Fighting burn out

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Worn out! in New York, New York

79 months ago

As a CRA, how do you fight burn out?

I've been a CRA for five years and being away from my family four days a week, high expectations from CROs and travel are really getting to me. I feel like I am always running in a race where the finishline keeps getting further away.

I love my job and I am compensated well, but I think I am on the verge of burn out- help!

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bjoern in Germany

78 months ago

Get a break/vacation! Talk to your company and try to reduce your workload. If that doesn't help, change the company or start as a contracter. In this way you can make your own choices on how much work you are willed to do. If you think 'yeah, good talking but...' Think about this: if you completely break down, and this probably will happen sooner or later, what have you won then?! I know, to make the change is tough but nobody else but you can make it. And if the company you are working for find's out, that is even worse...
A friend of mine got a burn out three years ago... She has still not completely recovered yet and probably never will. She had two acute hearing losses by now and her career is gone... The good thing with you is, you see it coming and have the chance to change before it is to late! Good luck!!!

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Mevana in Atlanta, Georgia

76 months ago

Learn to say no!

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