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kat in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 24 months ago

Transfer CNA license??? - 287 Replies

I have recently moved to South Carolina from Florida and would like to know how to transfer my CNA license.....please help

certifiednursingassistantinfo in Boston, Massachusetts

Updated 25 months ago

CNA career direction advice please ? - 2 Replies

Hello everyone, I am a CNA, it is very rewarding but would like to explore other career options, can someone who is currently or has been a CNA...

Amara Amai in Farmington, Maine

Updated 26 months ago

I NEED TO INTERVIEW A CNA (via e-mal) it would be roughly ten questions - 1 Reply

i need to interview a CNA for my graduation project. I am a junior in high school and this is very much needed

Jeff in El Cajon, California

Livescan for recertification?

I'm about to send in my recertification form for my California CNA/CHHA. Am I supposed to have a livescan sent along with this? Or was that just for...

lgreen in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 26 months ago

Any Nursing Homes in Indianapolis Area Offering CNA classes? - 19 Replies

I am looking for nursing facility offering cna classes in the Indianapolis,IN area. I worked as a CNA/QMA for ten years and lost all of my...

Hassel in Hampton, Virginia

Updated 26 months ago

CNA Training - 51 Replies

I was wondering does anyone know where i can found free cna classes please help if you know anything send it to my email address ruko_01@yahoo thanks

luvmykids0810 in Irving, Texas

Working as a CNA with to many opportunities and cant decide the right one!!!!

ok from the top. I am working at a nursing home making $9.50 an hour from 10p-530pm because i have to leave early so that i can get home and dh can...

wandarubin in Kansas City, Kansas

Updated 26 months ago

want to update my certification as a cna. - 27 Replies

I'm an cna. But, it's been sometime since i've worked in that field. I'm sure, i need to be re-certified.

QuitaM in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 26 months ago

CNA Training in Southfield, MI - 6 Replies

looking for a CNA training provider in Southfield, MI.

Ariel Sanchez in Tampa, Florida

What is a good CNA Online course?

I am looking for an affordable online course for nursing that is good for a person who is busy. Any suggestions?

branbran77 in Fresno, California

Updated 27 months ago

CNA course and cost - 3 Replies

Hi. I live in Gardena Los angeles and I'm looking for a cheap and affordable CNA training program (3 month span). Does anyone know any? I just finish...

tash in Brentwood, New York

Updated 27 months ago

Nursing Assistant Program at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital - 2 Replies

I applied for the Nursing Assisting Program at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital and have not heard anything from them. Does anyone know when the classes...

Miasia in Asheboro, North Carolina

Updated 27 months ago

obtaining a cna job in Phoenix - 3 Replies

Hello All I am relocating to Phoenix arizona in spring 2012. I have been a cna for 9 years!.. I have 3 years experience working in a nursing home... in Taylorsville, North Carolina

Updated 28 months ago

CNA Classes - 3 Replies

Where are some CNA classes in the Winston-Salem/Greensboro/High Point area? I saw the 1 day course in Greensboro, but you need 75 hours training in...

Laura S in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 28 months ago

My CNA license and CPR - 55 Replies

I want to know how to go about transferring my CPR license and my nurse assistant swith to georgia, so that I can get employment with the right...

James Leech in Tampa, Florida

Updated 28 months ago

I Live in florida and want to become a Home Health Aide. - 1 Reply

I am looking for an affordable Home Health Aide Course for the state of Florida? Any Suggestions? in Taylorsville, North Carolina

Updated 28 months ago

Where are all the good CNA jobs at? - 2 Replies

Hi everyone i really need a job in catawba county

Mike in Corry, Pennsylvania

General Questions Regarding CNA

Could you describe a general day? What skills needed? What to expect? What do you like about it? What do you not like? What does one have to do...

kayfurlow in Southaven, Mississippi

Updated 29 months ago

moving to georgia - 63 Replies

I am moving to Georgia from Maryland do i have to take a class

Updated 29 months ago

Transferring Certification to Va from Ny - 44 Replies

Does anyone know where I get information on transferring my certification from Virginia to New York. A website or telephone number would be very... in Mechanicsville, Virginia

Updated 29 months ago

Free CNA Programs - 23 Replies

Are there any free CNA programs or employer paid CNA programs in or around Frederick, MD? Any help you have is greatly appreciated! Carla

Tia in Lambertville, Michigan


If u already have been a stna for 4 years quit an lost your license do you have to take the course over or just the state test?

romy estime in New York, New York

Updated 31 months ago

cna certification - 2 Replies

cna certification is very useful to get job in hospitals and clinics. it is because employers prefer those who have these certificate to...

Alexander in New Haven, Connecticut

Updated 31 months ago

Free Listing--CNA Training programs - 21 Replies The Online Magazine for Certified Nursing Assistants

durden in Houston, Texas

Updated 31 months ago

Need to contact the people who give the state exam in Texas - 7 Replies

I was taking an corespondence course nursing assistant with Stratford Institute. What I would like to know where can I contact by phone, email, to...

RN lmao in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 32 months ago

how do i obtain my cna licese number or certification number - 1 Reply

i need my cna certification number.. in Chesterfield, Virginia

Updated 32 months ago

I'm looking for nursing homes or hospitals in the Richmond, Va area that offers free CNA training - 1 Reply

I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere. Does anyone know of a facility where I can work and get on-the-job training for CNA? I'm willing to stick...

K spoon in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Updated 32 months ago

CNA II TESTING - 24 Replies


tdrbaker2000 in Cabot, Arkansas

Updated 32 months ago

want to transfer cna certification - 22 Replies

Could somebody tell me the easiest way to transfer my cna certification from Maine to South Carolina

JCG in Thousand Oaks, California

CNA training in CA?

I am thinking of taking a cna course in CA. I also am looking into medical coding education. Some jobs I have researched for administration work...

ciamred in Mount Morris, Michigan

pay salary in phoenix arizona

Hello all... Does anyone know how much a experienced cna salary would be in the phoenix area?? I have 9 years experience. I worked 3 years at a...

ale Rodriguez in San Ysidro, California

CNA classe

Good night everyone, I am looking for those CNA programs that last 3-4 weeks near San Diego CA, any info will be helpful, thanks.

mskay in Tyler, Texas

tx cna written test

yes i live in tyler tx and just went through cna class in aug and i taken test in sept but have to retake written test in nov. i want to know how to...


Updated 33 months ago

cna pay - 9 Replies

why do cna make so little money when we are the one doing all the work first of all we know more about the resident we know when they are sick when...

rhcsg in Denver, Colorado

Updated 33 months ago

Certifications - 2 Replies

Hi! I'm in a CNA competency & evaluation program here in VA. I just got my BLS certification and I'm going to do hospice training & volunteering as...

MARIA in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Updated 34 months ago

job description - 6 Replies

I would like to know where I can find a COMPLETE list of CNA job descriptions. I am being told different things from different people and need to see...

MARIA in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Updated 34 months ago

I burned my CNA license - 2 Replies

It's worthless. Seriously. The rude patients, the useless coworkers, the heavy workloads, the crap pay...I'm done. I cremated that worthless...

lauren20 in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Healthcare Certifications

Hi! I'm in a CNA competency & evaluation program here in VA. I just got my BLS certification and I'm going to do hospice training & volunteering as...

Linda Straubhaar in Brunswick, Ohio

Updated 34 months ago

expired STNA liscense - 44 Replies

i'm getting ready to register for nursing classes. i haven't worked in the nursing home for nearly two years and my stna liscense has expired. do i...

lgbates in Vidalia, Georgia

CNA Training

Where around Statesboro, GA may I get free or subsidized CNA training and better employment opportunities.

icelily20 in North Brunswick, New Jersey

Updated 34 months ago

Is it hard to get a CNA job in a hospital - 5 Replies

Are they checking credit? Medical history? I've been trying for years to work at a hospital but no luck. Any thoughts?

Carolinagirl1112 in Wake Forest, North Carolina

Updated 34 months ago

CNA help! - 4 Replies

I start CNA classes on September 6. I just got my workbook in and me and my fiance sat down and I read him the procedures I'm going to have to do. He...

Desirae Tuggle in Columbus, Ohio


Ive recently graduated highschool i have my stna license . Im in college to be a medical assistant but i need a joib while im in school i only have...

patrickh0514 in Walnut, California


I'm lack of job experience. I mean, I did work for some places but I'm still lack of the experience. I did work for a pool supply store and a home... in Haines City, Florida

Updated 35 months ago

How to land a CNA 1 job without experience, just finishing course and passing state tests - 7 Replies

How can a person find work as a CNA 1 if no one will hire them because they don't have the 1-year experience most companies require? Thanks for any...

Leslie in Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Updated 35 months ago

Starting out... - 54 Replies

How did you get your start doing cna work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a particular educational...

MissShay in Los Angeles, California

Cna for two years and still no work

I have been a CNA for two years now and besides doing home health (which don't count as CNA work...which is odd) I haven't been able to find a job. I...

DonaM in Salina, Kansas

Questions to begin as a Travel CNA

Hi! I have been a CMA for 2 yrs, but unsure if they also "travel". During the day I work as a ward clerk/unit secretary in a Drs Office for 16 yrs. I...

Theodore V. Grau Jr. in Morrisville, Pennsylvania

Updated 36 months ago

how to renew my certification where on line can i go to do this - 102 Replies

i work at the hosiptal an we dont need to be cert. but i dont wont to loose my cert. so i can not fine on line where i can keep it up to date

icelily20 in North Brunswick, New Jersey

Whose hiring CNAs in New York with no experience

Ive heard there are agenices that will hire you in new york. Does anyone know.

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