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Dorothy Branam

moving to south Carolina

I have a Tx RDA certification and I want to move to south Carolina. How do I change my certification?


Updated 11 days ago

Is dental assisting a good career - 171 Replies

I can understand it very well. I am a Dentist and I have my masters degree in dentistry (MDS) with my specialization in Prosthodontics. I am looking...


Updated 12 days ago

What is a pay range for an oral surgery RDA? - 1 Reply

I don't know about the starting salary. When I was in the Dental Assisting Program, our program director used to work as an assistant in oral...


Updated 15 days ago


Thank you for posting especially with all your experience it carries weight:)


Updated 21 days ago

salaries - 4 Replies

Yeahhh, definitely not monthly. The average dental assistant salary is around $35,000 a year and only the top 10% of DAs earn $42,000 or more. It...


Updated 21 days ago

Unappreciated Assistants? - 183 Replies

Worst career ever!!! Been working as a DA for 5 yrs all DDS are all the same they don't appreciate nothing...


Updated 1 month ago

RDA vs CDA? - 125 Replies

[QUOTE who="Rachel in Dayton, Ohio"]Could someone please explain to me what the difference is between a Registered Dental Assistant & a Certified...


VCC, CDI, or MTI ?

Hi guys, I want to prepare to become a CDA, but I'm soooo confused as to which college I should attend for the Certified Dental Assistant...


Need to choose between Durham and George Brown College Ontario Canada for Dental Assisting Program

I have applied to both Durham College and George Brown College here in Ontario, Canada and am having a hard time choosing which college to go to. I...


Updated 2 months ago

What has your experience been like as an Orthodontic Assistant? - 1 Reply

Also is there a payscale I can use to estimate what I can earn (taking into account that I will also have passed to be an RDA and the other licenses...


Updated 2 months ago


[QUOTE who="DocKym in Norfolk, Virginia"]I am a black dentist and I feel the same way too. I was working in a locum tenens position at a white office...


Updated 2 months ago

Are you able to be an RDA through 10 weeks program ? - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="Kenny in Cerritos, California"]I know that by finish a 1 year program at a community college will grand you the right to sit in for the...


Updated 2 months ago

10 week programs vs. 10 month program - 54 Replies

I am not sure about Maine but In NH you can take the RHS and IC test any time and then you have to work 2 years before you can take the DANB test to...


Updated 2 months ago

starting back into dental assisting - 14 Replies

[QUOTE who="drgnfly in Napa, California"]Six years is a fairly long time, to get behind in the dental field. I do not think you ever have to redo the...


Updated 3 months ago

How To Get My Foot In The Door - 79 Replies

[QUOTE who="DI in Pulaski, Tennessee"]To: Tasha Smithson, I was in your situation still kinda. Went to a 6 month night class during h/s. 18 @ the...


Updated 3 months ago

Little tips and tricks to be the best - 88 Replies

If you are looking for help for bitewings, these are so excellent ones by a dental assistant FERNANDO DE LA PENA ...

Dental Assistant Training Site

Updated 3 months ago

Becoming a Dental Assistant in Georgia - 203 Replies

[QUOTE who="Teresa Wright in Oxford, Alabama"]Can anyone tell me if I can take a test to become certified as a dental assistant . I've worked as a...

Dental Assistant Training Site

Updated 3 months ago

does it really matter where you went to school for RDA? - 34 Replies

[QUOTE who="diana in San Francisco, California"]Hi! i read your comment above and i was wondering what school in Modesto, ca did you attend? im...

Dental Assistant Training Site

Updated 3 months ago

Is there any national or international standardization exists for dental assistants? - 1 Reply

Hi Kate, Every state has different requirements. While there is a nationally recognized certification through the Dental Assisting National...

Jennifer Hinds

Updated 3 months ago

Which would be a better career choice dental assistant or medical assistant? Please give a detailed answer - 2 Replies

The health insurance is the same.


Updated 3 months ago


[QUOTE who="sherry in Katy, Texas"]could you please tell me what you mean with NDB and RDA.I have been in the same situation and i want to know Could...


Updated 3 months ago

Show me the money... - 665 Replies

[QUOTE who="Kayce in Fort Worth, Texas"]Have you tried going through a temp agency and getting some experience that way? You can also volunteer some...


Updated 3 months ago

Any tips on taking digital x-rays?! - 6 Replies

Does the job get better gemsmile? Depends on the office and personal there. As far as the "bisecting angle technique". When you are...

In need of a dental career

Updated 3 months ago

Can a felon become a dental assistant? - 63 Replies

Well I live in tampa Florida I received a trafficking charge in 2011 of oxycodones 2-14 grams. I really want a career can someone comment on Florida...


Updated 3 months ago

Everest college or no? - 355 Replies

[QUOTE who="mickie in Temecula, California"]i wish i came on here a long time ago! EVEREST COLLEGE SUCKS!!!!! i wish everyone could get together and...


Updated 3 months ago

What school did you go to? What is the best school in states WA, AZ, CO? - 13 Replies

You can find a list of all CODA accredited schools here: I agree, don't...

Dental Assistant Training Site

Updated 3 months ago

If I'm an RDA in California and moving to Oklahoma can I perform to do sealants and prophy's as I am trained? - 1 Reply

You don't necessarily need to have passed the CDA exam to work an expanded duty dental assistant, but you will need a permit in each of the areas you...


Updated 3 months ago

what is it like being a dental assistant? - 1 Reply

Does your school have a nursing program? Being an RN pays better than a dental assistant, although if working in a hospital will have a different...


Updated 3 months ago

Anyone know of weekend certification courses for Expanded Function and x-ray? - 1 Reply

You can find all Florida state approved courses for expanded functions and radiography here -

Amanda Smith

Updated 3 months ago

Dental or Medical Assistant? - 10 Replies

Ok so I worked in a dental office for 4 months. When I first started I was straight out of school. However I was very confident because I'm really...


Updated 4 months ago

Dental Assistant...A Good Career Change? - 189 Replies

[QUOTE who="JAY in Mumbai, India"]hello i just wanted to know that if we study DA in ontario, clear the license exam and wish to work in Alberta then...


Updated 4 months ago

Do i have to be a certified Dental Assistant to get a job? - 2 Replies

No, in my experience, most offices don't require any schooling or certification when hiring assistants. It actually kind of sucks, considering most...

Dental Assistant Training Site

Updated 4 months ago

EFDA - 444 Replies

I'm not sure if Pennfoster is an accredited school, but CODA accredited programs are always best, as that is a prerequisite to get your CDA...


Updated 5 months ago

? about working interview - 214 Replies

[QUOTE who="BM1 in San Diego, California"]The pay requirement in CA for WI is the min. wage.[/QUOTE] Usually they pay at the hiring market rate or...

Alex Kt

Updated 5 months ago

Are the shorter dental assistant training schools worth it? - 384 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jeffrey S. in Exton, Pennsylvania"]Hi Lexxa, It sounds like you are doing your research. Do not worry that the school is not CODA or...


Updated 5 months ago

Assisting in Tampa FL - 52 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jasmine in Tampa, Florida"]Well I'm about to attend Erwin Tech and after reading these comments im pretty unsure about entering the d.a....


Updated 5 months ago

Rhino XP slow speed motor and the assistina - 1 Reply

Why would you sterilize the motors? Usually, you would only sterilize the attachments. Anyways, to answer your question --- yes, you need to...


Facebook Group for Dental/Hygiene Assts! :)

Hello! :) I'm a recent graduate from a 13-week Dental Asst Program and was browsing FB for a group to join and I couldn't find any! So I went...


Updated 6 months ago

Pay in Portland, Oregon - 51 Replies

Concorde Student here. I DO recommend this school. They're no longer accredited but u can take the EFDA & RHS exams right the way. They also offer a...


Updated 6 months ago

What is it like being a dental assistant - 214 Replies

[QUOTE who="jaclie in Monroe, Michigan"]I have read some other discussions and it seems like many dental assistants hate their jobs. I am considering...


Updated 6 months ago

RDA test, is easy or not? - 555 Replies

Hi, my name is Susan, I want to take the RDA test, do you have any RDA exam and any suggestions? Can you send to my address: ...


Updated 6 months ago

Transitioning from Dental Assisting to Dental Assitant Instructor - 1 Reply

hi Asia just read your email and im a dental Assistant Student would love to get some training from you how much would you charge not rich but...


Updated 6 months ago

Intern/Extern at the office? - 12 Replies

I am currently going on week 3 of my externship at a private dental practice in Redlands and I love it! What you have to understand is that EVERY...


Updated 6 months ago

Dental Assistants- Post your salary here Thread (Please be honest) - 6 Replies

I started dental assisting in 1999 (age 22), never went to assisting school, just trained on the job, starting salary $7/hour. Got Xray and N20...


Updated 7 months ago

Shoul a pregnant DA be taking x-rays - 108 Replies

OMG WHy are you holding the films. I have patients where the film needs to be held maybe once or twice a year. Guess who holds it, the dentist! So...


Updated 7 months ago

How in the world do i get a job/ foot in the door!!! - 3 Replies

Dental Assisting is such an odd career, in that most places want you to have your certificates before they hire you and yet, you can't get your...

GG in Aurora, Colorado

Updated 8 months ago

Need help! Can't decide between two job offers as Dental Assistant. - 4 Replies

Hi everyone, After applying for several weeks and going to several interviews I finally got some job offers but I can't decide which one to pick....

Lora in San Diego, California

Updated 8 months ago

Colorado dental assistant moving to California help! - 1 Reply

Hi my name is Alexis thanks for Looking! I'm currently a dental assistant/efda here in aurora Colorado I have been a da for about 10years right out...

Megan in Rochester, New York

Updated 8 months ago

Having no experience - 182 Replies

I'm interested in becoming a dental assistant. I have no experience in the field. Is it possible for dental facilities to hire you without dental...

m.h. in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Bringing in resume

I had a dental appointment this week (at a new dentists office due to just moving here) I mentioned that I just finished dental school and when the...

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