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Updated 3 days ago

NERB Local Anesthesia Exam - 1070 Replies

Hi Suzy, not sure if you got my message last week, I would really appreciate a copy of the study guide as well!!! Thanks in advance for your help!! ...


Updated 4 days ago

HELP What are the best schools in Southern California? - 71 Replies

[QUOTE who="Linzey in Claremont, California"]I am a junior at SJVC. I am a junior at SJVC. This program is pretty good. It’s expensive but...

still retired

Updated 6 days ago

Debridement (D4355) SRP (D4342 & D4341) and Prophy (D1110) Questions - 22 Replies

[QUOTE who="YOYOflosser in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin"]CDT-January 1,2017 New code D4346-Scaling in the presence of generalized moderate or severe...

Dental hygienist

Updated 8 days ago

I'm dental hygienists a good job or it worth it or not? - 1057 Replies

[QUOTE who="Thomas Hewitt in Brooklyn, New York"]so how does this work? i thought you just did your 2yrs and then you become a dental hygienist . now...

Sanaa Bhatti 95

Updated 12 days ago


I have just started working, and I am confused as to what we can or cannot write off. I'm also in Toronto as well.

Thinking of switching careers..

Updated 13 days ago

colleges for DH in toronto? - 3241 Replies

Hi there, I'm looking to go to school in ontario, and currently I'm looking at mostly private colleges. Can anyone tell me the best public school to...

Hygienst 16

Updated 15 days ago

Hygiene pay in different parts of the country - 301 Replies

[QUOTE who="Suzanne in Terre Haute, Indiana"]I am registering for nursing at our community college in IN. Here, you have to apply and be accepted...


RDH to orthodontic assistant

I have my bachelors in DH, have been in private practice for 1.5 years and it just doesn't seem to be the place for me. Ortho is what sparked my...


Updated 20 days ago

Getting out of the dental hygiene profession - 553 Replies

First off, as women we need to UNIONIZE. No, there isn't a way to be "successful in this day and age" when employers are in complete and ultimate...


Updated 20 days ago

foreign trained dentists - 1077 Replies

[QUOTE who="Boris in Florida"]I just got my licence and looking for a job.[/QUOTE] Hi I'm sorry to bother you. Can you tell me what do I have to...

John E

Updated 22 days ago

Need support/advice about Dental Hygiene profession......... - 33 Replies

[QUOTE who="AshleyRDA in Wellman, Iowa"]Unfortunately, dental hygiene is saturated! There was a shortage of them a while ago, and so they decided...


What procedures are dental hygienists legally allowed to do?

Where can dental hygienists practice in public schools in Texas, and what exactly are they allowed to practice? Apparently when training to...


Updated 23 days ago

dental hygiene pre reqs - 1 Reply

It's a pt , hard to find "job" in a decent dental office with basically hourly pay , no benefits other than maybe a free CPR course. Really not...


Hygienist commission.

I have been a hygienist for 8 years now, I work for a hygienist who owns a dental practice, when I first got hired I was told she pays her hygienist...


Vacation/Time off issues at my office- curious about your experience

Hey y'all- I have a new issue...seems my office is full of them! I don't want to go into too much detail, but the time off policies here are...

still retired

Updated 1 month ago

Where will I make the most as a hygienist? - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="still retired in Hawaii"]To be honest, a periodontist will likely hire a very experienced hygienist. Get your feet wet in a general...


Updated 1 month ago

Anyone applying to California DH schools for 2016?? - 7 Replies

Anyone thinking about applying to Dental Hygiene school please reconsider.Not at all what I expected from being in the dental field for about 10...


Updated 1 month ago

Practicing Hygiene without a LICENSE?!?!!! - 168 Replies

[QUOTE who="swtooth in Long Beach, California"]Im planning on taking the law and ethics exam in the next 2 weeks..ive been just studying whats in the...


Updated 1 month ago

Can dental Hygienist open their own practice? - 69 Replies

Does anyone know of any details regarding opening up your own DH practice in California? Would you need at least a bachelors?


Updated 1 month ago

California RDH schools survey - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="NorCal in Rohnert Park, California"]I went to the SRJC and it was grueling. It's an AS program, 2 years full time , cost me 25,000$ with...


Taller/Muscular/Male chances for employment as RDH

I am 6''0ft 205lbs male that is interested in DH. Before I start the path, I am concerned that maybe my size and gender may have an impact on...



Any recommendations for the best study materials for the Florida CSCE ??


Updated 1 month ago

Dental Hygiene Boards/ Patient - 135 Replies

Hey Nicole, yes, I've just completed that course last month. I should definitely send it into WREB just in case my pt wants LA on the day of. Do you...


Updated 1 month ago

4mm and 5mm pockets... very scared and unsure of realistic outcome - 9 Replies

3 weeks ago, during my regular cleaning, I was told my rear right tooth had a deep pocket of 7mm. The last time it was checked about a year earlier,...

still retired

Updated 1 month ago

Difficulty of Dental Hygiene programs - 12 Replies

[QUOTE who="certifiedguygienist in Pekin, Illinois"]Wow. You're as dumb as you sound. I'm surprised you made it to graduate school with that...

still retired

Updated 1 month ago

30 minute recall patients... Is it even possible? - 31 Replies

[QUOTE who="exp in Massachusetts"]No...unless they and you are on time , updated medical and other at desk and recall appointment done by front desk...


Updated 1 month ago

Science - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="trevbeck07@*****.*** in Mankato, Minnesota"]Once you get into the program, are the classes very science based or more focused on the...


Updated 1 month ago

Tips on passing the clinical exam - 84 Replies

Email me on


Updated 1 month ago

Should I get an Associate's or a Bachelor's for Dental Hygiene? - 220 Replies

[QUOTE who="Holly in Greenville, North Carolina"]I want to go to school for Dental Hygiene, the only thing I am unsure of now is how to go about...

RDA Grad

Updated 1 month ago

How much does the average Dental Assistant make? - 79 Replies

I will be starting in VA and I am hoping for 15+ an hour fulltime with benefits. our average salary is anywhere from 30,000-51,000 for a dental...


Schools in Houston for Dental Hygienist

Do any of you know of any schools for DH in Houston? Preferably the Clear Lake area? So far all I have seen is dental assisting.


Updated 2 months ago

How to be more prepared for the law and ethics exam! - 4 Replies

Usually they have a booklet of information at the Dental Board of each state to learn , review, memorize*. CA, is one of the state's ( along with...


Updated 2 months ago

Concorde Career College - 515 Replies

I am currently on a deployment. I am a member of the US Army. I am interested in attending Concorde's dental hygiene program next year. I was told...


Updated 2 months ago

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy . Job - 7 Replies

I am currently a hygienist in Maryland. I have heard a little bit about myofunctional therapy, but do not know what the actual schooling is for it or...


International Experience in Australia

I'm looking to make the move to Australia using my credentials as a dental hygienist for visa approvals. Anyone have experience in doing this? I've...

jessi in Winfield, British Columbia

Updated 2 months ago

DH program at Canadian National Institute of Health in Ottawa, ON worth while??? - 107 Replies

Hi - I am considering applying to CNIH in Ottawa, Ontario for fall 2009 start date. I am making a career change from the arts to the medical...

Ajimenez in Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Scaling and root planing and prophy too? - 15 Replies

So the doctor tells me to do a prophy on the patient and have them come back 3 weeks later so I can do the scaling and root planing. See I don't...

Amy in New Mexico

Updated 2 months ago

Does anyone actually like being a Dental Hygienist? - 119 Replies

Hi, I have really been considering becoming a RDH, it sounds like something I would be really interested in and the pay isn't bad, and the schooling...

k46nguye in Guelph, Ontario

Interested in Dental Hygiene in Ontario

Hi, I recently just graduated from University. However, my program was very broad so I am considering going back to school but doing dental hygiene....

Brooke in Big Lake, Minnesota

Dental Assistant then continue to hygienist?

Hi I'm currently working towards my AAS in dental hygiene, however recently I was thinking about just doing assistant for now. I live 55 minutes from...

VFK in Tempe, Arizona

Updated 3 months ago

Local Anesthesia Course in AZ - 3 Replies

Hey,I recently move to Phoenix from a state that did not allow hygienists to deliver local anesthesia. I am having a difficult time finding a hygiene...

litawinn454 in Los Angeles, California

Updated 3 months ago

Should I go into Dental Hygiene in Southern California? - 9 Replies

I have been reading a lot of the posts on this forum about Dental Hygiene careers and see that you all have been having trouble finding jobs all...

OC hygienist in Westminster, California

California dental hygiene local anesthesia for board patients

Hi everyone, I am a registered dental hygienist in California. For those of you who are moving to California and taking your WREB exam and need to...

exp in Massachusetts

Updated 3 months ago

Should I persue a career in Dental Hygiene? - 1 Reply

I am currently taking prerequisites at the local community college to try and get into the Dental Hygiene program, I've always loved going to be...

exp in Massachusetts

Updated 4 months ago

Dental hygiene acceptance - 2 Replies

Hello. I'm currently taking my prereqs to become a dental hygienist. I know it's a competitive field. I just wanted some input from some of the...

exp in Massachusetts

Updated 4 months ago

Dentalhygine to become dentist - 1 Reply

Hey guys, I am 24 and work full time bartending, and just recently got accepted into the dental hygiene program in my area, and I intend on...

Shan in El Dorado Hills, California

Updated 4 months ago

Western Career College vs. Sacramento City College - 127 Replies

I am new to the board and have been reading the posts for the past few days. VERY HELPFUL thank you everyone! I am learning so much about the dental...

Melb in Maryland Heights, Missouri

Updated 4 months ago

Is it worth it to become a dental hygienist? - 8 Replies

I have a BS in biology and am currently attending my first semester for a master's (as a non-matriculated student) in biomedical sciences. My...

Anonymous in Kingman, Arizona

Pto time request

The company I currently work for is considered a corporation, although a fairly new one. They are asking I give three months notice for requesting...

Mbssmilecoach@*****.*** in Chicago, Illinois

LA study guide

Suzie, could you please send me the study guide that you so graciously have put together for us fellow hygienists? I would truly appreciate it!...

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