Salary of a CRA 1 in Australia

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parm1 in Brisbane, Australia

61 months ago


i've looking at and it is hard to find the salary of a CRA 1 in Australia because the salary is always hidden.

In the recruitment agency, Hays, report of earnings, it listed a CRA 1 earning a median salary of $55,000.

Is that accurate?

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Grome in Bad Homburg, Germany

57 months ago

Not sure if that info helps, but I am looking at salaries for CRAIIs right now and a colleague in Sydney said that I could expect something in the range of 65k. So, I would say 55k sounds realistic. At a bigger CRO you may ask for more. If you have new information about this, I would interested to hear it!

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kelly in London, United Kingdom

55 months ago

Worked in Sydney for 4 years as a CRA.
A new CRA would expect about 50-55k plus superannuation on top... then it goes up from there. SCRAs are on about 90-100K or more. Also, it pays more to work for a pharma than it does for a CRO.
Hope that helps

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Alex in Melbourne, Australia

22 months ago

Please help to clarify!
Are there any differences between CRA and Clinical Research Scientist jobs?
Thanks a lot in advance.

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Mather in Port Haywood, Virginia

22 months ago

Hi Alex,

The jobs of a CRA and clinical research scientist are very different. Other than working in research, they have little in common.

Clinical research scientists are very knowledgable about the investigational product. They design protocols, pick end points, and ensure the study is scientifically sound. These people work in an office and only travel occasionally. Typically, they will become specialized in a certain therapeutic area.

CRAs are given the responsibility of protecting the rights, safety and welfare of human subjects. They also serve as a primary point of contact for physicians treating patients with everything from ensuring the protocol is carried out per the plan, coordinating supplies and troubleshooting problems. CRAs travel every week and can often switch between therapeutic areas.

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