Entry-Level Copy Editor

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angelakellysf in San Francisco, California

79 months ago

I have come to the conclusion that being a copy editor is the job for me. A lifelong reader, it is rare that I do not spot a typo in every book, magazine, newspaper, or blog that I read. I'm interning at a local newspaper, but I'm looking for something meatier, and I'm also looking to get paid. Are there any forums or people that I can find/talk to, to get advice about where to start? I'm looking to immerse myself into relevant job experience...know of anything?

Copy Editor in New York, New York

79 months ago

Hi Angela,

Check out copyeditor.com and mediabistro.com and perhaps the editorial freelancers association. That should get you started.

Proofer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

67 months ago

Don't confuse "copy editing" with "proofreading." Finding typos is good for a proofreader. Copy editing requires a lot more than finding errata. To be a good copy editor, you have to know the ins and outs of the English language, consistency in POV and tenses, be good at suggesting how to massage the writer's work (whether it be a sentence or a whole passage) for better reading, clearer expression, etc. A proofreader does not necessarily do copy editing (tho that's helpful, certainly); a good copy editor must also be a good proofreader.

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