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Betty Smith in Trenton, South Carolina

105 months ago

When you have gone to all the staffing companies applying for work and they keep telling you we have nothing for you at this time for 3 years, should I suspect abuse?

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Shelly Walker in Escondido, California

94 months ago

Well, I knew I wasn't alone, which makes me even madder. I have had the same problem, although I am in an area that has amble amount of job opportunities and I have loads of experience, but I have had the same response. It's as if they lure you in with a alleged job opportunity and then give you some kind of lame excuse why all of the sudden the job has been been filled. You fill out the application and give them all your personal information and you never hear from them again. They must be on a quota basis commission for bringing in people.

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Jennie in Los Angeles, California

94 months ago

I think it is more of about who you know at the staffing agency.

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randeb99 in Reno, Nevada

91 months ago

These companies are useless! I agree it's more of who you know and not what you know

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linda in Dallas, Texas

90 months ago

I totally Agree!!! I have been to 3 staffing agencies, lured with the promise of placement. Filled out applications, took test, even went as far as to fill out direct deposit paper work. And still no job... I feel robbed of my inteligence and time (-_-)

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lmiess in Madison, Wisconsin

88 months ago

Thanks for the comment about staffing agencies that take up most of your time filling out applications and they tell you to call in every week to tell you it slow all the time> It gets very old. I had one or two of them that I would call and leave messages about a job on their website and they would never call me back on it.

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Mitzel in Lufkin, Texas

86 months ago

Yes indeed. I have resided in the Lufkin area for 30 years. I have worked in odd jobs. I have taken just about every thing that they have offered me to work on.

However I will clirify that all my employments I have found them by myself.
Outside of all these staffing agencies.
I do not know anybody inside these agencies.

And this is what they have told me.

I have enrolled with all of them. When I complete my paperwork they tell me. "Well, I do not have anything right now, but if I hear of something I will let you know". I check back with them, and their response is "Well, I do not have anything right now, but keep checking I will put you on the "writing list". I do not know what the "writing list is". I have stopped inside their office, I have found 3 or 4 people all the time. Just sitting there behind a desk. always chatting with each other.

"This is the kind of job that they're doing". That is what they make me think.

I feel so frustrated. To me it is soo unreal how these Lufkin employers run their business.

As I mentioned before, I have reside here in this town for the past 30 years. I not even bother to call these people anymore.
It is such a lie and a disappointment when they promisse you that they have a job and in reality they have nothing. Or they already had some one else in mind.

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sunsetatdawn in College Park, Georgia

86 months ago

I worked in a staffing agency. I can tell you at least the one I worked in they really mean it. Except for this, if you go in there and represent yourself badly you are not likely going to be their first choice and since you applied they have to tell you something so they will tell you nothing is available for you at this time, which is the truth because they have nothing they would want to send you on to represent them as a company and they keep a paper in your record with how you came dressed, how you presented yourself and things you would get analyzed in for any job interview.

Now, there are very many people looking for clerical work. They have a lot to go through and choose from. Like any interview, you have to stand out. Do not go in there wearing everyday clothes, even if just dropping off a resume and even if its for a job you normally wouldn't have to be dressed up in. Some places want you to sit through their own interview during the application process. ALWAYS get their phone # and a person to contact before you go. Make sure your resume has important things like different software programs you are familiar with in case they don't have applications that ask this. This can easily determine whether you will get a call or not as some companies are very specific in what they need.

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sunsetatdawn in College Park, Georgia

86 months ago

Next, make sure you call them when they tell you to. If they don't tell you, call at least twice a week. The more you call, the more attention you bring to yourself. They get a call from a company needing your qualifications they will say to themselves, hey I know just the person, the one who keeps calling in regularly will be great for this job.

But here is the bad part, as I mentioned companies can be very specific about their needs. requiring so many hours of education or experience, must have knowledge in such and such programs and half the time they know ahead of schedule when and for how long they need this position filled so they can afford to wait a bit for them to find someone with all their requirements. When the staff agency can't find anyone in their files with their requirements they will post the job online or look at postings from people who have given their resume for the type of position they are trying to fill. so you not only compete with those who applied but also those applying for any job online.

Lastly, if you have filled a position with them before and worked long enough to receive unemployment, you will get favoritism over someone who hasn't so they will not have to give you unemployment as much as possible. they will try to find you another job before others who have not got put into their system yet.

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chryslumum in Kansas City, Missouri

68 months ago


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