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Marie in Sacramento, California

Nursing Programs that Emphasize Clinical Research?

Does anyone know of any nursing programs that emphasize clinical research or offer internships with pharma co/CRO's?

Atlantis in Avondale, Pennsylvania

Updated 69 months ago

Switching from CRA to SAS Programming - 5 Replies

I am planning to switch my career from Clinical Research to SAS programmer. Can some one guide me how difficult it could be to get entry in to SAS...

H. Jani in Teaneck, New Jersey

Updated 69 months ago

Looking to break into a CRA - 33 Replies

Hello, I'm currently finishing my first year in a PhD program, but am quickly discovering that bench research is not where I want to be for the...

Massa in New York, New York

Updated 69 months ago

is it possible to work from home and not travel - 6 Replies

I have been a CRA for over 5 years, internationally, I have only worked on the hospital side is pharma and investigator driven studies. I want to...

sowjanya in Princeton Junction, New Jersey

Updated 70 months ago

CRA interview - 10 Replies

i have been working in the Pharma industry for 4 yrs as a nurse, i want to change my career and therefore applied for the CRA Position. what kind of...

Karl in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 70 months ago

Where to look for international CRA positions - 1 Reply

Hello, I am currently working as a CRA I monitoring Phase II to Phase IV clinical trials. I would like to work in an international company where I...

Avi in Tel Aviv, Israel

CRA at age of 60

How to find a CRA job at the age of 60+

GemB in Liverpool, United Kingdom

Clinical Trials Coordinator in a different country

Hi, I am looking to apply for a clinical trial coordinators post aboard preferable USA and Australia. I am currently working for a highly...

K in London, Ontario

Updated 71 months ago

Interested in eventually becoming a clinical trials manager - 3 Replies

I'm hoping someone here can help me. I am trying to decide whether to move into clinical research. I have a PhD in kinesiology and am currently...

K in London, Ontario

Considering a career in clinical research - with a long term goal of becoming a clinical trials manager

I'm hoping someone here can help me. I am trying to decide whether to move into clinical research. I have a PhD in kinesiology and am currently...

floreight in Quezon City, Philippines

Updated 71 months ago

CRA or Pharmacovigilance Positions in Florida - 10 Replies

I am looking to move to Florida and wonder if anyone knew of any positions available for CRA's or even Pharmacovigilance Coordinators. I would like...

Hello from MENA in Amman, Jordan

Freelance CRA

Hello, I’m looking for any information on freelance CRA working. • How can I start as freelance? • Rates? • What about infrastructures,...

Moving in Brantford, Ontario

Updated 71 months ago

Looking for CRA Jobs in Kitchener/Waterloo - 4 Replies

Hi! Anybody have idea about clinical research opportunity in Waterloo and Kitchener area. My name is Neha and i have done my M.Sc in...

doctabibe in Måløv, Denmark

Foreign M.D and CRA JOB

Dear All, I'm foreigne medical doctor ,planning to move to the U.S ,and also have 03 years experience as CRa and One year as Clinical Project...

chime oluchi in Iceland

Updated 71 months ago

I have A Phone Interveiw this Wednesday~ help me!! - 1 Reply

This is the First Interneiw IN MY LIFE. So I have no idea what they will ask to me. Can someone help me out with sample questions that I...

Avani Badani in Dallas, Texas

Updated 71 months ago

Clincial Research Coordinator looking for an opportunity as CRA - 4 Replies

I have 5 years experience as Clinical Research Coordinator; ans I am lloking for a position as a CRA. I know that some CROs hire people that have...

Hallie in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 72 months ago

CANADIAN CRA: which regulatory document do you collect at site before start of the trial?HELP! URGENT! - 1 Reply

Hi everyone, I was wondering whether you guys know what type of regulatoy document health canada asks to retrieve on site before the start of the...

Hallie in Bronx, New York

Updated 72 months ago

job opportunities as a CRA - 44 Replies

Dear, someone will tell me job future of this position? thanks

StefanMartel in Bedzin, Poland

CTM - Clinical Team Manager

Do you want to discuss about CTM position in CRO or pharmaceutical company?

arpita in Ahmadabad, India

Admission In CRA program in Canada

hi I have completed my masters in Pharmacy (Pharmacology) from India and now i wish to take admission in CRA program in canada. So which is the...

Bryan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Updated 72 months ago

relocation to US - 3 Replies

Hello Guys, Could you advise how is it realistic to relocate from Moscow, Russia to US being a SrCRA with 3 years of monitoring experience in a big...

Pat in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 73 months ago

Getting a CRA position, is it better to start out as a project assistant or CRC? - 15 Replies

Which of the two is more relevant and likely to lead you into a career as a CRA? Also, does it matter if you are an assistant at a biotech company...

meera in Irvine, California

Updated 73 months ago

Entry Level CRA Jobs - 3 Replies

I need some help on the steps and contacts to make as I am trying to move in to a CRA position from a CRC position. I like my current position,...

karungardner@*****.*** in Dallas, Texas

looking for possiable reasearch studies in the Dallas Texas area.

do you know of any reasearch study places that are located in dallas that pay the particiapants a dencent amount of money to participate in the...

John in Kowloon, Hong Kong

Updated 73 months ago

Need urgent and honest advice. I need to make a decision soon. - 10 Replies

Hello internet strangers who's advice I'm going to use to make a huge career decision, I want to become a CRA. The route I want to take is...


Updated 73 months ago

Which CROS's pay the best? - 5 Replies

So which ones tend to pay the best and which one in your opinion has the best corporate ladder and room for promotions?

Tammy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 73 months ago

Travel Expenses for CRA - 5 Replies

Hello Everyone, Starting another discussion. I am really interested to know what other CRA's out there are allowed to spend on food, hotel, etc on...

Tammy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 73 months ago

six figures? - 11 Replies

I am about to graduate school with a undergraduate degree in Clinical Research and I plan to work for PRA. Is there good chances of one making six...

quay18 in Conyers, Georgia

Updated 73 months ago

New to Clinical Research - 2 Replies

I have a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and have worked as a lab technician. I have not worked in the science industry since 2003 and have been...

Mevana in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 74 months ago

Fighting burn out - 2 Replies

As a CRA, how do you fight burn out? I've been a CRA for five years and being away from my family four days a week, high expectations from CROs...

Sonji Morris-Darling in Neptune, New Jersey

Updated 74 months ago

Trying to get back into clinical research industry - 3 Replies

I have two and a half years experience handling clinical research documentation and 3 years handling regulatory doucmentation. I also have two and a...

Rts257 in Glendale Heights, Illinois

need advice to join AIPT

Hello All, I have done my MS in Biochemistry from India. I am on H-4 Visa here. I have an experience of 3 years working with Biopharma...

klgehring@*****.*** in Minneapolis, Minnesota

How to obtain entry level Clinical Research Associate position

I have 6 years of experience in clinical research, phase one as a Lab Manager and Operations Manager. I am wondering how to obtain an entry level CRA...


Updated 75 months ago

ICH GCP Certification - 12 Replies

Hi everyone, I have been looking into a few jobs and some of them have ICH/GCP Certification listed as a requirement. Is it worth to pay for this...

regman in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Independent CRAs in Greater Boston

Thinking of retiring from my CRO and starting out as an independent CRA in the Boston area. Is there another forum where I can get advise from...

ashish gupta in Anonymous Proxy

Updated 75 months ago

Foreign biotechnology degree - 3 Replies

Hi,there.I hope that somebody here can give some tips. I have a bachelor degree in BIotechnology from my home country BUlgaria. Currently I'm in the...

CJ in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 75 months ago

Best CROs - 1 Reply

What CROs have you worked for? Which have you liked? Which overworked you? Where is the money? Best chance for promoting from within? I am...

Katie s in Leeds, United Kingdom

Updated 75 months ago

Are CRAs with phase IV only experience employable? - 5 Replies

Hi everyone Im looking for some advice and I hope you can help me out. I have 3 years experience as a CTA on phase II-III studies when I worked...

Bjoern in Germany

CRAs from foreign countries - possible in the US?

Dear All- I am from Germany and thinking about relocating back to the USA/New York. Does any one know companies who support foreign workers in the...

Katie in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 76 months ago

Are there any CRA jobs that does not involve travel - 6 Replies

Hi everybody, I have a master's degree in biochemistry and a few years of experience in the biotech industry in San Francisco. I would like to...

Ulises R in Cuernavaca, Mexico

Updated 76 months ago

Does anyone know of any Headhunters I could contact for positions in Ontario? - 2 Replies

I am looking for position in Clinical Research. experience - about 3 years education undergrad biochem masters public health and cra...

Katie in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 77 months ago

credit card use - 2 Replies

I am a Clinical Research Associate with 2 years of solid regional monitoring experience, and over 10 years as a Certified Clinical Research...

hp maser in Heidelberg, Germany

How to find a legitimate CRO in Germany

Hi friends, I will soon go through CRA training and want to find CROs that do not try to press me out like a sponge but treat and pay me in a fair...

kelly in London, United Kingdom

Updated 78 months ago

Biological Sciences (Pharmacology) Graduate - looking for the first step to securing a job - 2 Replies

A friend of mine has graduated with a BSc (Honours) in Biological Sciences (Pharmacology) from Edinburgh University, with a 2.1. She is looking to...

Sadua in Wilmington, North Carolina

Updated 78 months ago

From CRC to CRA?? - 8 Replies

I'm an experienced phase I clinical research coordinator. I'm recently seeking opportunity to become a clinical research associates. However, I'm...

Kathy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 78 months ago

Student with questions! - 1 Reply

Hey there everyone, I am a student in a Bachelor of Clinical Research program currently, and scheduled to graduate in May 2012. In January 2012,...


Updated 78 months ago

How do you start a career in clinical research - 1 Reply

I am looking to start a career in clinical research. I have a Bachelors in Biology and a MBA. I have become a member of SOCRA but i don not have any...

Carol in Park Ridge, Illinois

Updated 78 months ago

MSCR or MBA? - 1 Reply

I will graduate soon with a BSCR from Campbell University. I plan to enter the Clinical Research field and work for sometime and then when I am...

Matt in Waxhaw, North Carolina


I will graduate soon with a BSCR from Campbell University. I plan to enter the Clinical Research field and work for sometime and then when I am...

CostaRicaLawyer in San José, Costa Rica

Updated 78 months ago

CRA Jobs in Costa Rica - 10 Replies

I havea place in Costa Rica and I am looking to spend more time down there. Anyone have any job leads for an experienced CRA in that country?

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