decking jobs right now

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boudreaux in Huntsville, Alabama

95 months ago

Man guys,i dont know what to tell yall.I have been going through some of the same stuff as yall.I have decked for several years and right now is some of the toughest times ive seen for the river industry. I was talking to Mckinney fleet personnel just about 3-4 weeks ago and everyone is suffering.They wanted to hire me due to my experience,but he did guide me to several others in the local area of Baton Rouge but to no avail. The best thing i can say guys is lets see what the middle of next month brings. Things may possibly pick up some since winter will be just about over.We know the upper is opening back up so that will increase towboat traffic some and give us some newer contracts. This should help!When the upper closes,cargo decreases[less cargo,less traffic.....less traffic,.......]hell,you know the rest!But anyway,i have several apps in myself and one or two may be decent opportunities. We will see. I will be on here regularly to keep up with those who answer my post.Good luck boys!I will leave yall with this poem about our lives.......[Im a towboatin man.....28 on water,14 on land.....six hours on,six hours off....those who just dont understand sit and scoff...clean up the galley....go check the tow....obstructions all over,so keep your head low.....boys lay those wires..and tighten those ratchets...shore line fouled down...go graba hatchett....taken on water....taken on fuel...tow work ahead boys...go grab your tools. One and a wake up.....then we go more lost calls on the celluler phone.]

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Sam From All Over in Rockland, Maine

82 months ago

Boudreaux... The Boating Industry isn't what it Once Was! I Like Workin' on Boats, Since BEFORE My Face Grew Fuzz! I've Crewed on All Kinds of Boats, and WORKED on The Tows! From The Heat in The Summer, to The Winter's Cold Blows! I've Been Offshore When a Hurricane Slammed! The Hull, and The Wheelhouse CRACKED, and Went, "BLAM!" The Times are Much Tougher, Than The Times from the Past! Our Grit, and Our Guts are What makes Us Last & Last! The Coffee Pots Brewing Our Wake Up Juice Drinks; We Sometimes Forgo Our Much Needed Nightly 40 Winks! But, We's a Tough Bunch! We Keep America Afloat! As We Go About Our Business, Aboard Our Jobs on a Boat!

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