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Wifey in Carmichael

Updated 1 minute ago

CDCR August 2016 Academy - 715 Replies

[QUOTE who="Greenlantern7 in Atwater, California"]Is there an academy starting August 29th or 30th? Anyone know?[/QUOTE] It's August 30-November...

Second Chance

Updated 4 hours ago

NY Correctional Academy - 31198 Replies

Depending on your drill, you will stay in the classroom polishing boots and stensiling shirts and other work. Some drills it's until 8:30/9pm then...


Updated 9 hours ago

CDCR July 2016 Academy - 1275 Replies

For the people that are in the academy, did Cdcr call your current employer after you got an offer and updated your history packet??


Updated 12 hours ago

Cdcr hopefuls - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="Darkgreen in Los Angeles, California"]Please post[/QUOTE] So I started this discussion for candidates that are just starting or...


Wardens Letter

Does anyone waiting for an academy have a wardens request?


Updated 1 day ago

How long does the whole process take? - 975 Replies

[QUOTE who="Grateful in Baltimore, Maryland"]Hi, first they will send you a 22 pg packet to fill out. Its questions on drugs,job background school,...


Updated 1 day ago

Oral Interview - 237 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ashley in Baltimore, Maryland"]Has anyone taken the oral interview for correctional officer in md what type of question were...

david calderon jr

Updated 1 day ago

CDCR Appealing Psych (POPE) - 141 Replies

hey guys question, my appeal was overturned this past Tuesday, what happens next?


Updated 1 day ago

CDCR Quest 4 2016 Academy!!! - 490 Replies

[QUOTE who="Spence in Houston, Texas"]Is there anyway to opt out of this forum? Thought it was only academies for 2016 but people are on here from...


Updated 1 day ago


Yes, exactly what they told me when I emailed them again last week. I just wanna clear and get on the list. I scored a 90 so I don't see myself...


Updated 2 days ago

Conditions in New York State Correction Academy - 38 Replies

[QUOTE who="llsurvey in Malone, New York"]I heard a rumor today when being called for the academy NYS DOCCS will not leave you a message on your...


Updated 2 days ago

CDCR MARCH 15, 2016 ACADEMY! - 733 Replies

[QUOTE who="Lodi in Sacramento, California"]You don't have to say sorry for being an ass some people are just that way. ;)[/QUOTE] Lodi did you...


Updated 3 days ago

CDCR May 2016 Academy - 1458 Replies

[QUOTE who="Oneleg in Bakersfield, California"]I just got done with my cvsa and I don't know what to expect now. I was told I cleared all the...


Updated 3 days ago

NEWEST CDCR Hiring List generated 8/1/2016 - 12 Replies

[QUOTE who="heir in Palmdale, California"]I emailed them asking about it if should be worried because I was close to expiration.[/QUOTE] I expire...


Updated 4 days ago

March 2013 Applicants for CDCR Correctional officer. Background, Psych, Medical - 4445 Replies

im in fresno im going thru backround i got a call from the Bi and he ask me a few questions to clean up my report one was if i ever had the cops...


Updated 4 days ago

Correction Officer in Connecticut - 5221 Replies

There's nothing to hear really, with all the layoffs they're not going to be hiring anytime soon. I've come to terms that this won't be happening...


Nysdoccs academy supply list

I got the call to go to the academy on august 8th. Im trying to find out what i need to buy and bring. I havent gotten the packet stating everything...


Updated 7 days ago

How to get a warden request - 1 Reply

if you work at a prison, or a family member can request one from their current institution. Warden approves request, after an interview. Letter is...


Updated 8 days ago


[QUOTE who="r1rudy in visalia, California"]i got kids too but staying on grounds for the reasons you stated lol. its gonna suck but gotta sacrifice...


Updated 8 days ago

CDCR - Waiting for Clearance - 275 Replies

[QUOTE who="davidprodriguez in Lakewood, California"]I had my interview on 04/26. Still no clearance yet, moving on close to 12 weeks now. Good luck...


Updated 9 days ago

cdcr 2014 applicants - 2254 Replies

If my vision is worse than 20/60 will i get disqualified or do i still have a chance?


Updated 9 days ago

felony friendly - 188 Replies

[QUOTE who="noluck in Tujunga, California"]well being an excon myself and struggling to find work, to survive for the past 5 years or so ,im very...


Updated 9 days ago

Awaiting POPE Clearance only - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="Nicgdz in SoCal, California"]I am in the Southern Selection Center and I took my written psych May 12, PEM May 24th and my oral POPE July...


Updated 11 days ago

Have ne questions, feel free to ask. I've been CO for cdcr for three years now. - 87 Replies

[QUOTE who="Bako in Bakersfield, California"]Hey Lilfoot hope everything works out the second time around and goes smoothly man. Had my CVSA early...



Hey guys, this Thursday will be 10 weeks since my final interview. How much longer do you think I could wait to be cleared? And do you guys have any...


Updated 12 days ago

CDCR June 2016 Academy - 1309 Replies

[QUOTE who="Corey in Oakland, California"]Multiple choice.[/QUOTE] Thanks!


Updated 12 days ago

personal history statement - 1 Reply

If there's n/a check n/a, if no n/a leave blank.


Trying to split cost on a hotel for Monday (07/18/2016)

I am a male from SoCal... I am in the July academy... I am a recycle... I would like to share the cost of a room for Monday night (07/18) with...


Updated 18 days ago

CDCR DRUG TEST - 18 Replies

[QUOTE who="Toretto in Rancho Cucamonga, California"]Don't do drugs........... And none of this would matter[/QUOTE] You know.. This is one Nation...


Background clearance?

I have a date to go take the written test (First step) at the end of July and had some questions regarding my background if anyone that is...


Correction Officer

Hey I just received a letter for pre-employment in new Lisbon nj I had to respond back through an email. Can anyone tell me what's next?


Updated 22 days ago

CDCR 2015-16 Cleared waiting for Offer! - 59 Replies

Cleared pre hired 2/19/16 scored 75, no offers, no academy date. I put " any " on prison site preference. Does anybody know the general average of...


Updated 23 days ago

Nevada State Corrections - 720 Replies

[QUOTE who="johnroop in Las Vegas, Nevada"]So quit then if it sucks so bad for you. All you do is spew negativity.[/QUOTE] How is the process to...


Updated 1 month ago

CDCR 2015 - 1851 Replies

[QUOTE who="joseros in Chico, California"]I had to get a note from my dentist for tooth extraction[/QUOTE] Did cdcr tell you to do that?


Anyone with a score of 75

Has anyone with a score of 75 received an offer?


Updated 1 month ago

CDCR Academy October 19th, 2015 - 1175 Replies

[QUOTE who="M209 in Stockton, California"]I'm northern selection so I have my interview at old Placerville rd with Dr. Josh Haskett[/QUOTE] How...


Updated 1 month ago

words of wisdom please!! - 185 Replies

Hey guys, dont know if this is the right forum but my little brother recently was offered a job with corrections doing maintenance and hes already...

Tou Lee

Updated 1 month ago

Oral Peace Officer Psychological Evaluation (POPE) (Pass/Fail) - 199 Replies

All these discussion helps out a lot. I recently received a dq letter yesterday as well. I contacted Dr. ROSE for an appeal and he seems to be very...

Mark Poggi26

Updated 1 month ago

Cdcr expire - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="geeettt in Porterville, California"]I font believe that there's a definite answer but I can tell you that I was 2 days from expiring...


Vsa test

How long does it take to get an investigatior assigned to you after the vsa test ? Just curious , did the test maybe a month ago ? Thank you .

Mark Poggi26

Updated 1 month ago

Clearance - 2 Replies



Updated 1 month ago

Becoming a corrections officer in PA? - 425 Replies

I took the test Last month And scored a 86. I put down about 5 different counties. Do have a chance at all?


Updated 1 month ago

CDCR JULY 2015 ACADEMY - 2157 Replies

What were they having you do that you were not able to complete? Could they not retest you?


Updated 1 month ago

I am going to the July academy - 2 Replies

I failed the hand gun I was in the March academy I was shocked how fast I was put back in Certainly not complaining If you fail something you...


Updated 1 month ago

waiting list - 2384 Replies

[QUOTE who="Mac in Jackson, Michigan"]Also. I received an email a week after my exit interview[/QUOTE] Ahh thank you very much! The women's...


Updated 1 month ago

CDCR DQ - 18 Replies

From my personal experience, CDCR is very strict on work terminations. I was fired because I called off work for 1 day due to medical reasons, and my...


Updated 1 month ago

uniform stores for cdcr - 2 Replies



Updated 1 month ago

Tomorrow I take the written exam. CDCR - 96 Replies

[QUOTE who="Mr in Highland, California"]How long did it take for you to get your email saying you passed? And how did it say it?[/QUOTE] Wife...


Updated 1 month ago

cdcr northern exam - 1 Reply

The test was middle of the road for me. I took the written 4 years ago then withdrew from the process. Scored a 95. I just took it in march 2016 and...

Abel Arredondo

Updated 1 month ago

CDCR JANUARY 19 2016 ACADEMY - 832 Replies

[QUOTE who="Spence in San Leandro, California"]I had my oral phsyc today in fresno. The dr was very rude and drilled me on all my past. Made me feel...

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