Career interview questions

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ann in Los Angeles, California

121 months ago

PLEASE PLEASE help me with these questions. I'm suppose to have a professional in the field answer these for my career counseling class. I go to Cypress college.

type of occupation:___________________
Level of education__________________
phone number(I'll just make up a number if you dont feel comfortable
sharing this)
company organization:________________

1. Explain how you found your current job
2. what made you decide to enter into this career
3 what kind of special training does one need to have in order to have
a job like yours.
4. what advice would you give to someone who is thinking of entering
your profession.
5. what do you see as the job outlook for your profession
6 what do you like most about your job
7 what would you change about your job if you could
8 what aspects of your occupation most appeal to you
9are the skills of the jobs performed with people,data, or things
10 what are the physical and psychological demands
11 what kind of lifestyle does your occupation allow you
12 what has been the biggest hurdle you've faced on the job, and how
did you overcome it
13 what opportunities does your job offer for advancement
14 what motivates you to do your best
15 why do some people leave your occupation

PLEASE help :(

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