Freelancer CRA Options?

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Oscar in Sofia, Bulgaria

27 months ago

Hello everybody,
I used to work like a CRC for the last two years. Now I want to become a CRA but there are no available positions at the moment. I have strong relationship with the site where I used to work. Also like a CRC I gained experience (presence) in initiation, monitoring and close-out visits. I got online CRA training too.

My question is:
1) Is it possible to find a small clinical trial and make a contract like a freelancer CRA?

2)How a freelancer CRA find sponsors?

I know that my idea sounds silly, but I'm really desperate at the moment. One small temporary project will help me a lot.

Please feel free to share other ideas.

Thank you!

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Paula in Ottawa, Ontario

27 months ago

Hi Oscar,

Typically "contract" or freelance CRAs are required to have at least 5 years experience- some even need 10. This is because contractors do not receive training- they are expected to already be highly experienced monitors.

I would suggest starting at a CRO and learning the ropes before you try contracting.


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