How do you find childcare positions with benefits with 2 degrees and more than 13 years experience???

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Love Kids 3 in San Diego, California

63 months ago

I have 2 degrees, an associates in childcare and development and a second associates degree in office administration (including medical office admin). I have more than 13 years of experience in childcare in all age groups from newborn through 16 yrs old. My experience includes being a lead teacher, a traveling substitute, a camp counselor, an assistant center director, and sole creator and implementor of 2 seperate Pre-K programs focused on Kindergarten readiness. I have reference letters from parents, employers, and co-workers.

However, I am finding it hard to find any positions in which I can work with and teach young children while earning enough to keep afloat. I have a special love of working with children whom others find too difficult due to ADD, ADHD, RAD, Autism, etc. I currently have a nice cushy desk job in a medical supply company doin admin. work and I so truly miss my calling of working with children. I miss playin with the kids outside, dancing to silly songs, making messes, using their creativity and enthusiasm to teach w/out them even knowing. I miss hearing "Miss Cindy!!!" all day and comin home with kiddie songs in my head and paint on my clothes and in my hair.

Is there any hope of their being the perfect job for someone who adores working with kids but still needs a decent paycheck and medical benefits??? Do we have to sacrifice our passion for our survival???

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marisole in Memphis, Tennessee

61 months ago

Good Question. Here are MY suggestions. These are just suggestions.

You could try becoming a director at a center. Directors make good money, and you have experience because you were an assistant. Directors deal more with the business side, but you can still drop into classes from time to time. And what better boss than a boss who can give tips on how to run a class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You could try headstart or Pre K. State ran headstart and Pre K teachers make decent money, however you may need to see if you meet the degree requirements. You could try in home care. There are plenty of special needs children who stay home who need someone to care for them while they are home during the day and sometimes at night.

Hope these help. I am a daycare teacher and the pay is to low to live off of. But I love what I do and I am trying to get my degree in early childhood so I can be an assistant director or a Prek headstart, kindergarten-9th grade teacher. God bless.

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