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Manitowoc in West Chesterfield, Massachusetts

97 months ago

I read this site once an while and I get a kick out of the nccco conversations. I have been a crane operator for 24 yrs. perhaps all you operators forgot that you were beginners once and that it was'nt that long ago that you did'nt even need a license to run a crane so any joe could take your job at least with the nccco theres a criteria that has to be met and no I don'nt agree with a few weeks of school and here you go but it's a lot better than nothing and not a lot differant than a class A drivers license so stop your wining and be part of the solution not the PROBLEM. YOUR ONLY AS GOOD AS YOU HELP OTHERS BE.....

cco_crane_operator in Pella, Iowa

97 months ago

Very true! I have 8 years exp, CCOs, and if it wasn't for the old timers, I would not know how to operate... on the other hand, I have been able to help guys with 20 years in the seat with their mathematics and technical knowledge. Its a two way street these days. The industry needs stricter compliance laws, people to decipher and understand book / common smarts, but the industry also needs quality craftsmen who know which lever to pull and know how to do it safely.

kenny kiff in New Iberia, Louisiana

97 months ago

i really hate to say this but i do agree with that........i have seen alot of things in and out of the crane. and a green hand maybe can see something that you can't,sad but true lol. we are use to the ole days and they have changed 4 the good,i think some anyway.i really don't like to be told anything about the crane but it don't hurt to have a open mind to SOME PEOPLE not all of them have it ,they think they do, not.anyway i think ppl should have a open mind 2 some ppl because they MIGHT see things we don' i hate 2 say that lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Kay in Victorville, California

91 months ago

Have 23 yrs working cranes (mobile & tower certs) and haven't been out of the seat of a tower crane for over 10 years, yet I failed the stupid re-cert written exam. Why? Because these test being designed and written by Bozos just to see how many guys can they trip up by inventing new words and phrases that NO ONE in the field has ever heard of or will ever use. In other words, the test writers have little to NO knowledge of the work done in the field and it shows. Simple concepts that a person should be able to demonstrate in order to be certified has nothing to do with these written tests. Example: (using the exact terminology used in the test) "No, I'm sorry Mr. Ironworker Superintendent I can't make that pic for you today because my Boom-angle Value is too high for your Gross Load and it looks like you'll just have to adjust downward on some of your Net Load or we won't have an SWL."

If I ever said something like that to a Super he'd chase me out the front gate with a stick!

operatornetwork in Powell, Ohio

73 months ago

the CCO exams are desifgned to identify if you know the academics and fundementals of crane operations. Like anything you have to learn what it is they want you to know.
01 Introduction
02 Crane Types & Components
03 Crane Assembly 100%
04 Crane Controls 100%
05 Site Evaluation 100%
06 Supporting Surfaces 93%
07 Electrical Hazards 89%
08 Leveling the Crane 100%
09 Outriggers 92%
10 Crane Stability Factors 86%
11 Quadrants of Operation 90%
12 Factors that Reduce Capacity 90%
13 Intro to Load Charts 88%
14 Mobile Crane Load Charts
15 Operator Aids 100%
16 Rigging for Operators 93%
17 Mobile Crane Inspections 90%
18 Safe Operating Procedures 100%
19 Pick and Carry Operations 90%
20 Hand Signals 94%
21 Lift Plans 92%
22 Lifting Personnel 90%
23 Securing the Crane 100%
24 OSHA Regulations
25 Case Studies

Final Exam 89%

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