Radiologic Technologist – A Bright Future

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Dr Banner in Providence, Rhode Island

54 months ago

I've read so many negative comments about the job outlook for the field of radiography that I had to start a thread and add my two cents.

- First of all, you have to understand that many folks who post on forums such as this one are frustrated. Most people who are happy do not post about how much they love their job. Keep this in mind when you read these threads

- The job market is bad right now because the economy is bad. This is in no way limited to healthcare – it is affecting all industries. Regardless of what field you are in, you will need to hustle and persevere in order to find a job.

- If you received training from a vocational school and are having trouble finding work, have you considered a two year associate's or four year science degree? Your credits might transfer. If you live in a small town or city is relocation feasible? There tend to be more opportunities in bigger cities, and your chances of finding a job increase significantly if you are able and willing to move. Just a couple of things to consider that can positively affect your search at a time when it is admittedly very challenging to find work.

- The baby boom generation comprises one of the largest generational demographics ever. They are aging and will need health care, and that includes imaging diagnostic work.

- If you know for a fact that you want to be a radiologic technologist (or a circus clown or whatever), you should move forward with it. If you really want to to do it, you will make it work. And if you really do want to be a circus clown – you had better be okay with travel anyway! ;)

- NO ONE knows exactly how things will play out with this economy – not even the seasoned economists who do this for a living.

- Don't let ANYONE dissuade you from pursuing a career as a radiologic technologist. And hell, if you pursue it and it doesn't work out (for whatever reason), I hear the circus is hiring! Good luck and hang in there!

- Dr. B

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