I operate Ship gear (crane) for a longshoreman company for 7 years

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greiss in Pearland, Texas

64 months ago

Im 30 and i am looking to get certified the cranes i operate are on a vessel. 1st question: how much of a difference are the Shore Cranes, Overhead, Water Derit, etc.....compared to the ship gear. 2nd question: is it a difficult transition to learn the other styles of Cranes. 3rd question: does anyone know of any company's hiring for ship gear operators?

pbryan in Houston, Texas

50 months ago

Are you still in the market for a job operating ship's gear? Part time or full time?????

eric in Toronto, Ontario

47 months ago

i run ships gear, what y got 4 work?

blue robbo in Nottingham, United Kingdom

47 months ago

eric i dont know if you are offering work or looking for work i am looking for work....any ships crane work or docks.
regards rob.

pbryan in Lake Jackson, Texas

46 months ago

We are looking for a ship's gear operator......please reply.

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