Union Journeyman Carpenter needs to work!

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stebz1 in Lakewood, California

91 months ago

Union Journeyman Carpenter needs to work.

I have been unemployed for 10 months. I am tired of showing up to job sites and standing around with other fellow carpenters while the Foreman ignore us. Why am I paying Union dues? Why are the lazy damn Carpenter's still working? Maybe it's because there daddy or family is a SuperIntendent or Foreman. Tell them to get off there knees sucker! You know who they are!

Everyday I look for work and call down to hall...like that helps!

I check out and search websites like:

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(Maybe you might have better luck then me)

Do not apply to www.constructionmanagementdb.com! They are a scam!!! See my last post!

Need to forget the Union and find me a J-O-B! I need to support my family and EAT!

Steve the J-O-B Finder
Lakewood, CA

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limbert in Auburn, Washington

64 months ago

I have learned that there are many people working for the Union, who have no legal documentasion, this is what is driving the country headlong into the floor, colleagues think it's time to be heard by those who run the Union, to punish these companies that do the research required by law.

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limbert in Auburn, Washington

64 months ago

People who do not have documentation Legay not have the same obligations as well as I,
I have my family established in this country and I have to pay rent, house payment, utilities, garbage, phone, TV, food, clothing, etc.. spending goes above $ 2000 and this is just the basics.
While people without documentation, in a two bedroom apartment can live from four to six people, but in other cases more than six, suppose you divide $ 2000 between 6 that would make spending per person is $ 350 exaggeration. LET'S SEE THE DIFFERENCE NOW THAT WE HAVE TO COMPETE WITH THESE PEOPLE.

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alieskiocak in Doha, Qatar

63 months ago

im her until now 7 yaer b4 i am working fromen in company but now i loking 4 job in ompny like sepervisor

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