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DA in California in California

68 months ago

I've been working as a dental asst. for over a year now and need some advice on whether to just give notice or hang in there until I find another office??

The dentist is great, I've learned so much. There can be a little attitude here and there, but nothing I can't brush off or take personal. HOWEVER, the Office manager (who is in charge of us) can be so difficult, that I finally broke down in the bathroom today. She was not like this with me when I first started, instead the other DA was the "target" I felt so bad for her, she went through the same thing. The funny thing was, she was great.

The office manager has reprimanded me INFRONT of patients and other staff members, grabbed pens out of my hands, talked behind my back to the other DA's, yelled at me for not doing things HER way, even though the outcome was the same, the list goes on.. Every time I hear my name called by her, I think, "what did I do now" It got to the point where the other DA tells me to stay in the back and she will handle the front. She sees the harassment, and doesn't want me to quit. I come home with headaches, and wake up dreading the day ahead..

I really love what I do, and want to continue,(I've registered for the RDA exam and can't wait!) Most would say "Just Quit" but it's not that easy. I have a house, bills, kids and need the income. If they find out I'm applying elswhere, they will fire me, (They've done that to previous DA's). Did I mention it's family owned?? so no going to the Dr. about this. and the pay is low.. Curious if anyone knows what the average pay is for DA's in So. CA?

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Sammy in Phoenix, Arizona

68 months ago poor thing. I am totally running back to corporate. Too bad I spent all that money and effort.

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