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Updated 1 minute ago

How long does the whole process take? - 727 Replies

[QUOTE who="rherron in Washington, District of Columbia"]I will keep you all posted..there are a few out of state recruits in my class as well so you...


Updated 3 minutes ago

CDCR April 2015 Academy - 1161 Replies

[QUOTE who="SAFLORES5 in Van Nuys, California"]I'm sure you can apply for it, but I had gotten an offer for it. They send you a interest letter and...


Updated 9 minutes ago

NY Correctional Academy - 24669 Replies

They contacted my previous employers about a few weeks after the physc. Im guessing they will be checking the character/personal references soon.


Updated 1 hour ago

Nevada State Corrections - 707 Replies

Urine test.


Updated 1 hour ago

cdcr 2014 applicants - 1079 Replies

[QUOTE who="25 in Sacramento, California"]I got a call yesterday for my medical. Scheduled it for April 13.[/QUOTE] I received my POPE for April...


Updated 2 hours ago

CDCR June 2015 academy - 18 Replies

[QUOTE who="guest 101 in Yuba City, California"]clear 3/5/15 Score 90[/QUOTE] Good stuff. Maybe you'll get moved along a little quicker. Get...


Updated 7 hours ago

CDCR FEB 2015 Academy - 1092 Replies

From online to completion of processing took about 14 months and from what I'm gathering, it'll be roughly another 3 from that date. I just...

Updated 10 hours ago

felony friendly - 166 Replies

my feloney is 7yrs old i looking for warehouse thats hire let me know!??


Updated 11 hours ago

Correction Officer in Connecticut - 3956 Replies

Thanks ! For proving my point !


Updated 1 day ago

CDCR 2015 - 60 Replies

[QUOTE who="mil00091 in Los Angeles, California"]You'll get an email a week or 2 before you take the PFT. 12/2 - written 1/15 - PFT 2/10 - PHS...


Updated 1 day ago

March 2013 Applicants for CDCR Correctional officer. Background, Psych, Medical - 4339 Replies

Here is my process so far: Applied 02/24/2014 Received priority processing for California Correctional center, High Desert, and Pelican bay...


Updated 1 day ago

Oral Peace Officer Psychological Evaluation (POPE) (Pass/Fail) - 182 Replies

[QUOTE who="ready 2 win in San Bernardino, California"]I took my written psychological test 3 weeks back and I'm wondering is there a wrong or right...


Updated 3 days ago

waiting list - 2366 Replies

I'm assuming as well that breakfast will be at the hotel, lunch at the academy and maybe we will have to go back in the evening for dinner? When my...


Updated 3 days ago

words of wisdom please!! - 113 Replies

[QUOTE who="ecruzjr in Bronx, New York"]Paperwork like DMV, birth certificate and transcript. How about Candidate investigation forms (...


Updated 5 days ago

May 2015 academy - 70 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ca_Compliant in Sacramento, California"]Heads up guys in the other May Academy thread a few people have gotten offers today. They seem to...


Updated 6 days ago

CDCR June Acadamy 2011 - 16009 Replies

[QUOTE who="Glenn in Duarte, California"]LoL I'm a moron, I thought you were from Georia and thus applying in Georgia's correction system.[/QUOTE] ...


Updated 8 days ago

CDCR March 2015 academy - 1129 Replies

[QUOTE who="rick in Atlantic City, New Jersey"]This is a break down od my processing at this point... 9/26/14 - Applied 11/17/14- Written test...

D Carr

Updated 8 days ago

CDCR Women - 122 Replies

[QUOTE who="Christee in Bakersfield, California"]Maybe we will end up in the academy together.[/QUOTE] Yea hopefully, would be nice to know...


Updated 8 days ago

CDCR June 16 2014 Academy - 26 Replies

[QUOTE who="OlympicLift in Sacramento, California"]That's crazy to go through this entire process and sometimes having to leave your job only to get...


Updated 9 days ago

CDCR Declined job offered - 22 Replies

[QUOTE who="Yaaj87 in Merced, California"]Just got my second offered SOLANO. Im good to go, academy april 21.[/QUOTE] How long did you have to...


Updated 10 days ago

CDCR November 2013 CO Applicants - 352 Replies

[QUOTE who="Christee in Bakersfield, California"]Medical was easy, blood draw, urine test, dr, has you bend over touch toes, squat down, check...


Updated 12 days ago

CDCR JAN 2015 Academy - 648 Replies

[QUOTE who="Mark in Mira Loma, California"]Has anyone here had an interview with dr Thomas shaw?? If so how was it??[/QUOTE] I have. Was a...


Updated 13 days ago

CDCR April 2015 academy - 5 Replies

I received final email clearance today. I am now eligible for hire. Scored an 80. Hopefully I get an offer soon.


Updated 13 days ago

CDCR November academy offers/dates 2014 - 883 Replies

What is your score based on ?



Does anyone know will u be disqualified if u have a medical condition such as hepati C. Also does anyone know should I mention on my PHS that I...


Updated 13 days ago


Does anyone know will u be disqualified if u have a medical condition such as hepati C. Also does anyone know should I mention on my PHS that I...


Updated 15 days ago

CDCR Selection Process/ Priority Process 2014/ QUESTIONS - 44 Replies

You still have to do your PFT, written psych, psych interview, and medical evaluation. All easy but the average time Of completion is roughly one...


Updated 15 days ago

Correctional Officer - Similar and Advancement Professions - 1 Reply

Police officer, Executive protection, Security manager, Probation Officer, Private Investigator, Claims Investigator, Border Patrol to name a few


Updated 15 days ago

CDCR Appealing Psych (POPE) - 102 Replies

Depending of your second evaluator does it by certified mail. Mine sent it on the 26th of Feb and CDCR emailed me the 29th of. So 3 days.


Updated 15 days ago

Youth Correctional Officer / YCC - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="AlmostThere SoCal in Corona, California"]Anyone here know any YCOs or YCCs? Looks like the YCO/YCC academy coming up in April is being...


Updated 17 days ago

Conditions in New York State Correction Academy - 21 Replies

[QUOTE who="cooper in Fishkill, New York"]I don't think you should have any problems as long as you are truthful about your tickets and court dates...


Updated 18 days ago

Back taxes california department of corrections - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="joeyeubanks in salinas, CA in Reedley, California"]I just passed my fitness and am going for finger prints this coming tuesday[/QUOTE] ...


Updated 18 days ago

Tomorrow I take the written exam. CDCR - 76 Replies

Has anyone taken the Correctional Counselor written Exam? I need some insight. I have the test coming up and don't know what to expect.


Updated 21 days ago

Physical Fitness Test (PFT) CDCR - 113 Replies



cdcr career ladder...

is there a link to a career progression for cdcr? co, to sergeant to lieutenant is suppose... but is there a line somewhere? cdcr's website is not...


Updated 26 days ago

Top corrections officer skills needed to get the job. - 12 Replies

[QUOTE who="JP in East Meadow, New York"]As a twenty year veteran and personnel trainer let me say that the top three traits every CO must have is:...

Zavala 2008

Updated 28 days ago

pre background interview cdcr - 4 Replies

It was during the recording


Updated 28 days ago

May, June, July 2014 Applicants CDCR (Time Line, Background, POPE) - 3 Replies

Been doing everything out of Fresno as well.


Updated 28 days ago

Not qualified CDCR - 3 Replies

I don't think anyone can really answer this question for you. Follow your gut instinct but If I were you I'd appeal. Something that happened when you...

andreina from strathmore

Updated 1 month ago

cleared the. 18 of this month - 8 Replies

well good luck :)

AlmostThere SoCal

Updated 1 month ago

CDCR Peace officer psychologial evaluation appeal - 17 Replies

[QUOTE who="Nena V in Eastvale, California"]Sounds like we had the same doc. He also just wished me good luck. I'm dying here lol been waiting since...


Updated 1 month ago

Letters from DOC! Help! - 3 Replies

I finished the process just waiting for an offer I received email when it was complete my coworker received a letter like that and was dq'd

Buddy Everidge

Updated 1 month ago

February cdcr offers - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="D Carr in Visalia, California"]Did you do all of your stuff out of Fresno?[/QUOTE] Sure did

D Carr

Updated 1 month ago

CDCR oral psych - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="VG112123 in Fresno, California"]Do you know if anyone that has appealed been successful? Do they give a reason of not passing...


drug screen/finger print

What type of drug screen is given for MDOC?


Correctional Officer - Similar and Advancement Professions

This is how we see it. Similar Careers: Family Social Worker - 46k per year Addictions Counselor - 41k per year Court Officer - 41k per...

AlmostThere SoCal

Updated 1 month ago

CDCR - Hiring Age - 1 Reply

No maximum age I believe.


Updated 1 month ago

CDCR 2013 process - 117 Replies

Hey I was wondering what to expect on PEM?


Updated 1 month ago

Cdcr hiring process - 1 Reply

i am scheduled for mine on 02/20/2015...


how long is the Apprenticeship Program for cdcr?

i am getting pretty far down the hiring process... and i am assuming a job offer is imminent... i can never get anything clear on starting...

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