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Diploma in Dental Hygiene 2 Degree

I currently hold a diploma in dental hygiene and I would like to get a bachelors degree. Here are my options, please shed light on it: 1) Should I...


Updated 8 hours ago

NERB Local Anesthesia Exam - 871 Replies

[QUOTE who="tee off in Lawrence, Massachusetts"]where can i purchase andyRDHs study guide? thanks[/QUOTE] It should be on your phone app store


Is this a good career choice?

I am graduating high school this year. I am wondering if this is a good career choice. Like will it be fairly easy to find a job when I get my degree...


Updated 11 hours ago

Florida dental hygiene: Computer simulated exam - 366 Replies

[QUOTE who="saria in Toronto, Ontario"]can u please suggest me some online courses for the clinical exam?[/QUOTE] Hi every one , I was wondering...


Updated 19 hours ago


All this talk about former UNM instructors teaching at PIMA. Well think about that statement for a minute and realize the operate word is FORMER! ...

Molly rdh

Updated 2 days ago

Getting out of the dental hygiene profession - 544 Replies

[QUOTE! who="nojobs in Mississauga, Ontario"]You forgot the million dollars they make when they sell the practice. You help create goodwill by...

Dr.Meneses Ecuador

Updated 4 days ago

foreign trained dentists - 1056 Replies

Hey, Im trying to get my DEntal hygiene license in Fl I am a dentist from ecuador ,I woul like to know if a get my license done in fL WHICH will...


Updated 4 days ago

appropriate time for fmx and perio. cleaning - 32 Replies

No handscaling for a prophy! That is nuts! Not too long ago, I was doing a prophy and the doc came in for exam. He saw that I was using hand...


Updated 8 days ago

Dental School - 179 Replies

[QUOTE who="Katie in Waterbury, Connecticut"]well, i've been a dental hygienist for 18 years and i've recently gone back to school to complete my...


Does the radiology certification for Certified Dental Assisting transfer to a Registered Dental Hygiene degree?

I am currently a Certified Dental Assistant for Florida. I was accepted into the Dental Hygiene program in Florida as well. I would like to know if...


Updated 22 days ago

Concorde Career College - 509 Replies

For all the RDH attending in San Antonio I do have a couple of questions in regards to your experience/program at the San Antonio location. If you...


Anyone know how to get jobs in DH OVERSEAS?

Can anyone tell me how to go about getting an overseas job as a dental hygienist?


Updated 23 days ago

Tips on passing the clinical exam - 41 Replies

Hello ladies! I am currently practicing in the state of North Carolina as a dental hygienist. I took CRDTS in 2012. I am moving to FL next year and...


Updated 24 days ago

Mexico - 18 Replies

[QUOTE who="NoreKwok in Flushing, New York"]Anyone have any info???[/QUOTE] some info here:,-Mexico,De...


Updated 1 month ago

Should I get an Associate's or a Bachelor's for Dental Hygiene? - 217 Replies

I see that u have a lot of experience in this field. I just want to ask is pre hygiene degree is the same as associate degree from community college...


Updated 1 month ago

Does anyone actually like being a Dental Hygienist? - 105 Replies

Having been a Dental Hygienist for 18 years I would highly not recommend this 'job' to anyone because it is not a profession by definition. The...


Updated 1 month ago

Being a dental hygienist in the Army? - 19 Replies

hi everyone, anyone know who I could contact about being a dental hygienist in the army? I am not a U.S. Citizen but have my green card and was...


Updated 1 month ago

i want to move to florida how do i? - 182 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jane in Detroit, Michigan"]Dani-- I am from Michigan and just received my liscense last year from fl. Go online to the state of fl...



Hi, I am looking for a study partner for Nbdhe,I am planning to take the boards within two months.


Updated 2 months ago

I'm dental hygienists a good job or it worth it or not? - 1055 Replies

Sounds like the 90,000 a year you see all over the place for a DH is not true


Updated 2 months ago

U.S. National Board exam vs. Canadian National Board Exam. Same or diff? - 161 Replies

I know that the american and canadian boards are comepletely differernt. I wrote the Canadian one in May and passed. I want to write the American one...

can't wait to be home

Updated 2 months ago

Becoming a dental hygienist with a dentist in the family - 1 Reply

This was apparently posted twice. My apologies. Is there anyway to delete this thread?

can't wait to be home

Becoming a dental hygienist with a dentist in the family

Hi everyone, I'm about to graduate with my BA soon and I'm considering going into dental hygiene. My "dream" job is to become an elementary school...


Working outside clinical setting

Hi guys I was wondering if someone can help me find a little more information about working outside a clinical setting as a dental hygienist. I have...


Updated 2 months ago

Clinical exam in Gainsville. August 2,2015 - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="Danish in Houston, Texas"]hi im looking forward to take the dental hygiene exam too in florida. Im also a foreign grad could u shed some...


Updated 2 months ago

Dental Hygiene Boards/ Patient - 108 Replies

[QUOTE who="marib0610 in Bell, California"]Hello,are you still looking for a patient?[/QUOTE] Thank u .i passed the exam and got my license .


Updated 2 months ago

Dental Hygienist Info. - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Alaysia:) in Glendale, Arizona"]Hey to anyone that is a dental hygienist I'd just like to know if it's really worth it. Going to school...

Updated 2 months ago

colleges for DH in toronto? - 3274 Replies

Hi. I m looking for DH school in Toronto . I have been working as a dental hygienists in my home country for 18 years. I have heard GBC is the...


Updated 2 months ago

Anyone applying to California DH schools for 2016?? - 6 Replies

Hi RDAJenny, I work four days a week in one office. I worked for my former employer for 34 years and have new employers now. Yes, I do feel stuck. ...


Updated 3 months ago

Debridement (D4355) SRP (D4342 & D4341) and Prophy (D1110) Questions - 20 Replies

[QUOTE who="jennm30 in Annapolis, Maryland"]Hi guys- Thanks for all the feedback. Since I wrote my first post, we have worked on our approach to...


Updated 3 months ago

What is expected of you in a one hour recall prophy appointment? - 1 Reply

Maybe for those who say they can , but really don' out of school. For FM probing and photo's ... I would say a little longer...but doesn't...


Updated 3 months ago

Does it matter which school you attend? - 2 Replies

Stay away from for profit schools. You are here in CA, apply at Loma Linda CC. You get to work on real people with a licensed dds showing you how...


Updated 3 months ago

Scaling and arrestin for 4mm pockets? - 169 Replies

I've been reading the experiences of the people who are being treated aggressively for 4mm pockets. Maybe you should ask your hygienist or dentist...


Updated 3 months ago

RDH vs RN dilemma - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="Dawn Marie in Staten Island, New York"]I have been a RDH for 22years, I am currently employed making $43.00 hour with no benefits, nor...


Updated 3 months ago

How much does the average Dental Assistant make? - 70 Replies

[QUOTE who="Joan in Rockville, Maryland"]I have been working as a Dental assistant for 17 years, Both General and Ortho.What is the going rate in...

jimmy pandu

Updated 3 months ago

Dental Hygienist in Dubai - 226 Replies

[QUOTE who="reeshma deepu in Dubai, United Arab Emirates"]I had applied in DHA for the post of dental hygienist and my interview is in the end of...


Updated 3 months ago

Concorde dental hygienist - 3 Replies

Years ago I went to a school for motorcycle technology and dealership management....supposedly from HONDA MOTOR CO. 10 grand to go to the school,...


Student... still learning. Questions on when to SRP

Ok I'm still in school and still learning. Please don't be too harsh on me... But for a patient that presents with only 3-4mm of probings but may...


Transferring a Missouri license to Illinois

I am currently employed in Missouri and have been working for 7 years as an RDH. I am looking into a job just across the river in Illinois and I...


Updated 3 months ago

disability insurance, keep it or dump it? - 7 Replies

Hi also purchase a plicy from GWL in 1995 and would be interested to know what you found out Alex.

depressed rdh

depressed hygienist

I was wondering if someone could describe their feelings the night before they go work, in the morning, or even during the day in the RDH profession....

depressed rdh

Updated 3 months ago

Depressed Dental Hygienist - 16 Replies

[QUOTE who="ToothMonster in Brampton, Ontario"]After 2 years in the profession. I'm starting to feel very depressed on my situation as a Hygienist....


Updated 3 months ago

Proffesionalism in Dental Hygiene Schools - 26 Replies

Are there any other hygienists that have been failed out of school deliberately and have found and been accepted to other schools? What chance do...


Updated 3 months ago

Relocating dental hygienist - 20 Replies

[QUOTE who="Daniel.warner in Springfield, Missouri"]Just want to update. I took CRDTS and got a 98! So now I have CRDTS and SRTA. Im just waiting for...

trying to get visa

Updated 3 months ago

Canadian Trained Hygienist Working in USA- differences in practice b/t USA and Canada - 1 Reply

Hi, I was wondering how you got a work visa as a dental hygienist to work in USA? Are you a dual citizen? Thanks








Cleaning Aerosols for disinfection control

Our office implemented a new disinfection regimen using a disinfecting aerosol after every patient to clean and disinfect the room. At our office...


Updated 4 months ago

Scaling and root planing recommended without probing. - 1 Reply

When you have alot of buildup below the gumline and above you cant probe...Calculus is hard as concrete and until you remove it you cant put a probe...


Is any one happy about being a DH in ontario?

I want to go back to college and I am considering to go for DH but I am worried for it's market because I heard it is flooded!? I don't have any...

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