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Updated 2 days ago

NERB Local Anesthesia Exam - 1003 Replies

[QUOTE who="chocotacovegan in Madison Heights, Michigan"]Hi Suzy, ahoy there in Millwaukee!! Could I bother you please to ask you for a copy of...


Updated 6 days ago

Does anyone actually like being a Dental Hygienist? - 115 Replies

How is that? I did read the forums awhile back and thought of the field again. But you are right though that I do know a little about the industry...


Updated 7 days ago

Hustle Dental Offices - 2 Replies

This is the reality and unethical...but it is true in SO MANY OFFICES...also, I find the lack of decent instruments in wonder HOW they can...

still retired

Updated 8 days ago

How long to wait after prophy to SRP?! - 2 Replies

Yep, insurance companies should be held accountable for the wait time and the health of the patient. Most perio is considered MAJOR, so your patients...


Updated 8 days ago


The majority has some negative comments in regards to Pima and the DH field. The most current review is 7 months ago. Can someone direct me to a site...


Updated 12 days ago

Florida dental hygiene: Computer simulated exam - 385 Replies

[QUOTE who="healthysmiles in Tampa, Florida"]HI, I am taking ADEX both parts exams and Laws rules soon. Can anyone guide me how to study for laws...


Updated 16 days ago

17 Year Old Planning to be a Dental Hygienist - 12 Replies

[QUOTE who="IwillBEme4U in Tulsa, Oklahoma"]Thank you for your comment. I really have no back up plan as this is the only thing I really want to do....


Updated 16 days ago

Can dental Hygienist open their own practice? - 67 Replies

I know what a great RDH practice would cover for local dentists in Ct.. I get the connection between what I do and restoration, surgical and perio.....


Updated 16 days ago

foreign trained dentists - 1062 Replies

[QUOTE who="JCPINES in Hollywood, Florida"]Hello there quick question, a friend of mine she's a FOREIGN dentist and she's also an orthodontist with...


Updated 17 days ago

Dental Hygiene Boards/ Patient - 120 Replies

Pick the quad that has the most then pick three teeth in other areas that have heavy sub. Wisdom teeth can be used but most be fully erupted (no...


Updated 20 days ago

Should I or should I not? - 96 Replies

I'm a full time student right now taking my prerequisites as well. I just want to complete a two-year program that will allow me to move out my...


Updated 20 days ago

A Canadian writing the American DH Boards - 5 Replies

I am going through the same process, writing my board exam in December. If you have been practicing for over 5 years you are able to apply by...


Updated 23 days ago

Nerb local anesthesia exam - 16 Replies

Hi Suzy! Taking my test at the end of the month and heard your review is amazing! Looking forward to hearing from you and doing my part in...


Updated 25 days ago

Should I go to NYU Dental Hygiene school? - 1 Reply

No, The DH field is oversaturated , not worth the cost for a job that for many is nonexistent and ot backstabbing to get. I would recommend DA or...


NYU vs USC vs West LA Dental Hygiene

Hello, Which one is better..NYU and USC $150K+, West LA $25K. NYU and USC better reputation, more jobs? West college...


Updated 1 month ago


[QUOTE who="lpski9 in Downers Grove, Illinois"]What do you mean training as a DA?[/QUOTE] DA, Dental Assistant...they tend to have regular , set...


Updated 1 month ago

How much does the average Dental Assistant make? - 78 Replies

[QUOTE who="carolina in Arlington, Texas"]i live in austin, texas, i started of externing at $6.00! YES! $6.00! But ive heard some start externing at...


Updated 1 month ago

Getting out of the dental hygiene profession - 552 Replies

I am SO confused, because I see people who are successful have been with the office 20+ years and many negative comments about DH on here saying DONT...

still retired

Updated 1 month ago

Concorde Career College - 512 Replies

[QUOTE who="Smiles in San Antonio, Texas"]All I can say to you is that the market is flooded in San Antonio. Why on earth would you want to go to...


Updated 1 month ago

Moving to Canada.. Canadian Board Exam Study Guide? - 23 Replies

I thought I lost this thread, sorry for the late reply. I will email you more info.


Updated 1 month ago

Dental Hygiene instead of Dental School? (wanted a fresh perspective) - 1 Reply

Go for DA training...less cost, more likely to find set regular employment/days with benefits...DH field is oversaturated, costs a lot and the...


Updated 1 month ago

Southern California Unemployed Dental Hygienist - 23 Replies

[QUOTE who="Dentalist in Newark, New Jersey"]I'm from California and was debating on going back to undergrad to dental hygiene school or stay in the...


Updated 1 month ago

Tips on passing the clinical exam - 57 Replies

And, my email is Your email isn't showing all the way. Could you email me yours?


Please advise me

I wanted to take up Biology then Dental school but I'm thinking what if I don't get accepted at the Dental school right away? What kind of job am I...



Would a patient who has not had a cleaning in 3 year but has brushes twice a day and uses baking soda and mouth rinse but flossing once a week be...


Updated 1 month ago

California RDH schools survey - 3 Replies

Thanks for your response! This is my first year applying and I've applied to SRJC as well. I have not heard back from them yet. The other schools...


Updated 1 month ago

What Is The Wage Per Hour In Lethbridge Alberta??? - 1391 Replies

[QUOTE who="shelly in Calgary, Alberta"]Yes, the price of scaling is not going down in Alberta. Therefore the wages of Hygienists are not going down...

dental hyg23

i want study dental hygienist in orlando, florida!!

Hello!! Some can tell me if is to hard study dental hygienist in orlando? Im living in ny now and i want to move to florida!! Tell me about the...

dental hyg23

Updated 1 month ago

Hygiene Degree - 637 Replies

Hi i wanto to move to orlando, florida and i wanto to study dental hygienist, now im dental assistant! But i want to know if is the program is to...


Updated 1 month ago

Should I get an Associate's or a Bachelor's for Dental Hygiene? - 217 Replies

[QUOTE who="k-rdh in Cedar Rapids, Iowa"]I have been a dental hygienist only four years now and im suffering from trapezius myalgia and numbness in...


Updated 1 month ago

Dental hygiene - 1 Reply

It's on this site....just scroll through the here


Dental hygiene school being an international student

Hi! I'm right now 35 years old guy from Venezuela and I want a real change on my life,I'm planning to study DH in the US, Canada or Australia, do you...

Feeling Defeated & Heartbroken.

Updated 2 months ago

African American Hygienists - 27 Replies

If you're NOT BLACK then you probably won't see it. Most offices online vacancies ASK you to SUBMIT a PHOTO with your application. Dental...

still retired in Hawaii

Updated 2 months ago

Negative Enviroment - 1 Reply

I've temped in a lot of dental offices, waiting for the right fit. I've seen so often people I work with, whether it's dentists, other hygienists,...

sandy in London, United Kingdom

Updated 2 months ago

canadian hygienist wants to move to uk - 2 Replies

i am a registered hygienist in canada and desperately want to work in the uk. are there any jobs? (the job market in ontario is saturated, at lease...

Nicole in Santa Ana, California

Updated 2 months ago

What's the best private college for DH in Toronto?!?! - 1 Reply

Please help me to find the right school, I'm really interested in DH and I private schools because they have shorter semesters and smaller classes....

exp in Massachusetts

Updated 3 months ago


Why did you choose this career? Did you always know you wanted to do this type of work for a career? What education and special training did you...

pezamber in Middletown, Indiana

Updated 3 months ago

Difficulty of Dental Hygiene programs - 9 Replies

Are dental hygiene programs really that difficult? I've heard several times how intensive they are. Does that mean they are intensive in the sense...

Hilda in Dallas, Texas

Updated 3 months ago

Need a list of DH schools in Dallas- please help! - 24 Replies

Hi, I'm finishing up my pre-req's for the DH program in Fall '09. All my classes apply to Washington state, however I may consider Dallas, TX. I know...

Anna in Long Beach, California

Updated 3 months ago

HELP What are the best schools in Southern California? - 70 Replies

I applied to the DH programs in South Western, Cypress, Cerritos, West Los Angeles, Riverside and Pasendena community Colleges. IF you went to any of...

dentalhygienist in Salt Lake City, Utah

Dental hygienist time off

How much time is appropriate to take off per year? We don't get any paid time off, but the doctor hasn't set an amount of unpaid time off we can take...

Thickskinned in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 3 months ago

I'm dental hygienists a good job or it worth it or not? - 1061 Replies

I have read this form and some people are complaining about being a dental hygienist ,I go to Hostos,Bronx community for dental hygiene and it is not...

Anon in Franklin, Massachusetts

Working at Gentle Dental as an RDH?

What are your views in working at a Gentle Dental as a hygienist? I'm thinking of transitioning after working at various private practices after 3...

Sam in Surrey, British Columbia

Updated 3 months ago

Temp Agencies in BC? - 15 Replies

Hello Again, Would anyone be able to rhyme off some great temp agencies to work for? I know its slow right now, but I figured might as well give...

I had a plan... in Greenville, South Carolina

Updated 3 months ago

Greenville Tech - 1 Reply

Greenville Tech has this posted in their advertisement for the Dental Hygiene Program: Greenville-Mauldin-Easley, SC Total Employment:...

Sadie Nguyen in Dallas, Texas

Prospective student plan to major in dental hygiene

Hi! To begin with, I will be a freshman in college who plan to major in Dental Hygiene at TWU. However, their DH program is very competitive to...

exp in Massachusetts

Updated 4 months ago

Dental Hygiene student and pregnant - 1 Reply

Hi, I was wondering if any of you have been in my situation. I began a dental hygiene school and got pregnant in December. it has been a big surprise...

exp in Massachusetts

Updated 4 months ago

Scaling and arrestin for 4mm pockets? - 167 Replies

I recently went for my regular 6mo cleaning. I am new to the area I am a new patient to this practice. They were running a "special" for new...

Broken RDH in Greenville, South Carolina

MY STORY/Career as a dental hygienist continued

Please seek a career where growth is possible, where you will have pay increases, benefits, and a profession that doesn't have a physical life...

Broken RDH in Greenville, South Carolina

MY STORY/Career as a dental hygienist continued

will have to buy Obama care, or buy a private policy with a high deductible, catastrophic coverage only. From the beginning of my Dental Hygiene...

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