Career after CRA/PM

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Ben Backer in Mosman, Australia

40 months ago

Many of us who have been in the clinical research industry as CRA, CTAs or PMs are now wondering what to do next. I mean, not in terms of progression within the same company or business but what to do outside the clinical research/pharma industry, how to change your career.
I have heard of people transferring to software companies (CTMS) as consultants but I haven't been able to find out how they transferred without getting additional training/experience on softwares in general.
I'm at a point in my career where I'm seriously looking at changing career but I'm a bit reluctant to go back to studying and I would like to explore some easy transitions first.

If anybody had heard/know people who have transitioned smoothly to another job in a different industry, I'm listening.

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SAE4ME in Maryland

37 months ago

Hey I'm in the same situation, I've been monitoring about ten years, however the last year or so I've been in a Lead CRA role, & have traveled rarely. I'm supposedly going to become a Clinical Team Lead, as I do most of the tasks listed in this job description at my company already.

I'm burned out on the CRO/Pharma scene. I just can't tolerate the poor quality of work done at sites, most of what I do is escalate sites' GCP issues, deal with the fallout of sites going out of business in middle of the study, etc. This is the only industry in which I've worked where 50% re-work (queries) is the norm and 100% inspection (monitoring) of the final product is required every 12 weeks or so. Engineers, accountants, architects etc. don't have their work 100% reviewed every 12 weeks & re-do half of it, I can't understand why it's the norm for sites to deliver such low quality work.

Anyway; I've been looking super hard at other industries, however I'm finding my CRO experience hard to translate into other fields. As Mather said, CRA is a mid-career role, it's hard to transition to another mid-career role, when you've never done that job before. As you suggested, I've applied at some of the software companies within the industry, however so far I've lacked the experience or credentials (usually an engineering background) to land a mid-career job at one.

I was extremely close to landing a comptroller gig at a utility, the feedback I received following the interview was, "we know you can do the job, we just really want someone who's already done this exact job, for 10 years."

My dream job is management consulting at BCG, McKinsey, etc but I can't seem to get their attention, even with an inside contact that I've been fortunate enough to have as a mentor.

Anyway, I'm life's too short to work in a field that doesn't fit; & I'm too stubborn to give up so I'll keep plugging away & report back. Let me know if you find out what works!

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SAE4ME in Atlanta, Georgia

10 months ago

Hey on the off chance the original poster is still following, any updates on your journey? I still haven't given up. Although I've moved up in the clinical ops "silo" I'm still trying to figure out how to pivot to management consulting. Not much left for me to do in ClinOps except Director, then a long possibly decade long journey to VP & I don't even think I want to do that.

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