should I change IT job?

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benny_blanco in Aurora, Colorado

35 months ago

Should I change jobs?
here are the details:

current job: IT consultant on yearly contract which keeps getting renegotiated for less each year, I get paid 51K a year, 0 deductible benefits which include 35K in autism treatment benefits as mandated by local state law. No room for growth, technically stagnant, have been bypassed several times and client is a jerk, only pay and benefits are the good thing. My immediate supervisor (works for same consulting firm) I guess also had it and his last day is next friday.

new job: 53k year, 0 deductible benefits but insurance is out of state thus will not cover my child's 35k a year autism/speech home treatments as out of state insurance co's are not required to cover state specific coverages. There may not be a lot of room for growth either but definitely more for cross training. Profit Sharing plan and other goodies such as being a PERMANENT employee, I just cannot see my son without receiving his daily 3 hour speech and ABA therapy

I forgot to mention that the new company have been so considerate to the point of including in the offer letter a 3 month COBRA reimbursement for my current health plan until theirs kicks in... any advice welcome...

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