McIntire Enterprises Inc - Schererville, IN - Not Customer Service Job it's Vaccuum Cleaner Sales!!

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Anonymous in University Park, Illinois

47 months ago

Just wanted to let everyone know that if you see a job posting for McIntire Enterprises Inc - Schererville, IN for Customer Service reps.. this is not the job .. it's actually being a vaccuum cleaner salesman. They list the job as Customer Service to get you to apply.. then they call you and tell you that they will tell you more about the job when you come in for the interview.. then you get there and they want you to sell vaccuums.. door to door and what have you!

anonymous in Schererville, Indiana

13 months ago

Just wanted to let everyone know that this guys info is wrong. This is my 3rd week with the company and ive never had to do any door to door sales. They have a whole staff of telemarketers that set all my appts. for me and i just have to show up and show the customers how it works. I get paid whether customers buy or not. sounds pretty much like customer to me.

anonymous in Chicago Heights, Illinois

12 months ago

For this job do you drive your own vehicle and hard far out are they sending you?

Andrea in Schererville, Indiana

17 days ago

Wonderful company! I was making over $500 a week and never went door to door. The phone room sets every appointment so you're literally a customer service representative who helps display the product to customers. This company opens the door to many management opportunities, lots of fun contests, and many great people! If you're looking for a reliable job that will open the door to careers and success then this is the one.

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