Working as a CNA with to many opportunities and cant decide the right one!!!!

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luvmykids0810 in Irving, Texas

36 months ago

ok from the top. I am working at a nursing home making $9.50 an hour from 10p-530pm because i have to leave early so that i can get home and dh can go to work. yesterday i received a phone call from a job that i filled an app at in March asking if i could start working there form 2-10pm making $10.25 an hour, I also have a PRN(as needed) job making $11 an hour that called me today and asked me to start on Monday, AND as of right now im in LIMBO with my pre-employment process with my local hospital(waiting for the drug test and background check to go through) making $10.85 an hour, so they havent given me an EXACT start date. When I called the hospital HR and asked about it, he said that it may be another week or so before I can start. I told him i was just asking so that i can know when to give my full time $9.50 hour job my two weeks notice.

heres the pickle: i am going to keep the PRN job no matter where i work at, BUT im not sure what to do about the $9.50 or the $10.25 job while im waiting on the hospital job to call me with a start date. DH says I should just tell the $9.50 job that this is going to be my last week(pay period ends this saturday) and just work the PRN job until the hospital calls me. And if after a week the hospital still hasnt called to take the $10.25 second shift job. Because I dont want to work the $9.50 an hour job anyway because im not working 40 hours a week(we have a 4 on 2 off schedule) PLUS i miss a whole hour every four days anyway because I get off 30 mins early and still have to take a 30 minute break.

So, I need some advice ladies on what route you would take with these situations and why? Please THANKS A lot!

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