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Updated 4 days ago

NERB Local Anesthesia Exam - 652 Replies

Hi Suzy- Can you please send me the NERB study guide if you get the opportunity? I plan on taking the exam within the next few weeks. Thanks again...


Updated 6 days ago

Getting out of the dental hygiene profession - 502 Replies

"You want and should be independent from the dentist." While I respect anyone that would want the headache and abuse that it would be to be an...

sharon avila

Updated 6 days ago

My profession is leaving me behind... - 229 Replies

Hi Melody, I have been unsuccessful in contacting you. Is there a chance you can try to reach me? I know Deb at Dr Chalks and asked her to pass my...


Updated 8 days ago

Should I get an Associate's or a Bachelor's for Dental Hygiene? - 217 Replies

[QUOTE who="Dawn E in Columbus, Ohio"]I think you should get your bachelor degree. As a dental hygienist with a bachelor degree there are more areas...


Updated 13 days ago

RDH license in NJ - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="exp in Massachusetts"]Hyatt, Have you contacted the Board in NJ as too RDH license in that state? They would be your best source as to...

Dental & Hygiene Prof. Ronda

Updated 18 days ago

Florida dental hygiene: Computer simulated exam - 297 Replies

American Board of Dental &Hygiene Licensure Prep Courses can identify weak subject areas through an online test, then can Skype tutor those...


Other job options for hygienists

As we all know, it is quite difficult to get work as a hygienist. What are some side jobs/careers other fellow hygienists are doing? Please share....


Need Liscening Help!!! Going from Vancouver Canada to Calirfornia

I have been going through this forum and have been looking at other people's posts. I've been getting confused about what exams I would need to...


Updated 22 days ago

Dental Hygiene Boards/ Patient - 101 Replies

[QUOTE who="anamdh in Sterling, Virginia"]I also came to US from Toronto, and was very scared about the clinical. I am now interviewing for jobs. ITS...


Updated 23 days ago

Process of Care Exam, WREB - dental hygiene - 72 Replies

[QUOTE who="Caro in Phoenix, Arizona"]How goes the process??? I'm a Canadian hygienist, now Permanent Resident in Phoenix and preparing for all the...


Updated 24 days ago

Dental Hygiene no jobs - 19 Replies

[QUOTE who="futuredentalhygienist in Mississauga, Ontario"]MUST you have a CLEAN criminal record, in order to become a dental hygienist and be able...

exp in Massachusetts

Updated 26 days ago

Dental Hygienist (career change) - 25 Replies

Looking to change careers and do better for my kids and myself and was looking to attend Dental Hygienist school in the San Antonio, TX area. I am a...

Ashley Mc in Sacramento, California

From California to Oregon (or anywhere else). Good or bad idea?? HELP!

Hello! I am currently a new grad hygienist in California and am seriously considering moving to Oregon. The job pool here right now is completely...

Ashley Mc in Sacramento, California

Updated 27 days ago

Professional and disability insurance for Hygienists - 3 Replies

Hi, I am trying to find a good company to purchase liability and disability insurance as a RDH in Arizona. Any recommendations?? Thanks!

adusonu in Redding, California

Updated 1 month ago

Why do you want to be dental hygiene? - 83 Replies

I still don't know why I want to be a dental hygiene. Yes. flexible hour. I worked in the dentist for 2 yrs, and I love it. Pay is gOod. But that's...

exp in Massachusetts

Updated 1 month ago

Getting into DH program with dismissed misdemeanor - 2 Replies

I am moving to PA and plan on going to school for dental hygiene. I was charged but never convicted with a misdemeanor. All charges were dropped in...

Edward Rose in Atlanta, United States minor outlying islands

Updated 1 month ago

dental hygienist jobs in new zealand - 98 Replies

I would like to know how easy it is to work in new Zealand as a dental Hygienist

Terri in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated 1 month ago

Nerb local anesthesia exam - 1 Reply

Hi Suzy~ can you send me the study guide everyone is talking about? I would really appreciate it. My email is

lraine in Syracuse, New York

Updated 1 month ago

foreign trained dentists - 991 Replies

i'd like to persue a career in dental hygiene, i have dental degree from oversease, just wonder if there are any follow international dentists out...

sandra in Austin, Texas

Updated 1 month ago

Master's Degree for an RDH - 11 Replies

Can anybody suggest a good master's program for a dental hygienist? I have my BS, and it has gotten me nowhere. I want to pursue whichever will...

still retired in Hawaii

Updated 1 month ago

If there are no jobs... - 9 Replies

...then why does dental hygienist keep showing up on practically every single "jobs in demand" list I find online? My own dentist pretty much...

exp in Massachusetts

Updated 1 month ago

Scaling and arrestin for 4mm pockets? - 169 Replies

I recently went for my regular 6mo cleaning. I am new to the area I am a new patient to this practice. They were running a "special" for new...

exp in Massachusetts

Updated 1 month ago

Dental Hygiene Program at the University of Alberta, Yes or No? Please help me out! - 1 Reply

Hi everyone, I am applying for the University of Alberta's Diploma in Dental Hygiene program this year. I like the profession and think it will...

rdh_too in Bedford, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

How did you become a dental hygienist? - 2 Replies

I need help with my project. I need to interview a dental hygienist.? I've recently started taking courses at my local community college and my...

Maitry in Tampa, Florida

Updated 2 months ago

Tips on passing the clinical exam - 54 Replies

I am looking for any advice out there on the clinical board examinations. I am set to take the CRDTS examination, and would like some friendly...

tklerdh in Houston, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

dental hygenist - 1007 Replies

hey guys, can anyone tell me what colleges can i apply to for dh, i live in brooklyn,ny

ToothMonster in Brampton, Ontario

Updated 2 months ago

future job outlook for Dental Hygienists in Canada - 512 Replies

I realize the problem with private schools in Ontario with overflowing numbers of new graduates. Will that effect the job market in BC or Alberta a...

dentalnut in British Columbia

Getting back to DH after four years away

I am re-registering to be a DH after four years away from the field. Does anyone have tips (aside from self study, of course!) to get my skills up to...

FlossBoss in Oceanside, California

Updated 2 months ago

Dental Hygiene School - 179 Replies

Hello, I just got rejected from the Pierce College dental hygiene program in Lakewood, WA. I've heard it's one of the more difficult schools to...

Nat in Miami, Florida

Dental Hygienist

Hello! How really want youre advise! I was a Dental Hygienist for 16 years . We relocate since 2005, than I left my carrier to move with my...

still retired in Hawaii

Updated 2 months ago

Community College Dental Hygiene Degree vs. UoP or USC? - 16 Replies

I already have a bachelors degree in a different field and have completed almost all of the prerequisites for dental hygiene school. I am planning on...

Interested In DH in Vernon, British Columbia

Updated 2 months ago

U.S. National Board exam vs. Canadian National Board Exam. Same or diff? - 160 Replies

Hey, I am a Canadian citizen that is taking Dental Hygiene in Michigan. I have dual so i decided to write both the board exams for the US and Canada...

Hoping for Good News in Vernon, British Columbia

Updated 2 months ago

Local anesthetic courses- BC canada - 32 Replies

Hi everyone Has anyone taken the local anesthethic course at camosun college in victoria, or at UBC? I heard some bad things about the program in...

alyson tovey in Pleasant Grove, Utah

Updated 2 months ago

Dental Hygiene - 13 Replies

Hi, I'm an RDH in California and am nervous about the job prospect for RDH's in Spokane WA. I am currently in the process of getting my limited...

alyson tovey in Pleasant Grove, Utah

Updated 2 months ago

WREB Anesthesia Exam - 76 Replies

I am getting ready to take the WREB anesthesia exam (written and clinical) in a couple of weeks. Any tips on what to study for the written exam? ...

Dental & Hygiene Prof. Ronda in Orlando, Florida

Updated 3 months ago

Going to Dental Hygiene School as a international dentist - 8 Replies

Hi, I have a bachelors degree in dental surgery(B.D.S)from my home country India. Now, i want to come and study dental hygiene at a community...

still retired in Hawaii

Updated 3 months ago

Dental Hygiene Portfolio - 3 Replies

I know this shouldn't matter but I'm just curious how many pages did you submit for your portfolio? Did you receive a call for clarifications? Any...

exp in Massachusetts

Updated 3 months ago

Relocating dental hygienist - 16 Replies

I am currently a dental hygienist who practices in Missouri and is trying to transfer to Washington state. I noticed that they have a License by...

DarrylTheAssistant in California

Updated 3 months ago

Concorde Career College - 502 Replies

Hello has anyone heard of Concorde Career College Dental Hygiene Program. It is a new program here in Memphis and I don't know what quality of...

exp in Massachusetts

Updated 3 months ago

Dental Hygiene Hourly Wage - 22 Replies

Can anyone tell me how much you get paid hourly working as a dental hygienist. I make $36 dollars an hour and I just graduated from school. Should I...

Daniel.warner in Springfield, Missouri

Washington state drug and law exam

I will be taking the exam soon and was wanting to know any study tips other than the web site with all the compiled laws. I've read from some blogs...

Chelsey Yang in Honolulu, Hawaii

Updated 3 months ago

Anyone Taking Expanded duties Anesthesia course in Sacramento this May? - 32 Replies

I am enrolled. Is anyone else going?

Abraham in Chino Hills, California

Updated 3 months ago

Getting your dental hygiene license in California is HARD!!!!! - 68 Replies

I am a hygienist from out of state who has been struggling now for one year to get licensed in the state of California...why did I waste a year..well...

Rdhnyc in New York, New York

Updated 3 months ago

New Jersey Jurisprudence Test Study INFO?? - 1 Reply

Can anyone help me find a website or a book where I can study for the Jurisprudence test of Dental Hygiene. I am supposed to take it, in order to get...

Ej in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 3 months ago

How much does the average Dental Assistant make? - 73 Replies

I have been assisting for about 4 years. I am not a RDA. I have my CPR license, X Ray license, and am experienced in ortho. I am able to perform...

telephonicwaltz in Logan, Utah

Updated 3 months ago

Is it possible for an American Dental Hygienist to get employed in England? - 2 Replies

Hello! I've been very seriously looking into a Dental Hygiene program (haven't started yet), but will finish in a couple years with an Associate's...

BlkRDH in Stafford, Virginia

Updated 4 months ago

African American Hygienists - 24 Replies

Hey Im looking into the dental hygiene career but wanna know how is the field for blk people like myself. Like is it hard to get jobs? Are you looked...

Munnawar in Hialeah, Florida


Hi everyone I'm a foreign trained dentist I'm taking my NBDHE this summer,if any of you taking it soon or planning to take please reply me.Am i...

still retired in Hawaii

Updated 4 months ago

RDH in Houston, TX ONLY! Please comment. - 18 Replies

I've read a lot of posts from RDH all over the country. I notice a lot of people complaining in CA and Michigan, etc - and no offense but your in...

hygiene 123 in Parlin, New Jersey

license in illinois

Hi i am currently licensed in nj and ny and thinking of moving to chicago i can't reach anyone to clarify the laws for licensing can anyone help me...

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