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SAE4ME in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 14 months ago

Career path following a CRA - 52 Replies

Greetings all. I was wondering what the typical (if there is one) career path is following employment as an entry-level CRA. I realize that there...

Andrew in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 15 months ago

Clinical Research Coordinator - Training - Exam prep - 16 Replies

Hi, If anyone is having problems with compliance at the site or needs assistance in preparing for their exam, I.E. CCRC, CCRP, CCRA. Please feel...

D Sager in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 15 months ago

Entry-Level CRA Job Openings anyone? - 5 Replies

Hello, I'm a recent graduate with a Masters in Biomedical Science (focus on Clinical Research Management). I also have about 3 years experience in...

Paula in Ottawa, Ontario

Updated 18 months ago

Freelancer CRA Options? - 1 Reply

Hello everybody, I used to work like a CRC for the last two years. Now I want to become a CRA but there are no available positions at the moment. I...

Ted in Ridgewood, New Jersey

Updated 18 months ago

CRA interview prep - 1 Reply

Hi! Can anyone kindly help me please. I have an interview on 29th October 2013 for a CRA position in an NHS facility and would some help...


Updated 19 months ago

career opportunities in clinical research - 1 Reply

Hi, I have 3+ years CRC and CRA experience and am looking to advance my career. I wanted to know what other job titles are available in the...

Patrick in Montréal, Quebec

Updated 19 months ago

Mechanical engineer + biomedical certificate with medical devices exp. wants to be a CRA (clinical research associate) - 3 Replies

Hello there, I'm from Montreal and I am an mechanical engineer who owns also a biomedical certificate (with few master courses). I've been working...

Patrick in Montréal, Quebec

Updated 19 months ago

Looking for CRA position - 2 Replies

Hi, I have recently moved to montreal and I am looking for a CRA position. I am 2 years experienced CRA in europe (HIV, pediatrics - phase III...

Mather in Port Haywood, Virginia

Updated 19 months ago

Salary of a CRA 1 in Australia - 4 Replies

Hi i've looking at and it is hard to find the salary of a CRA 1 in Australia because the salary is always hidden. In the recruitment...

Mather in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 19 months ago

Advice for a newly graduate on the pursuit of becoming a CRA? - 3 Replies

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in genetics and have ~8 months of laboratory experience in an academic lab...

sleeplessinseattle in Seattle, Washington

Updated 19 months ago

EL CRA Training CRO Programs - 7 Replies

I would definitely appreciate any insight to the CROs and 1) how often they conduct their hiring for Entry Level CRAs and 2)if they are conducted in...


Updated 20 months ago

Experience but No CRA Certification- Getting the job? - 212 Replies

Hi I have 4 years experience in clinical research as a clinical research project coordinator/project mananger for a CRO. I am looking to advance my...

Martina in Holyoke, Massachusetts

Updated 20 months ago

Switching from PM in Clinical research in Academia to industry - 2 Replies is my conundrum...I am currently a Clinical Research PM in the academic hospital and have been here for a few years now. I have a master...

Hussam sh in manhattan, New York

Updated 21 months ago

Why is it so difficult to find a CRA job? Hoping recruiters to answer... - 12 Replies

I understand that a significant level of professionalism, knowledge, and experience must be need to work in a field that involves human safety....

jules in Scottsbluff, Nebraska

RN wanting different job, CRA, or Pharmaceutical Rep

RN with Clinical Research Coordinator training & work experience, interested in a CRA position, or job related. What do I do to find these and get...

RJ in Sunnyvale, California

Updated 22 months ago

Where does a CRA begin - 39 Replies

I have a 4 year Science degree and i am certified CRA. I have the academic bacground but have very little industry experience. How does a person like...

Anon Salary

Updated 22 months ago

Let's talk money! - 8 Replies

I just interviewed for a cra position- 60-80% non local travel- home base in Cincinnati. Can anyone give me ideas on what typical pay would/could...

Sheila in Crossville, Tennessee

Updated 23 months ago

CRA jobs in South America - 59 Replies

Hi Do you know about CRA positions in South America (pharmaceutical companies or CROs)? Thanks

anonymous in Farmington, Michigan

Updated 23 months ago

CRA Workload - 2 Replies

Hello fellow CRAs, I was hoping to get some insight as to the workload at other companies. I am currently working at a smaller CRO and am...

Viet Bui in Orlando, Florida

Updated 23 months ago

Medical school withdrawl with a good background in medical research need help finding job. - 4 Replies

Hi, I am recently withdrew from medical school and would like to find a job in medical or clinical research but don't know what job I really fit for...

Jersey in Thompson, Connecticut

Updated 23 months ago

Anyone contemplating a lateral move from CRA yet within the industry? - 3 Replies

So I've been a Senior/Lead CRA for ~ seven years now, for two of the big CROs. I'm starting to think about my next career move, I don't want to be...

maria oret in quezon city, Philippines

medical technologist to clinical research associate

Hi, I am an inexperienced medical technologist here in the Philippines and i'd like to become a clinical research associate. I have no idea how to....


Updated 24 months ago

Interested in CRA career - 3 Replies

I have a bachelors in Biology, I am taking graduate courses in the biomedical field, but I dont think I will be getting the masters. My question...

sumeetkumar in Scarborough, Ontario

clinical research training in toronto

I strongly recommend oxford college. It,s the best

Lorena81 in London, United Kingdom

Updated 25 months ago

Help about getting a CRA job in UK? - 1 Reply

Hi people! I have no experience and no CRA Certification but I want to find a job in this field. I have a PhD in biochemistry and biomedicine. Do...

L in Keego Harbor, Michigan

Updated 25 months ago

CRA Networking on - 38 Replies

I am the founder of We are a private, CRA only, social and professional networking site. We have close to 800 Active CRA's on the site...

TJ in Mumbai, India

Updated 26 months ago

Clinical research Opportunities abroad - 1 Reply

Hey Guys, This is Varun. Currently working as a Clinical research Coordinator, for a medical device trial. Have got over an year and a half...

Magi in Worcester, Massachusetts

Updated 27 months ago

Do I need to become a RN for clinical research? - 3 Replies

Hi everyone, I am a recent MPH graduate (Master of Public Health) and I am really interested in pursing a career in clinical research. However, I...

Kurapika in Santa Monica, California

Updated 30 months ago

Recruiters - CRA positions - 11 Replies

Hi, I had a lengthy phone interview with a recruiter at a big CRO, and all seemed to go very well throughout our talk. The recruiter had...

Mather in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 30 months ago

Show me the money... - 5 Replies

What are typical clinical research associate salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make...

jennie in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania

Updated 31 months ago

What do you LIKE about being a CRA? - 3 Replies

I just received an offer for a CRA position an am wondering what people actually like about the job? Seems like a lot of CRA's are on here...

Harold in Grézieu-la-varenne, France

Updated 31 months ago

opportunities for a french CRA in US? - 4 Replies

Hello, I'm french and I currently work in Paris as a CRA for a CRO. I have two years of experience and I would like to know if it's possible...

JLY in Sacramento, California

Updated 32 months ago

trainee clinical research associate jobs in south africa - 7 Replies

I'm sincerely interested in becoming a CRA but i do not have any experience except for theoretical knowledge gained while studying Pharmaceutical...

SC in Iselin, New Jersey

Updated 33 months ago

CRA institute-American Scitech Research Institute. - 2 Replies

Has anybody taken the Clinical Research Associate course at CRA institute-American Scitech Research Institute in Piscataway NJ? I was looking for...

Mather in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 33 months ago

What online CRA Programs are respectable and legitimate? - 7 Replies

I am looking into online CRA programs but want to know what are the most respected in the industry once you are finished. Can anyone vouch or make...

sla in Chicago, Illinois

Oncology Reviewer/Drug Reviewer

Hi I currently work in Clinical Research office as Data Manager/Reviewer for Oncology. I was wondering how would you transition for a hospital to...

Presley in Wilmington, North Carolina

Updated 34 months ago

How Possible is it to Transfer to Big Pharma? - 1 Reply

I feel that there is a lot ore opportunity with bigger pharmaceutical companies then with CROs, and better pay. After all, they are the big dogs and...


Updated 34 months ago

Meal allowances while traveling - 3 Replies

Hi, I work at a CRO and am completing my BSN. For my current class, I need to do a practicum that may pertain to my workplace. I have chosen to...

Lucy in Orlando, Florida

Updated 34 months ago

On Average How Many Protocol does an experienced CRA work on a year - 22 Replies

Hello Everyone, On Average how many studies or protocols does an experienced CRA work with per year? How many initiation and close out visits...

libran2k12 in Mississauga, Ontario

Updated 35 months ago

Clinical Recruiter - 58 Replies

Hello, I am a recruiter for AEROTEK, the largest privately held staffing agency in the world. AEROTEK has over 250 offices in the US and are now...


Updated 35 months ago

Getting Started in CRA - 4 Replies

I have no background in life sciences. I graduated with a BA in Architecture Studies with a Environmental Sciences focus. I am transitioning into a...

TJ123 in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated 35 months ago

Current CRC, how much experience required to be a good CRA candidate? - 4 Replies

Hi there, I am currently working as a clinical research coordinator (1 year experience) at a cancer research center with previous years...

LB in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 36 months ago

recent graduate offering assistance to recuiters/CRAs (work or VOLUNTEER) - 5 Replies

I am a recent graduate from U of T with a life science degree (specializing in health and disease). I am very interested in becoming a CRA. I have...

Erik Rule in Woodstock, Ontario

Updated 36 months ago

Independent Clinical Research Professional looking for contract work in Canada. - 3 Replies

I am a Clinical Research Associate looking to pick up contract work. I reside in Toronto but willing to travel across Canada. Here are highlights...

Merry Legs in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 37 months ago

Getting Bites? - 2 Replies

I have my master's degree and two years monitoring experience with an academic institution. However, my resume' doesn't seem to be getting any bites....

narico in Saint Augustine, Florida

Updated 37 months ago

Is experience reallly necessary for an entry level position at a CRO? - 3 Replies

Just wondering what my odds are of getting my foot in the door with an entry level position such as Trial Master File Coordinator if I have no...

Mather in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 37 months ago

Salary of a Hospital CRA - 1 Reply

Hello every, I was just wondering what the average salary is for a CRA working at a hospital.

Randy in Saint Peters, Missouri

Updated 37 months ago

CRA how this role will be chnaged? - 2 Replies

Hi, My question refers to expereinced CRA, who can enough knowledge and information how CRA role looked in the past and looks and and will be....

Randy in Saint Peters, Missouri

Updated 37 months ago

Simple, Everyday Monitoring Tips for CRAs - 11 Replies

I'd like to start a post for experienced monitors to discuss those simple every tips that make our life on the road and in the workplace...

Charleene in Trowbridge, United Kingdom

Updated 37 months ago

an internship in the UK - 8 Replies

hi, I am french and I have a PHD in molecular biology, recently i started to focus on the clinical research field, and now i am having a training to...

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