattle area for recent trucking grad. w/o experience-any tips? - 2 Replies

I've been searching for a job since I got my cdl, but haven't had much luck finding local routes or day shift due to my inexperience. Does anyone...

John Dee in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

Updated 71 months ago

Are cdl driver job opportunities growing or declining? - 3 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most cdl driver...

Joe in Chicago, Illinois

Taking the CDL test ??

Where do you find a truck Class B(straight truck) to use to take the test ?? There website says you must be with a valid CDL holder in order to get...

WESLEYSTICH in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 73 months ago

Getting a cdl driver job. - 4 Replies

How did you get your start doing cdl driver work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a particular...

David Binion in Hickory, North Carolina

Updated 73 months ago

anyone know about driver solutions or PAM? - 1 Reply

anyone know if driver solution is legit? what about PAM Transport company and training program? i would like something somewhat close in texas. ...

chris in Port Neches, Texas

miles for new drivers?

how many miles do new solo drivers usually drive a week? and about how long does one have to stay with the training company after receiving cdl?

jeff in Seattle, Washington

Updated 81 months ago

What are the best cdl driver qualifications and training to get ahead? - 1 Reply

What is the best training for becoming a cdl driver? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective cdl...

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