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Updated 1 day ago

Is dental assisting a good career - 166 Replies

[QUOTE who="still retired in Hawaii"]Some states require DA x ray certification after the first year of working in a office. Some of the best...


Updated 7 days ago

Are the shorter dental assistant training schools worth it? - 377 Replies

[QUOTE who="kaela in Raleigh, North Carolina"]at durham tech in durham north carolina there is a course there that i am goin to be taking its 8 weeks...


Updated 9 days ago


You should report her for bullying, I would personally take action against her. Plus you could get unemployment. Do not allow her to Bully anyone...


Updated 9 days ago

RDA test, is easy or not? - 557 Replies

[QUOTE who="lainesights in Whittier, California"]was it multiple choice?[/QUOTE] I bet you felt frustrated i failed it toady by 1 point /:


Updated 9 days ago

Little tips and tricks to be the best - 93 Replies

I am to left handed assistant, it is hard just started at a new practice and have to take over in a few weeks for the other assistant when she has...

Linda Friday

Updated 12 days ago

Any tips on taking digital x-rays?! - 5 Replies

Hi! I just started a job and I have been an assistant for 6 months elsewhere , I have mostly assisted chairside and I have taken xrays before but at...


Updated 13 days ago

How To Get My Foot In The Door - 84 Replies

[QUOTE who="charity in Indianapolis, Indiana"]Hello! ive been a dental assistant for 2 years i have my radiology and my expanded functions. I was in...


Updated 18 days ago

RDA vs CDA? - 125 Replies

In the state of Ohio, you have to certified through DANB to be an efda or place any fillings and such. An RDA can not. I don't get where people get...

gkenney777 @ gmail. com

Updated 22 days ago

Getting back into the Dental field - 1 Reply

Yes, Take advantage of local volunteer opportunities. Offer to volunteer in your cover let ter. Ex. Local MoM Project s. From: Gloria Kenney,...


Updated 1 month ago


OK. So I somehow landed an interview for a dental assistant position. I sent in my resume and received an email asking for a cover letter with...


Updated 1 month ago

"Can't find a entry level job as a DA I." - 21 Replies

I went to dental school recently not able to find a job even as a volunteer

Thinking in Oshawa, Ontario

Updated 3 months ago

Dental Assistant...A Good Career Change? - 188 Replies

I'm looking to make a switch in my career from business to the dental field. I have done a bunch of research as for options and schools, and found...

Jeniffer in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 4 months ago

Having no experience - 186 Replies

I'm interested in becoming a dental assistant. I have no experience in the field. Is it possible for dental facilities to hire you without dental...

Ela in Cary, Illinois

Updated 4 months ago

What is it like being a dental assistant - 212 Replies

I have read some other discussions and it seems like many dental assistants hate their jobs. I am considering becoming a dental assistant and would...

Janelizabeth in Bremerton, Washington

Currently in school

Hello all, I am currently in dental assisting school. The first part is online. The first few chapters in my book focus on body systems, bones in...

Hatedentalassisting2 in Seattle, Washington

Updated 4 months ago

Unappreciated Assistants? - 198 Replies

I think after 5 years i'm trowing in the towel. I'm not really seeking advice, but more or less wondering if I am alone in my struggle. I started...

Britt in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 5 months ago

Can a felon become a dental assistant? - 56 Replies

I was convicted of growing a large amount of pot back in the day (10 years ago), Does that disqualify my to find a job as a DA? How far back would...

Samantha_ in Chicago, Illinois

Has anyone gone to Dorsey for Dental Assisting?

I'm thinking about going to Dorsey for the Dental Assisting Program. Is it a decent school to go to for training?

Danyell in Independence, Iowa

Registration question

I just finished dental assisting school and I didn't LOVE it like I always thought I would. I recently also found out I'm pregnant, so I'm curious...

Kalia in Fresno, California

Updated 6 months ago

What is the difference? - 22 Replies

What is the difference in being a certified dental assistant (CDA) vs.a registered dental assistant?(RDA)

Nelly in Paterson, New Jersey

Updated 6 months ago

Dental Xray License: - 3 Replies

PLEASE HELP ME!! I just now joined this site and am in need of some serious assistance. I'm in the dental assisting/admnistrative prospective area...

Jillyjill916 in Southfield, Michigan

Dental Assisting Doubts

Does anyone in this field feel like they have had enough and no longer want to be a dental assistant?? Don't get me wrong. My job physically is...

Anonymous in Union City, California

Updated 6 months ago

Is there a demand for RDAEF's? - 30 Replies

I am a DA, working on eventually getting my RDA as soon as I can. I would like to then become an RDAEF. I was wondering though if there is a need for...

Roger R. in Downey, California

Updated 6 months ago

Dental Assistant wanting to open my own dental office - 19 Replies

I have been a dental assistant for 10 years. I am thinking about opening my own practice. I sit at work and constantly think of how I would run...

CJ in Cincinnati, Ohio

Updated 7 months ago

10 week programs vs. 10 month program - 52 Replies

Hi all! I am looking at different schools in my area for Dental Assisting. There is one school with a 10 month program which looks good but is...

Rebekah Horn in Wentzville, Missouri

CDA anywhere?

If Im a CDA in Missouri. Can I assist and take radiographs anywhere in the U.S? Preferably Flordia but anywhere really. Please Help?

DA in San Jose, California


Hi there, I just graduated from a Dental Assisting program and I had an interview yesterday and I was offered 12 dollars an hour. I live in the Bay...

13jenwalker in Frankfort, Indiana

Updated 7 months ago

? about working interview - 182 Replies

I have a working interview next week and the dr. wants me to come in as much as possible mon-thurs. I am so nervous because they know I just...

jemsinjk in Nashville, Tennessee

Pay starting out as a new RDA?!

I live in TN and all the offices I've interviewed at pay $11-$13 starting out which seems pretty low to me...I recently took a position at a...

tiffyarneson in Hemet, California

where can I find an office that is willing to offer an intern/externship?

I went to a small and short dental assisting program in 2012. The program did not offer an externship. So fast forward to 2016, I have yet to find a...

Cheryl in Bristol, Connecticut

Updated 8 months ago

Refresher Course - 2 Replies

Hi, I took a CDA course 3 years ago, did well, worked with a dental surgeon part time for a while continuing with the job I was doing before that. I...

OC Dental Academy in Klamath Falls, Oregon

Updated 8 months ago

How to find an internship?? - 12 Replies

I am considering starting a 11 week dental assistant program and you have to find yourself an internship. I am a little worried because I don't know...

o2bknd in Santa Barbara, California

Updated 9 months ago

Just out of school where should I apply? - 1 Reply

Hi $ I went to a 10 week dental assisting program. I am wondering if I should apply at major corporations because they have on the job training, or...

Joseph Vanderhoff Jr in San Bernardino, California

Updated 9 months ago

Intern/Extern at the office? - 12 Replies

Many times these girls are working for little pay or no pay. I always try and teach / help/ encourage them as much as I can to prepare them for...

Keda in Hinesville, Georgia

Updated 9 months ago

Becoming a Dental Assistant in Georgia - 207 Replies

I've been a stay at home mom for the last 12 years and now that my children are in school its time to find a career for me. I've been looking into...

BozOlivia in Dallas, Texas

Updated 10 months ago

Did you feel prepared when you first started working? - 1 Reply

I'm currently in the last term of my dental assisting program and I still feel really unprepared to start working. I'm currently interning at two...

Liz in San Diego, California

Updated 10 months ago

Salary for DA and RDA - 235 Replies

Hi there! I'm just curious to see what you all get paid as DA's and RDA's? I am just about to graduate my DA program and am a little unsure about...

Fedup322 in Ossining, New York

Updated 11 months ago

How Crazy is the Dentist you work for? - 10 Replies

How insane is the dentist you work with ? Let me hear some storys? And why do you like your job ?

Dental Assistant in Slidell, Louisiana

Should your office provide x-Ray badges?

Hello, I have been an assistant for 7 years and recently found out I am 5 weeks pregnant. I was not overly concerned about my exsposure to X-rays but...

Heather in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Overtime for dental asst

I am a dental assistant that is being trained on the job and I'm currently still in training I currently worked the last pay period over 110 hours ....

Lesnbsu in Troy, Ohio

Pay for dental assistant

Hello dental world I need some help I have just moved from Fort Worth Texas to Dayton Ohio Bc of my husband job I have been a dental Asst for 10 yrs...

Js in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 14 months ago

have licenses NO EXPERIENCE - 3 Replies

I graduated dental school june of 2010 from the efda program i hold xray and efda license and still have not found a job i'm so frustrated i feel...

Dr. Alizadeh in London, United Kingdom

Updated 14 months ago


hi all... i am new to this forum.. i am a dentist from india. just passed my B.D.S. degree.. i want to know that can i practice as a Dental...

Whispers84 in Tampa, Florida

Updated 15 months ago

Anyone know of weekend certification courses for Expanded Function and x-ray? - 4 Replies

Hi there, I recently moved to FL. from NYC. Apparently the certification is completely different here and I have not been able to find a job. I...

Daniel in Montréal, Quebec

10 years as a Dental Assistant. Looking for a new carrer, what are my options?

HI there, my partner has been working as a Dental Assistant for about 10 years and recently quit due to unhealthy work environment. My partner is...

Mark 4144 in Florida

Do dental offices not check to see if RDA's are carrying active licenses?

My relative, with a cancelled dental assistant license, can go in a dental office, get a working interview, get hired, then suddenly 3 weeks later,...

William in Monterey Park, California

Updated 16 months ago

How to practice being a Dental Assistant with foreign education and experience?????? - 1 Reply

My wife came to the United States about two years ago. Green card, social security card all is good to go. Here's some info about her: -She...

Rose in Portland, Oregon

Updated 16 months ago

dental xray license - 125 Replies

I got my xray licence 20 years ago and I need to get a copy of it but I have no idea who to contact. Does anyone know?

Still trying in Fenton, Missouri

Updated 16 months ago

thinking of joining temp agency for da jobs - 1 Reply

hi all- i ahve been a da for 10 plus year---seen it all- done it all--worked for a great dds for 7 years then he retired and sold his practice- he...

Q in Bend, Oregon

Updated 16 months ago


Hi! I used to be a Dentist graduated in the year 1995 in my country in the Philippines. I have been living now in Beaverton, Oregon for the past 5...

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