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Updated 1 hour ago

CDCR JULY 2015 ACADEMY - 5 Replies

Cleared March 30th with an 85, fast track asked for susanville, crescent city, Lancaster(only because I live here, co's I know don't recommend it).


Updated 2 hours ago

NY Correctional Academy - 25507 Replies

[QUOTE who="dkea19 in Montgomery, New York"]Can't believe I leave Sunday. Feels like the call just came the other day![/QUOTE] Goooood luck today...


Updated 3 hours ago

words of wisdom please!! - 124 Replies

[QUOTE who="Hana1982 in New York, New York"]Expect to be there for a few hours you HAVE to have your Drivers License![/QUOTE] Hello Hanah I am in...


Updated 4 hours ago

cdcr 2014 applicants - 1290 Replies

[QUOTE who="Justin in Clovis, California"]I took my medical on 3/31/15 and I haven't been emailed for my oral pope either. I called opos to ask if I...


Updated 8 hours ago

CDCR June 2015 academy - 666 Replies

[QUOTE who="Modesto80 in California"]I have the medical exam coming up, can anyone tell me what to expect and what to wear?[/QUOTE] I wore...


Updated 1 day ago

Correction Officer in Connecticut - 4067 Replies

[QUOTE who="RickB574 in Middletown, Connecticut"]I'm starting to lose hope. I had my oral interview over 6 months ago, and I still haven't gotten a...


Updated 2 days ago

CDCR April 2015 Academy - 1400 Replies

[QUOTE who="NICE Room For Rent in Galt in Galt, California"]Hi calilivin28. This is Jim. I'm the "Cadet Mansion" guy who rents out fully furnished...


Updated 2 days ago

Oral Peace Officer Psychological Evaluation (POPE) (Pass/Fail) - 186 Replies

[QUOTE who="Reno_911 in Chula Vista, California"]I had my oral psych on January 5th. I have no idea how it went. A friend of mine said he got a...


Updated 2 days ago

CDCR November 2013 CO Applicants - 376 Replies

[QUOTE who="KimyT in Palmdale, California"]Hey guys, my oral psych is on Monday. Honestly I'm kind of nervous, what should I expect? Any...



CDCR ACADEMY UNIFORM & GEAR BUNDLE SALE My husband went through to 16 weeks then was injured. All items are clean and well cared for, some brand...


Updated 5 days ago

CDCR JAN 2015 Academy - 657 Replies

[QUOTE who="Waiting in Fresno, California"][/QUOTE] He's right, it shows poor impulse control and insubordination. The best thing you can do is...


Updated 6 days ago

CDCR FEB 2015 Academy - 1095 Replies

Is fast track worth it as far as time spent waiting?


Updated 6 days ago

CDCR 2015 - 101 Replies

[QUOTE who="Mike.s in Fontana, California"]6/6/14 - applied 8/14/14 - written 9/17/14 - pft 10/28/14 - live scan/phs review 3/15 - references...


Updated 6 days ago

How long does the whole process take? - 744 Replies

I have a physical interview back I am nerves about the background check.


Updated 7 days ago

March 2013 Applicants for CDCR Correctional officer. Background, Psych, Medical - 4368 Replies

Thanks for the info. I have my pre-employment medical exam tomorrow and psych on the 27th


Updated 7 days ago

CDCR March 2015 academy - 1147 Replies

[QUOTE who="Mark in Pomona, California"]Yeah i took my medical on the 3rd of this month and my oral psych is on the 7th of April. So i pretty much...

matt los Angeles

Updated 8 days ago

Tomorrow I take the written exam. CDCR - 87 Replies

[QUOTE who="Mp584 in Fontana, California"]The test is the easiest part of the whole process. Study your practice test and stay relaxed when taking...


Updated 9 days ago


[QUOTE who="DQD in sacramento, California"]How long before you can apply again? I had an issue with my PHS as was disqualified. According to my...


Updated 9 days ago

May 2015 academy - 80 Replies



Updated 11 days ago

CDCR DRUG TEST - 11 Replies

This is my breakdown 9/26/14 - Applied 11/17/14- Written test 11/18/14-PFT,PHS review and live scan 12/13/14- I was assigned a Background...


wondering if you can help....?

I applied to be a Correction Officer On FEB 18, got an email for the physical assessment schedule on march 20 and passed all of them. At the end they...


Updated 15 days ago

Youth Correctional Officer / YCC - 8 Replies

[QUOTE who="AlmostThere SoCal in Corona, California"]Nothing to worry about, be yourself, try not to be shy. Answer their questions...


Updated 16 days ago

Oral POPE and Final CDCR Clearance - 1 Reply

Southern selection, sorry!


Updated 18 days ago

Judicial Marshal - 1 Reply

Did you get any responses to your question?


length of time it takes to transfer to another prison

Could anyone tell me the approximate time it takes to transfer to another prison that has a waiting list? My fiance wants to get into Attica, wende,...


Updated 18 days ago

CDCR Selection Process/ Priority Process 2014/ QUESTIONS - 45 Replies

Ok. So I already met with my background investigator a few months ago. Still in the background process, haven't cleared yet. My background...

King G

NYS Correction Hiring Process

Curious to know if having a bachelor degree in criminal justice would play any role in the hiring process?


Updated 19 days ago

Becoming a corrections officer in PA? - 421 Replies

[QUOTE who="DeeDee10 in Clarion, Pennsylvania"]Yes it is- just remember that you have to lift to add that to the sit ups so if you can do 30 to 40...

mia tecolotl

how to get to Galt from Sacramento aside from the possible arranged pickup from cdcr?

Also.. anybody from the imperial valley going to the may 4th academy?


Updated 20 days ago

CDCR Appealing Psych (POPE) - 103 Replies

Yessssss my DQ got overturned I'm back in.


Updated 23 days ago

CDCR 2015 June 29th Academy - 6 Replies

Offered pleasant valley to may 4th. Depressing, that's further away than my first offer. Will decline if I can't find someone to trade with. I need...


Updated 23 days ago

CDCR June Acadamy 2011 - 16018 Replies

[QUOTE who="LINDA760 in California"]You get weighed,check blood pressure, go put ur stuff in a small locker,take drug test,check ur hearing,then they...


Updated 25 days ago

Nevada State Corrections - 715 Replies

[QUOTE who="John Roop in Las Vegas, Nevada"]So quit then if it sucks so bad for you. All you do is spew negativity.[/QUOTE] You call it negativity...


Updated 25 days ago

felony friendly - 170 Replies

Hey Larry I am now just starting up the real estate classes. I was worried about being able to find a job. Hopefully your story will help. It has...


Updated 27 days ago

Not qualified CDCR - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="lma269 in sacramento, California"]Yes, I submitted my appeal. What happened? I think sometimes background investigators are too quick to...


Updated 1 month ago

waiting list - 2369 Replies

Had my interview and test Yesterday...and passed...hope I get into June academy..I heard there is on in September also


Updated 1 month ago

Video Assessment for the DOC - 146 Replies

Yeah.. After a candidate completes their last step of the process, their file will be sent to Sacramento for an overall analysis and score.

D Carr

Updated 1 month ago

CDCR Women - 122 Replies

[QUOTE who="Christee in Bakersfield, California"]Maybe we will end up in the academy together.[/QUOTE] Yea hopefully, would be nice to know...


Updated 1 month ago

CDCR June 16 2014 Academy - 26 Replies

[QUOTE who="OlympicLift in Sacramento, California"]That's crazy to go through this entire process and sometimes having to leave your job only to get...


Updated 1 month ago

CDCR Declined job offered - 22 Replies

[QUOTE who="Yaaj87 in Merced, California"]Just got my second offered SOLANO. Im good to go, academy april 21.[/QUOTE] How long did you have to...


Updated 1 month ago

CDCR April 2015 academy - 5 Replies

I received final email clearance today. I am now eligible for hire. Scored an 80. Hopefully I get an offer soon.


Updated 1 month ago

CDCR November academy offers/dates 2014 - 883 Replies

What is your score based on ?



Does anyone know will u be disqualified if u have a medical condition such as hepati C. Also does anyone know should I mention on my PHS that I...


Updated 1 month ago

Correctional Officer - Similar and Advancement Professions - 1 Reply

Police officer, Executive protection, Security manager, Probation Officer, Private Investigator, Claims Investigator, Border Patrol to name a few


Updated 1 month ago

Conditions in New York State Correction Academy - 21 Replies

[QUOTE who="cooper in Fishkill, New York"]I don't think you should have any problems as long as you are truthful about your tickets and court dates...


Updated 1 month ago

Back taxes california department of corrections - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="joeyeubanks in salinas, CA in Reedley, California"]I just passed my fitness and am going for finger prints this coming tuesday[/QUOTE] ...


Updated 1 month ago

Physical Fitness Test (PFT) CDCR - 113 Replies



cdcr career ladder...

is there a link to a career progression for cdcr? co, to sergeant to lieutenant is suppose... but is there a line somewhere? cdcr's website is not...


Updated 1 month ago

Top corrections officer skills needed to get the job. - 12 Replies

[QUOTE who="JP in East Meadow, New York"]As a twenty year veteran and personnel trainer let me say that the top three traits every CO must have is:...

Zavala 2008

Updated 2 months ago

pre background interview cdcr - 4 Replies

It was during the recording

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