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captainmidnite2000 in Costa Mesa, California

75 months ago

Hey,if any of u dvrs work/worked for co. that have not or are dragging heels to pay whether u still drive for co. or have left u can contact th federal dol(dept. of labor)(u can call toll free 866 wage #(oh by the way u can get free 411 incl toll free by call 1-800-free-411)(or search on computer) in state/city closed to where co. based and they will intervene for u, it may only be min.wage for hours worked enforced(instead of mileage or % or ? but is better than $0.)Say if u worked 70hr week as on log,then claim total since ur out there in commission of job(ie.OTR)I am in process thru NM co. and dol called today say they will pay min. required by law(is maybe half of whaat owed so better than zip)The companies/carriers will comply with this as they don't want an investigation/audit on their co. note: i have been ripped off around $20,000 in pay from trucking cos. in last 10 yrs so this even min. pay for month i worked is some retribution, plus i know how to proceed better now, if cos. are not paying on time, i get out before they owe me too much such as last, instead of riding along with them strung along with all kinds of stories of brokers not paying and unforseen bills/costs came up etc. So thought i'd share this with my fellow drivers/workers out there. P.S. here are some cos. to AVOID: Marten Transport(worked 1 mo or so in 2004 and started ok-orient.(even got bonus)but first load joke with p/u# etc. then kept running back east(mid)repeatedly return to CA doc. appt.+run 900mls solo(65mph trks) WI to MS overnite after up all day del.load(i refused CleanMVR-them 7fatals 2yrs),"dispatch quote:just take a power nap"they had $50day home time guarantee didn't honor($1250)finally back to CA,i turned in trk,called HQ in WI make sure for record "RESIGNED", they put "TERMINATE" and "CO POLICY VIOLATION"haunt DAC record for 7yrs(off now)+KENNEDY(IL)"unauthorized"when turn trk in(FCRA states crime false report.P.S.web DOTsafer can review name.captainmidnite2000

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