What do you LIKE about being a CRA?

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new CRA in Detroit, Michigan

63 months ago

I just received an offer for a CRA position an am wondering what people actually like about the job? Seems like a lot of CRA's are on here complaining about long hours, stressful travel, being away from family, etc. Anybody actually like their job?

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Kelly in Chicago, Illinois

62 months ago


I have been a CRA for seven years now and I really enjoy my job; however, it's common to see CRA-wannabes on this forum thinking the CRA position is a dream job or lack understanding of the challenges. I think letting people know just how much the travel effects your life and that it's not a career without challenge is important.

I like working with different people with different skills every day. Each company, each PI, each CRC is different. Also, you never know what those patients are going to do, so there's always a new challenge. Real life never follows a protocol or the nice neat classifications data managers like. It's the CRAs job to fit real life into a database.

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Randy in Saint Peters, Missouri

60 months ago

I feel like my job genuinely makes a difference in the world. It's scary how much doctors miss! If my work eliminates ten errors a day (even if just minor ones), I know I am making a difference in the data- a difference that could mean life or death of someone else down the road.

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jennie in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania

54 months ago

i am looking into transient into pharmaceutical company can anyone help me.i used to work as medical technologist since last five years,and i don't see anymore career advancement.i want to enter into pharma company.can anyone help.

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