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I reinforce the idea that dental assisting is a horrible job. I applied it earlier just so I can intern and earn some pocket money. On the interview...


Dental Assistant-hate it!

Easier said than done pulling a Dentist aside to talk to them -if you are being treated wrong. I had been a Dental Assistant for 15 years. I pulled...


Updated 1 day ago

not being paid hourly - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="karen in Buffalo, New York"]unfortunatly this is the handbook but i was not told of this at the interview--who would say this during the...


Fired from office in Trumbull CT, same day an "Intern Started"

I was hired to work in an office in CT, for 3 days a week, on my 3rd week, I came in to find a new face. At the end of the day, I was let go for...


Updated 3 days ago

Unappreciated Assistants? - 192 Replies

[QUOTE who="Dr G in San Diego, California"]Hope all is well. I am so sorry that you all feel this way. I do know what you all mean. I don't know...


Updated 3 days ago

? about working interview - 183 Replies

[QUOTE who="sylvia hargrove in Columbus, Ohio"]Don't give up, if dental assisting is really what you want to do. I was working for the same dentist...


Updated 10 days ago


I find that I'm having the same problem too. I have a brown skin tone with big curly hair. I get interviews, but I don't get the job. I just saw an...


Short dental assistant training programs in AL? Dental assistants in AL?

Does anyone have any experience with any of the shorter programs offered in AL? I've found one that is 10 weeks but won't be offered again until...


Updated 17 days ago

What is it like being a dental assistant - 212 Replies

[QUOTE who="booey in Tulsa, Oklahoma"]Thanks you!!!! I'm going to school in January to become a dental assistant, and all this is bothering...

Arthur Penn

For the purposes of the dental field (assisting/hygienist/dentist) which SINGLE course would be best?

Cardiovascular Perfusion Chiropractic Medicine Medical Imaging/Radiography Medical Technology and Medical Biotechnology Physical Therapy...

ATS Flower Mound

Updated 26 days ago

How important is a lot of schooling for RDA? - 1 Reply

The online RDA course administered by the TSBDE is only on infection control, jurisprudence and radiology. There is nothing in the course about the...


Updated 26 days ago

On the job training for dental assisting in GA - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="wendy in Powder Springs, Georgia"]This will be hard go to school first so you can get X-ray lic you really need to know what your...


Updated 1 month ago

EFDA - 442 Replies

Does anyone know how much they pay in New York City?


Updated 1 month ago

Is dental assisting a good career - 150 Replies

[QUOTE who="gloria86 in Woodland Hills, California"]dr philip farzad was one..[/QUOTE] You should not be in this profession, it is not right for...


dental assistan

Hello Everyone I am a new graduate from dental assistant school since October of 2014 I thought by NOW! I would of found a position but that is not...


Dental assistant in training, Moving from Texas to Colorado

I am in dental assistant school here in Texas and have yet to take my rda I've been considering doing it before school ends but the thing is as soon...

Phillius Thomas

Updated 2 months ago

What is your CRAZIEST dental office story? - 10 Replies

Carolyn's story was super gross! I enjoy a good story, this one made me gag so hard. I am sorry for dentists that have to deal with this stuff. <a...


Updated 2 months ago

dental procedures standing up? - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="vqsmb in Bay Shore, New York"]Thanks for you advise,but the dentist just fired me because I complain about the working conditions and my...


Tips for Finding A Good Dental Assisting Position

Always be looking even if you already have a job. No job is perfect. Make a list for what your ideal Dental Assisting position would be and while you...


Updated 2 months ago

Help Questions About Trying To Work As A Dental Assistant In California - 1 Reply

If I were you, I would start all over and take an ROP Dental Assisting course that's relatively cheap. What that will do, is get you networking with...

ATS Flower Mound

Updated 2 months ago

Are the shorter dental assistant training schools worth it? - 391 Replies

[QUOTE who="lyvie81 in Dallas, Texas"]Could you please tell me what school you attended for $1800? Everything that I have found has been well over...


Updated 2 months ago

Shoul a pregnant DA be taking x-rays - 105 Replies

Yeah offices under 15 employees seem to get by with MURDER.


Updated 2 months ago

Having no experience - 180 Replies

[QUOTE who="Carrie in Minneapolis, Minnesota"]Have you had any schooling for Dental Assisting. I didn't have time to go to college but I did have...


Updated 2 months ago

EFDA Salaries - 6 Replies

Kim, Try Upper Merion Dental They use EFDAs and have many other offices too! Good Luck!


Updated 2 months ago

Love or Hate? - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="Dental Assistant in Lilburn, Georgia"]Hi, i graduated from EVEREST (not so good school) about two years ago, didn't have the best...


Updated 2 months ago

RDA test, is easy or not? - 547 Replies

Hi, My wife is study for the written test and she purchased some online tests. Do you guys have an idea how many questions she needs to get it right...


Updated 3 months ago

downside of dental assisting?? does your hands, back ever get injured? - 106 Replies

And also have only 1 receptionist when she is out, I have to do front office too, we work 9 hours a day we do not get a break or a set lunch time...


Updated 3 months ago

Contemplating Starting a Denal Assisting Career, HELP! - 161 Replies

[QUOTE who="Joanna in Mcminnville, Oregon"]I am one of the unfortunate ones that recently graduated from Apollo Dental Assisting program. I am now...


Thinking about going to be a dental assistant, advice please??

Hi, I'm thinking about going back to school to be a dental assistant. I'm in MD. I do not personally know anyone in this field so i'm trying to...


Updated 3 months ago

Working for a horrible, mean dentist - 3 Replies

boy oh boy can i relate to this, leaving dental end of January 2015. Long story to come in next post!!


Updated 3 months ago


Hi, I'm citizen of Latvia (European Union), I have degree of Dental Technician which is issued in Latvia, I did study for almost 3 years. I was...


Updated 3 months ago

Dental Assistants- Post your salary here Thread (Please be honest) - 9 Replies

Position: Dental Assistant Salary: $15.10_______ State: _CO________ Years worked_2___

Travis Rodriguez

Updated 4 months ago

Dental temp agencies in Los Angeles? - 6 Replies

Try It's the easiest and fasted way to find a local dental job by interacting directly with the dental office instead of a...


Updated 4 months ago

Little tips and tricks to be the best - 94 Replies

Dear Mr. Fernando, Thanks for your kind words. It means a lot to me. It was a very hard thing for me to do going for an DA interview after so many...


Updated 6 months ago

"Can't find a entry level job as a DA I." - 20 Replies

[QUOTE who="jimkonga in Blacksburg, Virginia"]hidden in your[/QUOTE] cool.....


Updated 6 months ago

10 week programs vs. 10 month program - 56 Replies

[QUOTE who="bcoopy in Blackwood, New Jersey"]I just went to check out a dental school and it was $14,000!!!! That's insane! Should I go online? I...

Veteran DA

Are you considering becoming a dental assistant and WHY?

Why does someone decide to become a dental assistant? OR if you're a dental assistant already, what had you enter the field?

Veteran DA

Who is struggling finding a dental assisting job?

Hi there! I'm curious, who is struggling to find a dental assisting job and why? What are some of the bumps you're coming up against? What are...


Updated 7 months ago

Oral Surgery Assistant - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="melanie6613 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania"]My question is simply whether or not you can get hired as a new grad for oral surgery? I...


Updated 8 months ago

Becoming a Dental Assistant in Georgia - 205 Replies

hey? I really want to become a dental asst...I 'm only 20.. I haven't finish high school because I become a mother at a young age I now have 2 kids....


Updated 8 months ago

Anyone know of weekend certification courses for Expanded Function and x-ray? - 2 Replies

Hi there, I recently moved to FL. from NYC. Apparently the certification is completely different here and I have not been able to find a job. I...

Elli in Fairfax, Virginia

Updated 8 months ago

am i really going to hate denal assisting? - 14 Replies

hi, im 19 years and i was just accepted into a very good and accredited dental assisting program, indiana university-purdue university-fort wayne,...

ladyTL30 in Oakland, California

penn foster dental assistant California

I was just wondering if any californians out there have taken/graduated/ from penn fosters dental assistant course? Ive been doing research on my...

exp in Massachusetts

Updated 9 months ago

dental office hiring process - 1 Reply

How long does it usually take from interview to job offer to get a job in a dental office as a dental assistant? And do they always require a working...

Safiya Charles in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 9 months ago

South Florida Dental Assisting School - 8 Replies

Has anyone been to this program? Just wanting to find someone who can back up what they sounds too good to be true to find a 12 week program...

Chandra_chambers in Seattle, Washington

Salary in Vegas

I currently live in Washington and I am thinking about moving to Las Vegas NV but I am curious what RDA's get paid there. I am Washington trained,...

Annetta Echols in Stone Mountain, Georgia

Updated 9 months ago

Dental Software - 31 Replies

Hi, Currently my office is using Dentrix software. I love this dental program because it is easy to navigate since it is Windows-based. I am...

Inscoe18 in Durham, North Carolina

Updated 9 months ago

Are there any other Dental Assistant opportunities? - 1 Reply

I'm wondering if there are any "hands off" or "non patient" career paths for dental assistant? I was trying to see if DA's could work for health...

Lina in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

Updated 9 months ago

VCC, CDI, or MTI ? - 1 Reply

Hi guys, I want to prepare to become a CDA, but I'm soooo confused as to which college I should attend for the Certified Dental Assistant...

dtipp in Florida

Updated 10 months ago

Dental Assistant wanting to open my own dental office - 14 Replies

I have been a dental assistant for 10 years. I am thinking about opening my own practice. I sit at work and constantly think of how I would run...

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