Top dental office receptionist skills needed to get the job.

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KMK in Blackwood, New Jersey

23 months ago

Sheri in Salem, Virginia said: I work as an account manager in a cosmetic dental office . In 2008 we produced and collected over 2 million dollars. Our collections for 2008 were at 97%. So when I say that we really don't have any major collection problems, believe me we don't. I am just curious to find out if anyone has done anything differant with collecting money. Whether it be at time of service or with old dead beat patients. I am always looking for ways to improve.

this is frustrating to me because at our office, we collect over 98% and my boss (or his wife) claim that I'm not doing my job. Grrrrrr.

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Holly in Provo, Utah

19 months ago

My sister works for a dentist in Calgary as a receptionist and she loves it! She went to school to become a dental assistant but ended up working at the front desk. She's told me that the things she learned in school have helped her understand more things around the office but she mostly schedules appointments and keeps track of records. Hope this helped!

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tha1andonly in Shreveport, Louisiana

12 months ago

Brittney C. in Chattanooga, Tennessee said: lol teeth dont have names, they are just numbered from 1-32

Teeth do have names

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Jenna in Waterford, Michigan

5 months ago

I don't suggest the front desk to go over prices & treatment plans. That's the dentists job! Plus there are people waiting in the waiting room.. No need to discuss private matters in front of everyone!

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