How do you start a career in clinical research

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shellbsb in Palm Coast, Florida

85 months ago

I am looking to start a career in clinical research. I have a Bachelors in Biology and a MBA. I have become a member of SOCRA but i don not have any hands on experience with clinical trials. Are there any companies that hire at entry level to gain expereince or are there any programs that will allow you to volunteer time to receive hands on experience. I am also looking to enter a MS in Clinical Research Program. Can anyone help me with my problem. LOL


85 months ago

There are many companies willing to hire entry level candidates for positions in administration for positions like CTA, project assistant, or research assistant. You can also look locally for clinical research coordinator positions.

Florida doesn't have too many contract research organizations, so u may want to consider a move to NC, NJ,TX or CA in order to get your foot in the door.

Another Masters will probably be a waste of your time. Get the entry level experience first and then worry about advancing by getting the masters later on.

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