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Updated 9 hours ago

Am I too old to start taking CNA training ? - 36 Replies

[QUOTE who="Johanna in Ontario, California"]True what you have said. It is not necessarily an age thing.Some people can't do nights for example. Are...


Updated 2 days ago

Anyone else fail the CNA exam their first time? - 163 Replies

So I took my CNA state test today and passed! I didnt even study as much as I know I should have because I knew that test the was mostly common...


Updated 10 days ago

This is how you transfer your CNA from state to state - 72 Replies

[QUOTE who="Kea in Grand Prairie, Texas"]I am from Baltimore,MD. and I want to know is my cna good in Texas and how do I change it over if...


Updated 12 days ago

no experience - 121 Replies

[QUOTE who="Kaye in Detroit, Michigan"]I have my state certification, but a lot of places want you to have 1-3 yrs exp. This is difficult....whay...


Updated 12 days ago

travel cna - 803 Replies

Travel CNA's ? This is a low income job and I can't image anywhere that they can't find local staff ?Why pay $18 a hour plus apt for a travel CNA...


Updated 14 days ago

I have no experience as a cna and cant find a job that will hire me - 108 Replies

I'm having the same problem as all of you ladies. I graduated from my CNA class in 2012. I have applied every where. Still they tell me I no...


Updated 18 days ago

Transfer license - 281 Replies

[QUOTE who="mrwhitney91 in Tempe, Arizona"]I was passed my cna tests and became certified in New York and moved to Arizona and transferred it to...


Updated 26 days ago

how to take cna classes without a highschool diploma or ged - 45 Replies

Where in NC did you go to school I wanna study cna but I dont have diploma andbits it free?


Updated 1 month ago

recent grad can't get a cna job anywhere!!!!! - 94 Replies

I've been a CNA for 2 years and I had the same problems at first. A few words of advice: If you really want this awful job and still want to work...



Hello Ladies/Gents: I am thinking of taking a CNA course and become certified to try to get a better paying job here in New Jersey, where people...


Updated 2 months ago

CNA STATE TEST - 1002 Replies

I think you will pass. Congrats!!!


cna state test help

I took my skills test today and I did all the skills perfect except for two steps in one. I forgot to wash his hands and remove the clothing...

Poochie Whyte

Updated 2 months ago

Where do I take CNA courses online at for the state of Florida? - 1 Reply

I am living in Jamaica. However I am interested to take an online CNA course. How do I go about doing this course.


CNA Training SC?

Is there any training that's legitimate in SC preferably the Columbia area? Could I get my training somewhere else then transfer it over I news...


to take the cna course or just challenge and take the test

I'm struggling with the descion on wheather to take the can course or in NC u can challenge. And just take the test. I am already. Certified as a...


Updated 3 months ago

How to get your Med Tech License's - 153 Replies

Fast Track Career Prep in Wilson has a 2 day Med Tech program.


Updated 3 months ago

CNA skills and written test...what is involved - 261 Replies

[QUOTE who="sandy in Stockton, California"]what was wrong with picking up the 1st papertowell with the second paper towell ?/[/QUOTE] It's...


Updated 3 months ago

Why can't I get a cna job in Atlanta? - 1 Reply

Some people are just stupid. They don't want to give any job opportunities to people who really need it. I on the other hand don't have experience as...


Updated 4 months ago

Show me the money... - 317 Replies

It is sad how people still consider CNA's as dumb and worthless people.They do what most people think they are to good to do.If we didn't have CNA's...


Updated 4 months ago

CNA become a LVN in California - 665 Replies

[QUOTE who="zeik in Lafayette, Louisiana"][/QUOTE] Hiim already a cna and just finished my 54 hr pharmacology.Im looking for to take just...

Download Internet Explorer 11 Enhanced b

Updated 5 months ago

Do they hire new CNAs in Michigan - 2 Replies

<strong><a href="">omega basel</a></strong><br> <strong><a href="">omega basel</a></strong><br> ...

GeleaneBosslady Litis

Updated 5 months ago

What is a good Home Health Aide (HHA) Online course? - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="Missy Lewis in Titusville, Florida"]I took the hha class on and I think they're a scam.I emailed them numerous times...

Updated 5 months ago

Renewal Cna License - 32 Replies

Hello!, My name is Prenslia I would like to renew my cna license. I haven't worked as an cna since 2000. Can you please send my an application thru...


Failed Skills Part of my CNA test

Okay so i passed everything else but just this one part of the skills which is doing the peri care( i completely forgot to wash the butt side) makes...


Updated 7 months ago

CNA Exam. Help? - 9 Replies

Don't be nervous about the CNA exam. If it makes you feel any better, there are a lot of practice tests that you can take online. You can read more...


Updated 7 months ago

Where Can I get certified as a CNA for and its covered by financial aid or free? - 16 Replies

if you are still in need of help, make sure you don't fall for the "free cna courses" as most of these are no accredited and will not satisfy your <a...


Updated 8 months ago

CNA or LPN - 2 Replies

I've no other choice but to agree with anem in Chicago, it's almost like not having enough faith or confidence or fear even within yourself that you...


Updated 8 months ago

CNA'S UNITE - 21 Replies


CNA Study Guide

Updated 11 months ago

Nursing Assistant/Hospital career - 1 Reply

Hello, You should expect around $15.00 an hour for a CNA position in Sacramento CA. Per Diem means Per Day. This means "as needed" and like...


Updated 11 months ago

$3000 SIGN ON BONUS - 3 Replies

looking for a CNA job in any state


lpn need to pass nclex

hi all im looking for some help in trying to pass my nclex do you know of any classess or person i can get to help me in my studies? if so please...

Updated 12 months ago

Finding other agencies that employ CNA's - 2 Replies

looking for agencies that hire frist time cna thats freh out of school but i had experience when I was living in Italy. can u provide me that...

Chellie Ciufo

Updated 12 months ago


Can you challenge the CNA examination in Alabama? I was certified from 1994 to 2008. My license expired in 2008. So I have the experience required....

mofo in Alhambra, California

Updated 13 months ago

Should I do a CNA program even though I'm ready for RN program - 1 Reply

Hello everyone, I'm debated whether I should take a CNA program the semester I'm applying for the RN program. My problem is money. If I'm ready...

Michael Gwenden in Schenectady, New York

home heath aide

I have Recently Completed A (4) Months Course on Health AIDE, and looking to do my Internship and get my CNA. License. but... in High Ridge, Missouri

Updated 15 months ago




Pay rate at nursing home in Brooklyn

Any one know a any nursing homes in Brooklyn 12 and up

Suzannesagamore in Canton, Massachusetts

Updated 18 months ago

I am looking for an affordable school to be training as a Home Health aide, any advice? - 4 Replies

I want to work in the state of Florida as a Caregiver, I don't have a GED and I want to spend as little money as possible. Thanks

Stephanie Landon in Ocala, Florida

Updated 18 months ago

Brand New CNA / HHA but No One Will Hire Without Experience - 4 Replies

I just switched industries from retail to healthcare and got my CNA / HHA certifications. I have been looking for a job in Tampa, Florida for over...

Sierra93 in Anaheim, California

Updated 18 months ago

paid cna training in oakland, ca - 5 Replies

I am looking for a hospital or a nursing home that offers free cna training. does anyone know of any place that offer this service.


Updated 21 months ago

inactive license in kansas cna - 1 Reply

I did not think Iwould be a Cna but my husband lost his job have not worked in 6 yrs what do I need to do to get my license back again i need to work.

dewi in Highland, New York

CNA Job in NYS with recent DWAI?

I have a BS in biology and would like to explore healthcare as a field of employment. Stupidly, (I know, really, really stupidly) I drove after...

frustrated cna in Wichita, Kansas

Updated 22 months ago

what jobs can a cna get - 4 Replies

I want to get my cna lis. But i really dont want to work in a nursing home. Is there any other jobs a cna can do?

frustrated cna in Wichita, Kansas

cna work

You know when I first received my license I was so happy to help people as a Cna now listening to these stories it is not a good job any more.Does...

Tasha Bundy

Updated 23 months ago

how to take a online cna class without a highschool diploma or ged - 49 Replies

can someone give me some infomation on this question.

Miami, FL OTA/OT/CNA in North Miami Beach, Florida

Updated 24 months ago

Can you live comfortably on a CNA salary? - 4 Replies

I live in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I'm trying to decide what i want to do for a living. Does anyone think that i could make it off of a CNA's...

CNA in Hyden, Kentucky

Updated 24 months ago

The pay and Nurse abuse in Jackson,MS - 1 Reply

I just recently moved to Jackson,MS and I cannot believe the level of ignorance of Nursing Home/Centers Administration that they would only pay CNA...

Abbottk2 in Norco, California

Updated 24 months ago

FREE Listing of Schools by state That Offer CNA Training - 9 Replies

This site offera a free listing by state that offer CNA Training programs. You can also contact your state registry for a listing of...

Technician in Vallejo, California

Updated 24 months ago

How to take NCLEX for CNA - 27 Replies

Hi all, Recently I have taken my theory and clinical class for CNA. Now I have to take CA state test for CNA, but I don't how to apply for...

Thomas H in Hobart, Indiana

Updated 25 months ago

Indiana written test...what is it like - 5 Replies

I have prepared for weeks for this test. I am taking it Wednesday. I think I'll be fine on the written. I picked up a book on practice exams. In...

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