CRA Certification in USA- The Definitive Thread

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SDV-er in Chicago, Illinois

48 months ago

Looking at some of these forums I've seen a lot of questions and misconceptions about CRA certification

What is CRA certification?
-A process by which experienced CRAs who have met several professional standards pass a standardized certification exam. Then, those who become certified must maintain their certification through continuing education credits.

What is NOT CRA certification?
- A class that an entry-level professional attends and is awarded a certificate at the end. This is a certificate program, not certification.

What professional bodies grant CRA certification?
-Only ACRP or SOCRA offer recognized certifications for clinical research professionals. ACRP certifies CCRAs (Certified Clinical Research Associates), CCRCs (Certified Clinical Research Coordinators) and CPIs (Certified Primary Investigators). These certifications are more specific to a researcher's job title. SOCRA certifies CCRPs (Certified Clinical Research Professional), which is a certification that covers a wide variety of research professionals.

How much does certification cost?
-Often, cost is not an issue for the applicant as most large clinical research companies will offer to pay their employees to take the certification exams. If you are an independent contractor or you're not yet eligible for your employer's tuition reimbursement program, sitting for the exam typically costs between $200-500, depending on the exam, if you meet the application deadlines, etc.

How should you study for the exam?
-The exams have few questions that require recall knowledge from GCP- the breadth of questions can be answered based on real life experiences and job knowledge gained from working in the field. Thus, although you certainly want to brush up on ICH GCP guidelines, The Declaration of Helsinki, The Belmont Report, etc. before the test, your biggest asset is your experience.

I am an aspiring clinical research professional-do I need to be certified to get a job?

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Mather in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

47 months ago

Great advice SDV-er!!!

I remember when I took the certification exam, it really relied on experience and even a little common sense. A lot of the questions would give you a scenario and ask, "As a CRA, what would you do FIRST?" A few of the options were correct in that the action should be done, but the question was testing your experience, management and prioritization skills- not memorization or recall ability.

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SDV-er in Chicago, Illinois

47 months ago

ACRP Certification Exam Prep course being offered on 24 April 2014. I didn't take it, but heard that you get to do a practice test.

Information here:

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