Tips for desktop technician interviews.

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Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming desktop technician interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

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Emma (Host) in Stamford, Connecticut

127 months ago

Diyar said: I'd like to be a desktop technician ,I completed my education in Iraq-Erbil Technology institute for please help me.
best regards

Although you may have some luck in that a recruiter might see your post, I would suggest applying for a position directly. Next time you do a search on Indeed click on the job listing you are interested in. This will direct you to the website the job is originally posted on and there you will find instructions on how to apply.

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kinsly in Gaborone, Botswana

112 months ago

during preparation focus more on trouble shooting and installation.remember your DOS

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Johnny Carr in San Diego, California

58 months ago

I've recently been on the hiring side of DT support interviews so I'll shed some light. Be able to join a Workgroup, change a computer name, install a local/network printer, terminate an Ethernet cable, set a static IP address, Subnet, and Gateway and multiple DNS entries. Be able to explain "over the phone" how to adjust monitor resolution or fix internet connection. Scenarios: how would you deal with an upset customer who thinks they are right? A time you couldn't fix a problem on the spot? How would you complete a task you haven't done before?

Make sure you can do these tasks in both Windows XP and 7. Also know how to do them in recent versions of OS X. With OS X, make sure to know how to boot from a disc, how to copy, paste, move files & folders via familiar with basic Linux commands.

- Emphasize customer service in every scenario, question, or demonstration.
- Look your interviewer in the eye when they are asking you the next question.
- Ask what the day-to-day job is like.
- Ask what kind of training will be available to you.
- Ask about time off, benefits, upward movement, company culture. Ask about your interviewers hobbies (technical or not). Engage with them and get the interview in your court.
- If you are asked about a situation you have never personally dealt with, say that and then say what you think you would do, or give a similar example.
- If you are asked a technical question on an OS you aren't familiar with but know how to do it on another OS, explain that instead and try to tie it all together.

Feel free to ask any questions

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