Job Outlook for DH in Minnesota

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Helen in Minneapolis, Minnesota

46 months ago

So, after reading many comments here about the downfall of DH. I am scared. I'm applying for a 4 years DH program at University of Minnesota. I thought that DH would bring me a stable career, easy to find job after graduate. But based on what I read so far, it doesn't seem like it at all. It's very discouraging. I am almost done with all my prerequisite courses for the program. What should I do now? I need some advice.

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exp in Massachusetts

46 months ago

Sounds like you've made your decision and are thinking of what major you can transfer your pre-req's too...have you spoken with counselors at the school you are thinking of attending? Also, you may want to cross ref. what other programs on your own at that school(s) see what they can transfer into without starting from scratch. Nursing, Dental Assisting, med. tech., Radiologist....? I understand your frustation and even though I've been an RDH for several years, it upsets those in the field as to the the unprofessional stance of schools promoting their programs still. As for online articles, school pages , articles, Govt/BLS.....they don't know or care about you or those struggling to find consistent work in the field from 1-40 yrs. of experience....they think about "$$$$" and their jobs. If there are other programs that would point you in a direction of benefits, like Nursing, I know everyone doesn't want to go into that field, but you are more likely to receive something for all you time and effort. GL on a new direction and "career", which DH does not afford the majority now. Vet

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LIRDH in Waconia, Minnesota

44 months ago

Hi Helen,

I am an RDH, I work FT in Minnetonka and I love the field of dental hygiene - I should warn you though that in MSP area and metro, the field is VERY oversaturated with hygienists. Our office has 2 hygienists and we get numerous resumes every week, all unsolicited. Being in dental hygiene is the best choice I made for myself, however I graduated from hygiene school in 2008 and didn't find even PART time work until Nov 2010. I just recently got FT hours at my job - my student loans are astronomical for a job that is nearly impossible to find FT work immediately after graduation. If hygiene is for sure what you want to do, then the U of M is an excellent school to go to, just be 100% sure it's what you want to do, many of my classmates went back to school because of the lack of jobs after graduation. Hope this helps and good luck :-)

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