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operatornetwork in Powell, Ohio

Updated 52 months ago

NCCCO - 4 Replies

I read this site once an while and I get a kick out of the nccco conversations. I have been a crane operator for 24 yrs. perhaps all you operators...

David in Belfast, United Kingdom

Crane jobs Canada

I am planning to move to the toronto area later this year, i have just gained my crane licences and im able to work crawler, tower crane(saddle &...

Ritesh kumar in Satellite Provider

Updated 52 months ago

New OSHA ruling for crane signal people and riggers - 2 Replies

Where is everyone getting their training for the new OSHA ruling that was issued in August for signal people and riggers?

Robbie in New Harbour, Newfoundland

Updated 53 months ago

jobs overseas - 4 Replies

I'm looking to get a job in the Norway, Sweeden, Finland part of the world. Anyone have any insight on how to achieve this.

Solomon Benson Ntuenibok in Lagos, Nigeria

What is crane operator in sea?

I want to join crane union ,and how can i join it?

OperatorNetwork in Dublin, Ohio

Updated 55 months ago

NCCCO written test - 3 Replies

Do you know if NCCCO gives out old test material as a study guide? I know they give out 50 sample questions but is there something a little more...

dick in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 55 months ago

union members - 27 Replies

Are any members of the IUOE getting back to work, out of there local halls, and about how many would estimate are still on the bench at there...

jimbo in Bristol, Pennsylvania

Unions in Philly

I am a union member and can say they are not what they used to be! It a shame when members actuaaly see agents colluding with the contractors. They...

haulbot1 in Houston, Texas

Chesapeak Energy Milan,Pa

Does anyone know about this job I have seen it posted for a long time and wonder why it is always being repostsed. They contacted me yesterday.

pbryan in Lake Jackson, Texas

Updated 57 months ago

I operate Ship gear (crane) for a longshoreman company for 7 years - 4 Replies

Im 30 and i am looking to get certified the cranes i operate are on a vessel. 1st question: how much of a difference are the Shore Cranes, Overhead,...

Mitch in Jupiter, Florida

Crane Mechanic

I AM FROM READING, PENNSYLVANIA I have worked on Overhead Cranes for 3 years. Everything from manufacturing to service. Ranging from 5 tons to 300...

41ws2 in La Marque, Texas

Updated 58 months ago

operator knowledge - 6 Replies

Let's talk about what you know. What types of lock-outs are used in the cranes of today? parking brake doesn't count

A Crandall in Brooksville, Florida

Updated 58 months ago

Certifications - 2 Replies

What is the difference between the NCCCO cert and the NCCER cert?

john crouch in Willimantic, Connecticut


Does anyone on this forum discuss job leads, const. co. contacts where jobs may be starting etc. or will this forums go the way of the C.B. radio of...


Updated 63 months ago

Local 917 Knoxville - 2 Replies

The OE in tennessee I think his handle was Snake,reporting about Local 917.Would you know about the job, is it TVA any overtime.

URDaddy in Commerce City, Colorado

Updated 64 months ago

Is this a good school? - 15 Replies

Is the "Tower Crane School of Phoenix" a good and reputible school? They offer a 18 day...

johngomez1960@*****.*** in Sycamore, Illinois

Updated 64 months ago

Mobile and Tower crane driver wants to get back into crane driving - 2 Replies

I used to drive mobile cranes for Quinto Cranes, and Tower Cranes for J.Laing RG Carter, Tarmac construction, David Charles,. I understand these...

Brettski in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Alberta Crane Operator working in Saskatchewan

I'm wondering if you have to be part of a union to run a tower crane in Saskatchewan? The company I work for in Alberta is running a site in Regina...

Dennis in Alkmaar, Netherlands

Updated 66 months ago

ship's grear - 1 Reply

I got to oper. the crane on the ship a few days ago about 80 ft. up was very uncomfortable but managed to hang in there untill I was called down to...

mr.crane4 in Suitland, Maryland

Updated 66 months ago

NCCCO cetification - 1 Reply

I just completed the large telescopic crane test. NCCCO test was very challenging for an operator for over ten years, ninety percent of the class...

tsotetsi sixteen in Johannesburg, South Africa

Updated 67 months ago

is there any tower crane schools near the pennsylvania area or nearby states - 5 Replies

im 25 right out of the marines and am looking to get into the career of a tower crane operator. does anybody know of anyschools either in...

overture2112 in Severna Park, Maryland

Updated 67 months ago


anybody going to work for H*M or PETROCHEM try to get your deal in writing if not they are liable to change it in the middle of the job.

OSHA Guy in Murrieta, California

OSHA Crane Mandate & Training

OSHA is enforcing the mandate because we have too many untrained, inexperienced numbskulls in the seat. Do we blame employers, for training and...

SS in Edmonton, Alberta

Updated 70 months ago

Question? - 2 Replies

I'm doing a report for school on Crane Operators. Would anyone help me with this question???? What is the difference between residential,...

remy in Birkirkara, Malta

what is the average salary for a mobile crane driver in the uk?

I have an experience of about 10 years in cranes (tower+mobiles) and moving to south west England next year.

bill46 in Muskogee, Oklahoma

Updated 71 months ago

How much should I ask for? - 17 Replies

I am looking at starting a job here in Iowa. I will be a full tie employee, operating a variety of cranes including manitowoc 777/888/999/14000,...

bubba in Whittier, California

Updated 71 months ago

job needed - 39 Replies

My name is Noah and I recently graduated from a crane operating school and am looking for work. I have my NCCO NCCER and NAHETS certifications. If...

Dave spooner in London, United Kingdom

Crane jobs

I am looking to retrain as a crane driver through sparrows /is this a wise move and is there plenty of work around.I am chief mate onboard supply...

lever B in Orrville, Ohio

Updated 72 months ago

Crane training - 1 Reply

Just took my CCO Cert and I know I messed up on my crawler cert. I could kick myself in the head if I could. Now I know I got to go back. I am pretty...

geomastro in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 72 months ago

"master rigger" cert - 1 Reply

I have heard alot lately about a master rigger cert , but haven't found any real info on the organizations that qualify it. If you have any info,...

Ben in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 72 months ago

load charts - 9 Replies

I did not pass the load chart test and need more practice time and some help. I went to ATS and don't want to spend more money staying in a hotel....

sween02 in Livermore, California

Updated 72 months ago

does anyone know of any operator jobs anywhere - 5 Replies

any jobs out there any info would be great. thanks

crane guy in East Meadow, New York

Updated 73 months ago

Brass-Co oil drilling - 8 Replies

Is this job a scam they want 340 dollars up front for prossesing.

kenny kiff {kyfho} in Opelousas, Louisiana

Updated 73 months ago

crane operator - 7 Replies

im thinking about taking a crane operator class have been around a couple at a rock quarry and tree service no seat time. but i have operated 5...

Half A Bubble Out in A Little Glass Box, Washington

Updated 73 months ago

Crane Wreck in NYC - 2 Replies

Anybody know how that big hydro went over in NYC the other day (3/28)? I read that it was dogged off for the night, and it fell against a bldg....

cetim in Willmar, Minnesota

Updated 74 months ago

union work - 14 Replies

Are any IUOE members going to work,and does anyone have information on what locals may have work,shutdowns,bridge const.etc.

bkjoe in Brooklyn, New York

im going to ats for crane operator training


kenny kiff kyfho in Columbia, Louisiana

Updated 75 months ago

Would like to know how to get in touch with crane companies for turn arounds - 1 Reply

Hello all I would like to know how one would get touch with companies working world wide on turn arounds only. I have a TLL designation can anyone...

want to get my welding certs back in El Segundo, California

Updated 76 months ago

Crane Operating? - 16 Replies

I will be pursuing an education in Crane Operating in January at the ATS Crane Operating location in Columbus, OH. I am iffy on the decision to go...

kenny kiff in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Updated 76 months ago

certification process - 2 Replies

when i got my cco back in1996 they required 2000 hrs exp. moving crane mats with forklift did not count as crane related exp. they contacted all of...

me in El Segundo, California

Updated 76 months ago

haiti - 1 Reply

any body heard of how to get to haiti and help out

anthony provost in Clifton, Kansas

money is the root of all evil

oh and by the way i have seen operator's with 25 years of experiance upset a 2 million dollar crane in beaumont kansas luckly nobody was killed....

kenny kiff in New Iberia, Louisiana

Updated 76 months ago

unsafe operator - 14 Replies

I have to tell everyone that I am kind of stumped. I hired on with a company that preached nothing but safety to me at my job interview, but when I...

tlctjc1 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Anyone have any leads for a NCCCO Operator? Have exp. from a 15t Brody, lattice crawler and tower. Exp. with hammer driving pile and case Just...

crane operator nccco in Cambridge, Nebraska

Updated 78 months ago

Looking For Work - 2 Replies

I am happily employed and part of IUOE 9 in Colorado, but due to the economy the taxi crane market is slowing down. I am looking for a longterm gig...

crane operator nccco in Cambridge, Nebraska

Updated 78 months ago

Getting a crane operator job. - 100 Replies

How did you get your start doing crane operator work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a particular...

Casper in Vadodara, India

Updated 78 months ago

good crane math books? - 3 Replies

i have to write an evaluation for a crane apprecticeship in a week. I have an engineering background, but my math without my calculator is...

Ron Walton in Edmonton, Alberta

Updated 78 months ago

overseas - 1 Reply

any ideas on how to get a job in norway, sweeden, or finland

tj Logan in Phillips, Wisconsin

Updated 78 months ago

union jobs - 2 Replies

Are there any OE business agents, that may have up coming work that may be able to put an out of state member to work. CCO LBC TLL -CT.state lic....

d.sambamurthy in Visakhapatnam, India

Updated 79 months ago

Gold Coast Crane company South Florida - 8 Replies

One of their cranes fell over in June 2007 in Ft Lauderdale, Does anyone know of other crane accidents by GOld Coast Crane in South Florida or know...

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