What are the best counselor qualifications and training to get ahead?

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What is the best training for becoming a counselor? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective counselor?

What do non-traditional career paths look like?

Connie Kimball in El Cajon, California

101 months ago

What types of training, college or certifications is necessary to be a counselor?

DrSnipes in Alachua, Florida

77 months ago

As far as qualifications, it depends on your state. The Florida Certification Board offers several certifications for people who have less than a master's degree. NAADAC.org and NBCC.org also have certifications available. CAADAC.org is the site for the California board. That being said, the field is increasingly moving towards training people to be competent with co-occurring disorders...that is working with people with mental health and addiction problems. They occur together more often than not, and it is vital to give each equal importance. TAP 21 tie.samhsa.gov/Taps/tap21/TAP21Toc.html reviews the preferred qualifications. You can find training resources at health.org for free and training courses at allceus.com. I would also check the rules for Medicaid in your state. A clinician that can treat/bill for Medicaid clients is worth his/her weight in gold!

Bidya Aryal in Central District, Hong Kong

69 months ago

Is there any counsellors network forum in which counsellors can have conference about any case in difficult situation?

pbankhead1 in Waukegan, Illinois

65 months ago

Connie Kimball in El Cajon, California said: What types of training, college or certifications is necessary to be a counselor?

In Illinois you have to have a CADC- Certified Drug & Alcohol Certificate in order to receive this certification. You must work uder direct Supervision for 2 years without a Degree or 1 year if You have a Bachelors degree just to sit for the CADC Testing.

Cristina, CT in Groton, Connecticut

62 months ago

Hi, I wanted to know how you would get a job to be under direct supervision for 2 years? Also, you need to have a bachelors, what ever happened to an associates? How do I find out the requirements for my State?

Jean in Old Hickory, Tennessee

62 months ago

What if you are looking for a career change and counseling is the field you would like to transfer into; however, you dont have teh certifications nor the degree, but is working towards it. What is the likelihood of obtaining ajob offer and where would I look?

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