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Confused and frusterated in Venice, Florida

108 months ago

I have a bachelor's degree in general studies which has taken me absolutely nowhere. Ever since I graduated a few years ago, I have been mainly working in office-type environments. However, I am considering going into healthcare. For a long time now, I have considered the hot profession of ultrasound tech, but there aren't a whole lot of programs out there. I would have to move out of the sarasota area to start it, and I hear it's pretty competitive. LOL..In response to all of the other discussions about Sanford Brown....I went there for an advising session, and wanted to run out of there the minute he told me the cost of it! And after reading all the postings about this institution, I could not agree more! THe school is a sham. What did surprise me though, is how important it was for the ulrasound program to be CAAHEP accredited. And if it isn't, it was so crazy to read all these stories about how people still can't land jobs or even become registered. I was shocked, but was glad to be informed.

Also,I was thinking about other Allied Health careers, such as, Occupational Therapy ASSISTANT. I would only have to take one pre-req to get admitted into the program. HOWEVER, SINCE I ALREADY HAVE MY BACHELOR'S DEGREE, WOULD THIS BE A WASTE TO BE AN ASSISTANT, AND WOULD IT BE BETTER TO JUST GO AHEAD AND GET THE REGULAR OT? I just would like to stay close to home, and not have to take all these classes and spend a lot of $$$. Doing the OTA program instead of the OT program would get me there faster with less tuition $. I hear they make decent $$.
I want to go into the healthcare field, and do something that would get me working within a specialized career. And wouldn't take toooo long since I already have my degree
Please give me any advice you have have or any other healthcare occupations that are worth looking into (dental hygiene??)
Also, if someone here works as an OTA, ultrasound tech and you also have your bachelors degree.Please give me some advice!

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CC in Utica, New York

98 months ago

I am a recent graduate of a combined BS/MS occupational therapy program.
If your decision is based more or less on money and the amount of time to complete a degree...I would definitly choose dental hygienest. I was actually looking up the mean salaries of these professions today and their annual salary is higher than occupational therapists in new york state...this was a state website. I thought that was crazy!....especially seeing that I feel like I have been in school forever and that is a 2 year degree.
My good friend is an ultrasound tech. I know it did not take her as long to get her degree....you don't need a masters and she is making around the same amount of money as me. So...OT pays the least for the amount of school work that is put into it.
but, of course it depends on what you can see yourself enjoying down the road too....

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