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YF in Baltimore, Maryland

is it difficult to transfer to clinical research?

I have looked for tranfering to clinical research/trial for a lonmg time. I have a M.B.+M.S.+ 10 years molecular biology research experience in...

Abused CRA in Spokane, Washington

Abused and sensitive CRA with 20 year work history needs work

Hello Everyone, I have been following the blog for CRAs for quite some time and I identify with the anger that many of you have. We are...

Georgia in Dahlonega, Georgia

Another Great Forum!!!!!!

I'm not sure if anyone on this site know about this Forum call Medzilla its a great forum. Its for anyone that's in the Pharmaceutical Field, the...

Shan in Australia

CRA work in italy

I'm a CRA working in Australia with >3years experiece and looking at moving to Italy to work. Would I have to know how to speak italian? Can you...

Emi in Santiago, Chile

CRA/ CPM role in South America

we have an emerging role for an experienced (> 2 yrs) CRA or CPM in South America (Chile and/ or Brazil). feel free to contact

Deepak Bala in Madras, India

Updated 92 months ago

MD looking for research experience - 1 Reply

Here I am, just graduate from a Dominican med school, before getting into my clinical residency I want to have some publications. I can work as...

SJurgilas in Washington, District of Columbia

Site Director/CCRC with 3 years experience wants to be a CRA

My husband moved to the DC area in June, but I had made a commitment to my employer to finish out the year. Now I am starting to apply for a clinical...

khd in Memphis, Tennessee

Hospital based behavioral medicine research associate

I have an interview this week at St. Jude for a Clinical research associate in behavioral medicine. I have a Master's Degree in Counseling. I have...

beth 1qaz in Oshawa, Ontario

Updated 92 months ago

entry level position in clinical research for PhD scientist - 2 Replies

Hi,friends, I needs your suggestion. I am a PhD scientist working for a biotech company for more than 5 years. Now I am very interested in...

Macy in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Updated 92 months ago

Becoming a CRA, should I first apply to be a Clinical Trials Assistant? - 9 Replies

I've read that this is a good way to become a CRA within a few years. I'm wondering if it is relatively easy to land a Clinical Trials Assistant...

acrmd in Sydney, Australia

Updated 92 months ago

Interested in Clinical Research - 1 Reply

Hi, im a recent life science graduate and im interested in a career in clinical research. I do have a couple of questions though, like whether CROs...

Theresa in Brandon, Manitoba

looking for an entry level job as a CRA

I recently completed my CRA program; I am looking for a job as a CRA in Manitoba Canada. I have a PhD degree with 7 years of experience in the...

Angel Thompson in Toronto, Ontario

How to break into CRA - home based

Hi, I am CRA / CRC at a hospital with a Biochemistry honours, MPH degree and a CRA professional development certificate. I have about 3 years...

Milena in Hanover Park, Illinois

Can I get a CRA position in Chicago IL

Hi All, I'm strongly interesting in starting a CRA job in Chicago Il. Up to now I have 2 years scientific background in a medical laboratory & 1...

Silvia in São Paulo, Brazil

Updated 93 months ago

SCRA positions in Canada to move to from Australia? - 1 Reply

Hello, I'm a SCRA in Australia with 3.5 years experience in clinical and 5 years experience in pharmaceutical industry. I would like to know what...

Amie S in Brunswick, Australia

Updated 93 months ago

SCRA positions in Canada-moving from Australia - 2 Replies

Hi, I have 4 years of experience in clinical research. I am planning on moving to Canada and am keen on finding out how to go about finding a...

Indeed Help in Stamford, Connecticut

Experienced Clinical Research Associates (Home-Based) needed for West Coast

For over 25 years PAREXEL has supported the Bio-Tech and Pharmaceutical industries in helping the development of new drugs and treatments on a global...

Mariana Volevici in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Senior CRA -Permanent Position with Histogenics

I3 Pharma Resourcing is currently working on behalf a global CRO, looking for a Senior CRA (more than 3 years of experience) and a Junior CRA (two...

arrj1@*****.*** in Centreville, Virginia

CRA certification programs are a Kan business

I am a certified CRA with 20 years of medical laboratory and bio-tech experiences.Despite that I have been turn down by some unreasonable reasons....

Christian Abraham in Capital Federal, Argentina

Updated 94 months ago

European CRA Positions? - 2 Replies

Hello: I currently live and work in the USA and am a USA citizen. I am interested in working in Europe as a CRA, specifically in Spain or...

TRIEN in Carlsbad, California

Updated 94 months ago

CRA and related jobs - 1 Reply

I spent 5 years in Medical School in Durango, Mexico. I have completed my internship and social service. I have my medical degree but I am not taking...

Vital Systems Inc. in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 94 months ago

Looking for Midwest-based CRA'S - 5 Replies

Attention all Midwest-based Contract CRAs! Vital Systems, Inc. ( in Schaumburg, IL (NW suburban Chicago) is a growing CRO that...

Lucy in Woodridge, Illinois

Working overseas in Clinical Research

Hi All, Has any one worked oversea in Clinical Research field that gives me information about their experiences? I'm thinking about leaving the US...

Megha in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 94 months ago

recuiting agencies - 2 Replies

does anyone know of any recruiting agencies in Canada i could contact for a CRA job. Thank you Irene

cheptoo in Melbourne, Australia

CRA role

am looking for a career change and highly interested in clinical research, currently working as a pharmacist. i would like to develop my career here...

arrj1@*****.*** in Centreville, Virginia

Updated 95 months ago

Where do I go to gain clinical research experience? - 14 Replies

I see time and time again, 2-5 years is good to have under your belt. I am wondering where to begin looking, as it seems pretty vague to me. Clinical...

Mi C in Libertyville, Illinois

References- how can you give references of present employer for next job?

how can you give references of present job where u work? I got a call and finally they asked for two manager refereces with work phone number. If I...

SwissHam in Richmond, British Columbia

Updated 95 months ago

CRA & Blinding Study - 1 Reply

Hello, I would like to know if in a case of a double-blind clinical study, the CRA can be unblinded? Thanks. K.D.

amethyst in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Updated 95 months ago

Can I be part of a good research team with my medicine doctor dregree and no experience? - 3 Replies

I just finished my medical doctor education in Dominican Republic, but I haven't take the USMLE, what I want is to get a medical related job...

CRA ldr in Germantown, Maryland

DC Metro Cliical Research Professionals meetup group - (meet for coffee, use message board, share experiences, provide advice)

I have created an online group for CRA, PMs, and any other person working in the clinical research field. There are no fees. It turns out that I...

Daniel in Oakland, California

Updated 96 months ago

Does any have an study guide for CRA certification? - 8 Replies

Hello I am a CRA in Mexico, working at an American - CRO and would like to start studying for geting the CRA certification. I would like to have a...

Yves in High Wycombe, United Kingdom

Updated 96 months ago

BS but ALL CRA jobs want experience - 5 Replies

Hello! I am eventually going to graduate with a BS degree in a related biology major and I would like to get into clinical research. I've searched...

Sean in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 96 months ago

Looking to get CTA/CRA Position - 1 Reply

I know quite a few recruiters peruse these forums, so I thought I'd put this out there... I'm looking for an entry-level position in clinical...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Clinical Research Assosiates/Monitors

I am looking for CRA/Sr CRA's with on-site monitoring experience for both home and office based roles all over North America. Feel free to contact me...

Avi in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 96 months ago

July 18, 2008 Seminar: Making Future CRA's Today! - 2 Replies

Have you been trying to get a job as a Clinical Research Associate but keep finding yourself at a dead end because you have no experience? Then you...

S.DAVE in Edison, New Jersey

Updated 96 months ago

CRA Training - 6 Replies

Can someone please tell me the best way to get CRA training. Thanks

manyari bouchaib in Morocco

Updated 96 months ago

lookiny for cra job - 3 Replies


oluwafemi adojutelegan in Chicago, Illinois



Vidhu in Metuchen, New Jersey

Updated 96 months ago

Any current opportunities as CRA in Toronto - 1 Reply

Hi every, Does any one know if there is any current openings or opportunities as CRA in Toronto and Area. I am looking for a job. I have little...

Suzanne Fazalare in Oakland, California

CRA Openings in NoCal

I am looking to connect with professionals for a Sr CRA or CRA level opportunity in the NoCal area? If interested to learn more, please contact me...

TRAN in East Hartford, Connecticut

Is it possible to find a position with limited professional experience?

Hi My name is TRAN. I'm studying clinical research in France. I'll finish my master's degree in 2009 then I'll be able to work as a CRA in a CRO. I...

ham 21 in Portland, Oregon

Updated 97 months ago

CRA in UK - 1 Reply

Hello, I am a graduated master student in bio-pharmaceutical sciences. My plans is to get a job in CRA in UK. I looked on the net and found that I...

anonymus in New York, New York

Updated 97 months ago

Pharmalef Developments - 1 Reply

Does anyone worked for or know of someone who works at Pharmalef Developments?

cansu in Izmir, Turkey

Updated 97 months ago

Does the Certification Really Help You get the job - 1 Reply

I have come across this question a lot in my work, and it is my feeling that it realy does not matter if you have these certifications. What...

Chris R in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 97 months ago

Anyone used job placement agencies to break into the CRA field? - 2 Replies

I am wondering if this may be my best bet. I am a recent college graduate, although I don't have a degree in a health field. If anyone could shed...

Marlene in London, UK in Buxton, United Kingdom

How do i get into being a clinical research associate

I am a Pharmacology graduate but am interested in being a clinical research associate but i dont know what i would require because i have no working...

Marlene in London, UK in Buxton, United Kingdom

How do i get into being a clinical research associate

I am a Pharmacology graduate but am interested in being a clinical research associate but i dont know what i would require because i have no working...

F-Bomb in Los Angeles, California



Sara Talib in Cambridge, United Kingdom

anyone had a course in DOCs-international?

does anyone the best CRO in UK? and did anyone followed a course in DOCS-international?

Antonio in Mexico, Mexico

CRA-MD from Mexico wants to work at Montreal as CRA

Hello I have just gotten my working VISA for Montreal. Worked for an International-American CRO for 2 1/2 years. And 2 years at a Mexican CRO. 1. I...

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