Did I get hired at the Dental Office?

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sdm2010 in San Antonio, Texas

45 months ago

Okay, I'm a bit confused. I'm new to seeking professional jobs. I took a 15 week dental course and I decided that I should start applying to places.

I went to one place, a pediatric office, and I handed my resume. I was told to wait becuase the doctor was busy, but they soon just gave me their card and told me they would give me a call when the doctor sees my resume...yeah sure, they all say that, so I moved on.

Around 3pm I get a call to come in the next day for an interview with the dentist that owns the practice.

I went and they were busy so unharmed to wait 45 extra minutes. Well I finally got to interview with him. It went really well, and he liked my attitude and appearance. So after that I filled out an application, was Suppost to fill it earlier, and he told me he could fit me part time and that he would call ment week...that was LAST Saturday, and today is Thursday.

I'm getting very anxious becuase if I'm not mistaking, I think I got hired...but them calling me is making me wonder. Did I get hired?

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Nicole Leigh in Lake Forest Park, Washington

45 months ago

Umm call them??

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