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L.E.S in Agde, France


Hi Has anyone worked for Maximax International, Inc. (CRO) and if so what is your opinion? The position is for cra II. thanks in advance for the...

Zmimshen in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 79 months ago

CRA Position - 2 Replies

Hi everyone, I also am looking for a CRA position I have been a CRA for 2 years but my company I worked for downsized and my position was eliminated....

Zmimshen in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 79 months ago

Experinced CRA in oncology seeking contract opportunities - 1 Reply

CV available upon request.

Zmimshen in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 79 months ago

Contracts in California - 3 Replies

Certified CRA interested in contracting opportunities in California. 3+ years of monitoring with a strong oncology background. CV available upon...

seleke maroo in Johannesburg, South Africa



CCRA36 in San Francisco, California

Experienced CCRA looking for contracts in Tampa

I am a home-based certified CRA wanting to relocate to the Tampa Bay Area and interested in contracting opportunities. I have 5 years industry...

cranewbienetwork in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 79 months ago

can a person with chemistry background get a job in Clinical research area? - 3 Replies

Hi, I am a chemistry graduate from Canada. I am currently taking a course to get the diploma for clinical research associate and GCP...

cranewbienetwork in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 79 months ago

clinical research associate - 2 Replies

Hello, i am looking for an entry level clinical research job or a clinical trials assistant in Canada,UK, USA. All the CROs are looking for at least...

urvi mahatma in Deerfield Beach, Florida

Updated 79 months ago

about entry level CRA - 1 Reply

hiii there, i have done my M.S in pharmacology and toxicology and looking for CRA job so could u pleasre hepl me ??

jeevanreddyb in Hyderabad, India

Updated 79 months ago

Interview Questions - 1 Reply

Please share some of the questions ask in interviews for research coordinaror/assosiate positions

Jon0019 in Calgary, Alberta

How to get into the field

I have a Bachelor's Degree and I am also a certified CRA, but I am unable to get my foot in the door. I was provided some hands on experience with...

Joanne Finnamore in London, United Kingdom

Pharma Opportunities

Hi everyone, I am looking to get in contact with Clinical Research Associates of any level throughout Europe. For more information, please email...

ontime in Brampton, Ontario

Looking for Contract CRA work

I am a CRA looking for contract work in the greater toronto area. I have over seven years experience in the research industry and most recently held...

AHG in Staten Island, New York

MS CLinical trial sciences

I'm interested in getting a Masters degree in clinical trial sciences. What would be my job options and outlooks after that? Thanks!

Proemed in Fullerton, California

Updated 81 months ago

Can you join me in San Diego at the MAGI conference? - 1 Reply

Dear all, I will be speaking at MAGI's clinical research conference in San Diego, California, October 4 - 7. I hope you can join us. I will be...

Mia in Montreal, Quebec

Indenpend CRA - Market status

Dear all, I'd like to go back for 2-3 days a week as an independent CRA SO: 1- Do you think the market is now favorable 2- Is it realistic to...

nellygirl in Melbourne, Australia

The move from Medical Devices to Pharma...

Ok... so currently I am a study co-ordinator in the medical device field. My contract ends in 10 months and I have set myself the personal goal to...

Anon in Bronx, New York

Updated 82 months ago

Career goal is to become a CRA--PLZ HELP!! - 1 Reply

Let me start by saying, ANY FEEDBACK IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. I have a degree in biology, which, currently & sadly, I am not using. A cpl yrs ago I...

Phoebe Parker in Toronto, Ontario

Independent CRA seeking contract work within Canada

I am a Clinical Research Associate looking to pick up contract work. I reside in Toronto but willing to travel across Canada. Here are highlights...

Susan in Hazlet, New Jersey

Advice for CRA

I am thinking about going into the research field to become a CRA in New Jersey. I have a BA, but I would also need to take additional science...

loperta1 in Sacramento, California

Updated 82 months ago

Looking for International CRA positions - 3 Replies

Hi, I am a CRA with 5 years of monitoring experience from the United States, and I am seeking international clinical research work. I am...

synergy71 in Swedesboro, New Jersey

Updated 82 months ago

clinical research - 1 Reply

interview questions in clinical research.

anisha padmesh in Kannur, India

Updated 82 months ago

Clinical Services Manager - Opening in Saudi - 1 Reply

Leading Hospital in Saudi requires Clinical Services Manager in the Department of Outpatient Services. Excellent Salary with following benefits....

Drew P in Chicago, Illinois

What makes you want to be a CRA?

What is it about the career that interests you?

Lina, MN in New York, New York

Updated 82 months ago

What to do? - 1 Reply

I recently moved to Canada from Belarus. I got 2 degrees in Software Engineering and Psychology but unfortunately here it counts as Bachelor of...

harpal1980 in Spain, India

Updated 83 months ago

How is US stocck market effecting clinical research jobs? - 3 Replies

Hi All, Does any one know how the US stock market is effecting getting clinical research positions? Should look at the stock value of company? How...

aeryurt in Istanbul, Turkey

Updated 84 months ago

How to Contract directly with pharm/CRO - 7 Replies

Hello, I am a Sr. CRA with 4+ years of experience. I have been researching the possiblity of contract work directly with the sponsor companies...

Danny in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 84 months ago

Clinical Research Associate - 26 Replies

I am currently attending American Scitech Institute located in Piscataway, NJ. The program consists of 6 months of training and 6 months of a PAID...

smiley in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 84 months ago

Hi If anyone know what is the job prospect for an international CRA person with a Canadian education background? - 1 Reply

Hi, does anyone know any CRA person that has been trained in Canada and if it is easy for them to find a job within Canada? i am an international...

ntele mokhethi in Johannesburg, South Africa

can't get CRA jobs

i studieded BTECH in Pharmaceutical Sciences at TUT. I passed 4 subjects including clinical trials and left with only one subject which will be...

Lynn in Cleveland, Ohio

Clinical Research Associate Position Needed

I am a Clinical Research Associate with 3 years of experience in Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia, and Virology trials. I...

Contract CRA in Gary, Indiana

Updated 84 months ago

10 + yrs. research experience CRA SEEK Contract CRA opportunities with Pharma/CRO - 2 Replies

Dear Sponsors, CROs, and Recruiters My name is Michael and I am an independent contract CRA based in the Washington, DC metro area. I am...

IRB coordinator in Cleveland, Ohio

CRA positions Cleveland Ohio

I have three years experience managing IRB submissions and regulatory documents for clinical trials. I would like to move into a CRA positions in...

tanya in Bloomington, Illinois

univ. of chicago clinical management certificate

Hi has anyone enrolled or completed the certificate program in clinical trail management at the univ of chicago??? If yes.....please comment on...

hitchens2003@*****.*** in Germantown, Maryland

Updated 85 months ago

Why is it hard for a clinical coordinator to get a job as a clinical research associate? - 1 Reply

just as the title says. I want to know why it is hard. I am doing a research project right now, and I can't find the answer to this question...

Jani in New York, New York

Updated 85 months ago

job opportunity in clinical research for Doctors after CRA course - 1 Reply

I am practicing Gynaecologist. I want to do course in Clinical trial & management. before that Ireally want to know the job opportunity in terms of...

Harmony in Toronto, Ontario

Which recruiters are Big Pharma Companies Using?

Hello Everyone, I have noticed in my job searching that the postings for Clinical Research Associates/Project Managers, etc are NOT being posted...

Anand in United Kingdom

Updated 85 months ago

CRA certification course in London, UK - 6 Replies

Hi, Where can I find CRA certification course in London. Regards, Dana

Mr. Jani in New York, New York

Updated 85 months ago

Looking to get into the field, advice? - 1 Reply

Hi, I've been reading this forum for a bit, but I was wondering if anyone could give me more personal advice. I just got my BA. in managerial...

Sanath in Madras, India

Updated 85 months ago

Job Opportunity: Study Coordinators in Canada - 1 Reply

I3 Pharma Resourcing is looking for study coordinators in Toronto, Canada for a contract project of one year. The candidates needs to have experience...

Kathi Elliott in Hamilton, Ontario

Updated 85 months ago

Canada - Independent Senior Clinical Research Associate - professional societies/associations - 1 Reply

Can anyone supply names of Canadian professional societies/associations for independent Clinical Research Associates? thank you,

arijit sengupta in Madras, India

Jobs in clinical research domain

Hi friends i am CDM by profession and looking for jobs in same domain. I have 2 n half years of xperience in data validation is there any good...

Gale K in Clinton Township, Michigan

CRA career

Do I have a shot at getting a CRA job with only an Associates Degree in Nursing after I take the GCP course?

fullenwider in Tampa Bay, Florida

Updated 86 months ago

do you NEED a degree in a SCIENCE to become a CRA? - 19 Replies

or can someone with a degree in say accounting or history get into the field with some experience?

SwissHam in Newark, Delaware

Updated 86 months ago

Lay-offs in Clinical Research? - 2 Replies

Hello Everyone, I have a 6 month contract that will be ending in the new Year and I am wondering which companies are doing well right now and...

pcampbell@*****.*** in Wayne, Pennsylvania

Canada - Independent Senior Clinical Research Associate - professional societies/associations

Can anyone supply names of Canadian professional societies/associations for independent Clinical Research Associates? thank you,

Jenna in Montreal, Quebec

Updated 87 months ago

Finding a Clinical Research job after being laid-off - 1 Reply

Anyone has suggestion on getting a CRA job in Toronto? I have 2+ years field monitoring experience, but still finding it difficult to get a...

hong song in edmonton, Alberta

Where I can find an opportunity to work as volunteer in clinical research field?

do anybody know Where we can find an opportunity to work as volunteer or intership in clinical research field? like clinical research coordinator or...

YF in Baltimore, Maryland

is it difficult to transfer to clinical research?

I have looked for tranfering to clinical research/trial for a lonmg time. I have a M.B.+M.S.+ 10 years molecular biology research experience in...

Abused CRA in Spokane, Washington

Abused and sensitive CRA with 20 year work history needs work

Hello Everyone, I have been following the blog for CRAs for quite some time and I identify with the anger that many of you have. We are...

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