cra program of Michigan state university

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erikpharma in Los Angeles, California

84 months ago

Do anyone know about the cra program from Michigan state university ? how was it?

nosir in Ypsilanti, Michigan

65 months ago


Robert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

65 months ago

Be careful with anyone advertising CRA education... These programs do not guarantee you a job or set you up to get one after graduation. They also do not 'certify' CRA's like many claim. What you need to have to get a CRA job is CRA experience, occasionally some lucky CRC's or other types of researchers will be able to snag a job but it's quite difficult.

This is a great industry to work for, but it's been hit hard by the economy and there's lots of people with 10 years experience begging for a CRA job which will make things near impossible for a newbie.

KC Temple in Towson, Maryland

65 months ago

Erikpharma: I took the MSU course. It was great. I had a few months of crc experience and a BSN. After the course, I got a job as a CRA with CRO and am loving it. The university didn't get me the job, but they did help me update my resume. I know I interviewed much more intelligently because of this course and have used some of the forms they showed on my job. The director also helped me find some state funding. I can recommend it highly.

Vartika in Singapore, Singapore

64 months ago

Hi KC,

I am planning to take up this course offered by MSU. I am a Biomedical Engineer with MBA in Marketing, do you think I will be able to get a job as a CRA in Singapore. May I know your background and did u have any experience before the course.

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