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WILL in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

97 months ago

If your a "dental hygenist" and you want to be a "dentist" is it like starting over completly (school wise)? or is it less to do? is any of the classes the same between the two professions? or would there be a slight advantage starting as a dental Hygenist and than becomeing a dentist? is it less classes to take? and is biology the only major you can study in order to become a dentist?

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J in Costa Mesa, California

95 months ago

I've heard that the first 3 semesters of dental school are pretty much hygiene school. however, you can not waive these classes you still have to take them over, but you will have a leg up on other students who haven't been in RDH school.

Also, i was a health science major in college. Many of my fellow students were pre-dental but chose health science as a major so they wouldn't have to extra bio classses they didn't need for dentistry to fulfill major coursework. However, I think that by taking those science classes your showing dental schools that you are capable and dedicated more so than health science classes. Just my 2 cents, but I'm not sure what dental schools look for.

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cara in San Diego, California

89 months ago

I've looked into dental school myself, and their admissions websites definitely say any other health profession's classes WILL NOT give you advanced standing in dental school and you'll have to start from the beginning. I believe that's the same no matter what health profession you choose. However, the prerequisite science classes you took (bio, chemistry) would probably count towards dental school prereqs for admission, if they were taken no more than 5 years ago. If those classes were taken more than 5 years ago, you'll have to take them again (at a community college I'd guess)

Your best bet is to take the DAT test before you make any decisions. That will tell you if you have a chance at dental school. You'll need at least a 17 score to meet the bare minimums. Also if your grades were less than stellar (like under a 3.0 GPA), I'd forget dental school to be honest.

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Ken in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

87 months ago

Even though someone is a hygenist or assistant you'll still need to take all the classes a particular dental school offers. In actuality, being a dental assistant helps you more than being a hygenist when it comes to making it thru dental school. Assistants know more when it comes to instruments, how to assist, and almost all procedures. I've worked with some hygenist who have tried to assist me with procedures and most don't have a clue as to the different types of instruments needs for each procedure.

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