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Katie in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 43 months ago

credit card use - 2 Replies

I am a Clinical Research Associate with 2 years of solid regional monitoring experience, and over 10 years as a Certified Clinical Research...

Diana F. in Lima, Peru

Updated 43 months ago

Becoming Independent CRA - 107 Replies

I am a Certified Clinical Research Associate looking to pick up contract work (or become independent). I have 7+ years of monitoring, and also have...

hp maser in Heidelberg, Germany

How to find a legitimate CRO in Germany

Hi friends, I will soon go through CRA training and want to find CROs that do not try to press me out like a sponge but treat and pay me in a fair...

kelly in London, United Kingdom

Updated 44 months ago

Biological Sciences (Pharmacology) Graduate - looking for the first step to securing a job - 2 Replies

A friend of mine has graduated with a BSc (Honours) in Biological Sciences (Pharmacology) from Edinburgh University, with a 2.1. She is looking to...

Sadua in Wilmington, North Carolina

Updated 44 months ago

From CRC to CRA?? - 8 Replies

I'm an experienced phase I clinical research coordinator. I'm recently seeking opportunity to become a clinical research associates. However, I'm...

Kathy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 45 months ago

Student with questions! - 1 Reply

Hey there everyone, I am a student in a Bachelor of Clinical Research program currently, and scheduled to graduate in May 2012. In January 2012,...


Updated 45 months ago

How do you start a career in clinical research - 1 Reply

I am looking to start a career in clinical research. I have a Bachelors in Biology and a MBA. I have become a member of SOCRA but i don not have any...

Carol in Park Ridge, Illinois

Updated 45 months ago

MSCR or MBA? - 1 Reply

I will graduate soon with a BSCR from Campbell University. I plan to enter the Clinical Research field and work for sometime and then when I am...

Matt in Waxhaw, North Carolina


I will graduate soon with a BSCR from Campbell University. I plan to enter the Clinical Research field and work for sometime and then when I am...

CostaRicaLawyer in San José, Costa Rica

Updated 45 months ago

CRA Jobs in Costa Rica - 10 Replies

I havea place in Costa Rica and I am looking to spend more time down there. Anyone have any job leads for an experienced CRA in that country?

Krunal Shekhar in ahmedabad, India

Updated 45 months ago

MD needs advice - 8 Replies

Hi guys: I graduated medical school in 2006 and have decided that clinical medicine is not for me. I have a great deal of resarch experience and...

Sadua in Austin, Texas

Updated 45 months ago

CRA isn't entry level then what is a RA? - 3 Replies

Hello, I am currently 2 semesters away from attaining my Undergrad Degree in Clinical Research from Campbell University. On the last semester we...

Sadua in Austin, Texas

Updated 46 months ago

salary range for CRA I/II - 2 Replies

Does anyone know the annual salary package for a CRA who has 2 yrs of monitoring experience? Working for a pharma company in Austin. What others...

MKORI in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

how can i get a h1b visa?

i jus finised my bsc in pharmacology and would like to get a job in my field. where can i get a h1b sponsored job?

Lindali68 in Beltsville, Maryland

Updated 48 months ago

why is oncology monitoring experience CRAs hard to find... - 4 Replies

Hi all, just wondering how specialized the oncology monitoring area for CRAs is. There does not seem to be too many CRAs with that experience out...

gacherimuriuki in Scarborough, Ontario

Clinical research associate or monitor

Iam looking for a job as CRA Do you know of any headhunters I can work with to accomplish my gaols. Thanks you

abc in Carlsbad, California

big Scam

Don't take any of those CRA online is a Big Scam, u will waste ur money

Richard in Arlington, Virginia

Updated 50 months ago

E and O Insurance for contract CRA - 1 Reply

I will be starting a contract CRA position that requires Errors and Omissions insurance. I have shopped around and the best rate is an annual...

Susan in Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Updated 50 months ago

List of CRA Courses - 11 Replies

Hello everyone! I´ve been looking these discussions but I have a lot of concerns about the CRA courses. For exemplo, I´ve checked on MacMAster and...

shangrila la in new york

Updated 50 months ago

CRA and salary - 1 Reply

Experienced as a RA for 6 years in medical research and completed ICH/GCP training and internship. What is an expected starting salary and expected...

Gina in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 51 months ago

Have you received the June 12's SOCRA exam grades? - 3 Replies

Has anyone who attended the June 12's SOCRA certification exam received the grades letter?

Jen in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 51 months ago

Seeking CRA position after 5 years away from the industry. - 4 Replies

I am an RN, BSN with over 6 years of research experience as a CRA and 5 years experience as a nurse. I left my most recent CRA position in 2005 to...

Carrie B. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 51 months ago

Any openings as a CRA in Australia - 1 Reply

I looking to enter into the CRA field and have had a lot of trouble finding a role because of that catch 22 problem of needing experience. Are...

LC in London, United Kingdom

Updated 51 months ago

CRA in Hong Kong - 3 Replies

Hi, I am currently working in a pharmaceutical company as a research coordinator in HOng Kong, and am very interested in being a CRA. I was...

concerned in Ruston, Louisiana

Updated 52 months ago

KRC International or MSU Program? Is there the possiblity of H1B visa sponsorship? - 9 Replies

Hello. I am a US graduate nurse with RN,BSN,OCN with chemo experience. I have been working on the medsurgical oncology floor for 2 and 1/2...

Carrie B. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 52 months ago

How much is the starting salary CRA - 2 Replies

I know my question is little odd but I am just curious to know how much CRA is being paid on an average at entry level

smita_muley in Mason, Ohio

Updated 52 months ago CRO - 10 Replies

Take a look at This company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio USA and they will hire CRAs without experience. They do require at...

nimesh,nj in East Orange, New Jersey


hey, guys i want to join clinical research as a career. i have two option to go with clinical research associate or clinical data management. which...


Updated 53 months ago

Clinical Research Associate Seminar on Saturday - 12 Replies

There will be a seminar at American Scitech Institute of Piscataway, NJ at 12:00 pm on Saturday. Anyone interested in becoming a Clinical Research...

NitaW in Raleigh, North Carolina

Updated 53 months ago

(Another) Entry CRA ? [Pharm Rep w BS in Biomedical Engineering] - 3 Replies

Hello All, I am interested in becoming a CRA. I have no monitoring experience, but a BS in Biomedical Engineering. I have been in the...

veronica in Madrid, Spain


I want to work in clinical research in Argentina, Mendoza. I'm ginecology, I have just completed a course in clinical research training.

Dmitry Balian in Minsk, Belarus

Updated 53 months ago

SCRA positions in Canada to move to from Australia? - 9 Replies

Hello, I'm a SCRA in Australia with 3.5 years experience in clinical and 5 years experience in pharmaceutical industry. I would like to know what...

CRA mtl in Montreal, Quebec

Updated 53 months ago

Sr. CRA salary - 2 Replies

Hi everyone, I currently live in Canada and would like to know what is an acceptable salary range for Sr. CRA in the industry? Thanks in advance...

ramu gowrineni in Mumbai, India

Updated 53 months ago

French PhD Cardiovasculary want to be CRA in Australia... help me! - 5 Replies

Hi, I will finished my PhD scholarship in october 2009 in France. Then, with my boyfreind, we want to live in Australia. I want to be CRA, but...

Nivedita in Bangalore, India

Qualification required for working as a CRA in Australia

I have completed BDS and M Sc in Clinical research in India.I am working as a CRA for the last one and a half years.I plan to move to Australia...

ptech in Iselin, New Jersey

Updated 54 months ago

what do masters in? - 2 Replies

Hi, I have a BS in Biology and I have worked a pharmacy tech for 2+ years and I am looking for a job in clincial research. I am planning to get a...

Jessie in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 54 months ago

Clinical research postions in Canada - 2 Replies

Hi. I am a CRA with nearly 2.5 years of monitoring experience in India with a leading CRO. I moved to Ottawa, Canada in November 2009 and I have...

rex in New Brunswick, New Jersey

drug safety

Are there any courses conducted on pharmacovigilance/drug safety in nj

CRA in Belchertown, Massachusetts

Updated 54 months ago

Starting up a CRO - 1 Reply

I was wondering if anyone had an idea of how to start an independent CRO, from scratch. I guess you would need to know how to run clinical trials,...

CRA in Fairfield, Connecticut

Updated 54 months ago

job - 2 Replies

H!!! i am doing my and i had also join "ADVANCE CERTIFICATE COURSE IN CLINICAL RESEARCH" so can i get the job in clinical...

huda ragheb in california, Maryland

need advice

I have BSc.Biology degree from university of Baghdad and I am interested to get degree CRA how and how many years I need to study to get this degree...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 54 months ago

CRO Entry Level Jobs - 1 Reply

Hi Everyone! I am doing Masters in Clinical Research from George Washington University and am graduating this year as a CRA/CRO. I am looking for...

Anisa Patel in Pune, India

Clinical research jobs

Hello, I have completed my graduation. And i have specilized in chemistry. Currently i am doing clinical research course from an institute. I am...

Vatsala Sinha in New Delhi, India

JObs in Clinical Research or medical affairs

Hi, I am a medical graduate in India and have done a one year Post Graduate diploma Course certified by ACRP. I Have 1 year of experience in...

Kidness in Montreal, Quebec

Updated 55 months ago

Strategies to follow in my transition from CRC to CRA? - 2 Replies

Presentation:  I have 5 years/experience/epidemiological research/as CRC.  Combined with a Graduate diploma in clinical research and a M....

JF in Hillsborough, New Jersey

Updated 55 months ago

Career Change: Software Engineer to Clinical Data Analysis/Management - 2 Replies

I'm considering making this change due to the number of opportunities at Pharmaceutical companies nearby and my distaste for the software industry,...

Robert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 55 months ago

Training - good vs bad courses - 1 Reply

I completed by BSN in December and have worked part time as a research coordinator in a pediatriac practice. My doctors said they will pay for me to...

Belka in Caldwell, New Jersey

Updated 55 months ago

How would I get Classroom training as CRA in NJ - 5 Replies

I have been through this forum since 3 days,, I read all the posts.. and i have concluded that these american scitech, or Clinwell.. they claims they...

Robert in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 55 months ago

Finding a job - 1 Reply

Anyone know of companies or places that are hiring for clinical research. In particular I'm looking for an entry level CRA position but anything...

Vijit Agarwal in New Delhi, India

Sponsores required for two months training in pharmacy

I persue B.Pharma final in may,2010 So I search pharmaceutical sponsores organizatio who give me chance in CRO/Hospital as a assistant trainee...

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