Entry-Level CRA Job Openings anyone?

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Mather in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

27 months ago

Hi Rdeguzerman,

There are hundreds of CRA 1's starting every day across the county. In my opinion, getting that first break is all about being in the right place at the right time, work experience in research and luck.

Fortunately, you've asked at a great time. Every year, ACRP puts out a magazine and this year they have a huge article on making the CRC to CRA transition.
Link here: www.acrpnet.org/mainmenucategory/resources/themonitor/april-2013.aspx
Link here:

Since you qualify, go out and join and maybe get your CCRC certification.

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Texas CRA

24 months ago

I graduated from the same program at UNTHSC. I am now a CRA. I started out as a CRC with the company where I did an internship with for the degree program. It took a lot of resumes, interviews and networking before I was able to land CRA position. I wouldn't spend any more money on training programs. Your degree and experience should be plenty if you are willing to travel extensively and relocate in order to get your first job as a CRA. Some companies will value your education more than others.

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xiang in Detroit, Michigan

23 months ago

hi, Mather in Pittsburgh, thanks for your input here. I feel encouraged to read it. Actually I am now in the stage of finding a first break of my career in clinical research professional. I am biology PhD, have many years of basic experience, however, I am tired to be a scientist who publish paper that not many people would like to read it. I would like to enter into clinical research field. I think I will feel more being accomplished by being a CRA.
However, it is so hard for me to find a clinical research assistant or coordinator job, since I have no experience. I try to enroll some kind of online certificate program, I did some research and find people always says that it is a waste of money on this certificate program and experience is the premier. How can I get experience when I don't have any experience and can't get hired, it is really a paradox. I appreciate if someone could provide some hiring information about CRC position. Thanks

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Mather in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

23 months ago


With a PhD, you are over qualified for any CRC, CTA or CRA job. Those are careers much more suitable for a Bachrlor's level candidate. Instead, I would research medical science liaisons, medical writing, or other positions that are more in line with your education level. There are many jobs in clinical research that require someone of your background.

If you really feel that one of these lower level positions is for you, I would hide the PhD on your resume on the bottom as to not turn off potential employers. Do a nationwide search and be prepared to move for the right oportunity. You are right about the "training programs"- the certificate isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

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D Sager in Minneapolis, Minnesota

17 months ago

Where are you located? Are willing to relocate?
Rush University Medical Center is Chicago has research jobs available, search for available positions here:

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