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Brian in Breckenridge, Texas

Updated 80 months ago

6.0L diesel F250 - Fuel Pressure Regulator leaking - 1 Reply

I noticed a fuel smell coming inside the cab during stops but not while cruising. When I got home I noticed the fuel pressure regulator was leaking...

pig tail in Myrtle, Mississippi

Updated 80 months ago

dashboard is not working - 1 Reply

my dashboard on my 99 international dt466 is not working

Wayne in Akron, Ohio

1987 S1900 International DT466C No Start

Both tanks are new and full of fuel. new fuel filter and was running fine then it died about 300 miles from home on the owner and I went down to...

ukremovals in Cumbria, United Kingdom

Updated 81 months ago

Iveco daily 35c14 - 1 Reply

Hi,Im a rear axle for an iveco daily 35c14 xlwb. mine is a chassis cab version, not a van.Also it's a 2005. thanks mike.

Benjamin Magdaleno in El Paso, Texas

need major help PLEASE

ok so i have a yanmar APU model 2TNV70-KBR it wouldn't start I found out the transfer pump wasn't working so I replaced it, but not before I...

So Fresh in Durham, Connecticut

05 IH 4300 / DT466 wiring harness issue

We just recently swapped in a brand new DT466 engine for this 05 4300 with a manual transmission. Everything internally was ripped apart, real bad...

brian varnes in Thousand Oaks, California

physical Aspect of job

Ok, Im a 34 year old man who was involved in a horrible motorcycle accident 3 yrs ago.Because of this, I have lost my trade in sales due to my voice...

Mover in Elgin, Texas

Updated 82 months ago

Dt 466 - 3 Replies

I have a 2004 international 4300, DT466. The fuel tank on the driver side does not switch over. Its like it is not there. I have fill up this tank...

Misha in Kokomo, Indiana

Having problems with 88 Chevy Diesal Start

Ok. Let's see, I've been through 3 mechanics and doubled what I paid for the silly truck..here's the issue: Chevy p-30 box truck with a 620 diesal...

bradis in Leeds, United Kingdom

iveco daily 2.3

Hi Guys, I have a Iveco daily on 52 reg and the timming belt is snaped on very low speed,will it damage the valves,or it will need to just...

nicnak in Lybster, United Kingdom

Help !

can anyone help us please, hubby decided to fit a radio in our iveco daily 35-12 on a 98 plate. It is an ex ambulance he accidentally touched two...

John in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Updated 84 months ago

How do I become a diesel mechanic? - 1 Reply

My name is Nathan and im from Bryan, Tx. Im 19 and i would like to get into college for diesel mechanics. I've always liked to work on cars and i...

sav in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Updated 84 months ago

Iveco Daily 50-C-13 Non start - 6 Replies

Hi, I have an Iveco 50-C-13 2.8td common rail Iris minibus, its a 2001. It started fine in the morning and I left it running for 5 mins then turned...

Bob in Preston, United Kingdom

Steering Rack

I have an Iveco 3410 Daily, I have two mechanics with conflicting information concerning a steering rack. One mechanic put it on and fastened it down...

me in Emmaus, Pennsylvania

Updated 85 months ago

Career change and bad habits - 2 Replies

10 year truck driver, here. Considering a career change to diesel mechanic but I have one bad habit-I smoke pot. You know how it is with those...

sa.trueblue in Birmingham, United Kingdom

iveco turbo electrical problem

Hi there i have a 1998 daily turbo diesel 2.8 truck, which was running perfectly till now,all ectrics have completely shut off except for lights...

stormpelican in Purcell, Oklahoma

Updated 87 months ago

Advice - 1 Reply

Iam qualified motor mechanic.what do i have to do to become a diesel or truck mechanic without under going apprenticeship?

Mikhail in Todmorden, United Kingdom

Updated 87 months ago

iveco daily classic - 1 Reply

Hi, I have a 96 iveco daily that is now a campervan, the problem i have is it wont turn off. I think its somethink to do with the solinoid on the...

stumped in Jupiter, Florida

Pto and high range not working on a strerling bt with a c7.

The system is a single tank with two chambers (front/back).

andyman in York, United Kingdom

Updated 87 months ago

Peugeot 307 SW - 4 Replies

Hi, First time here so I hope that I have posted in the right place. I own a 2003 Peugeot 307 SW, which has done 78000 miles. Normally the...

Dansoarr in London, United Kingdom

Iveco 75E15 1996 wont start

Hi, my 75e15 has been running fine for ages, then it developed a vibration when below 500 rpm. but seemed fine. A couple of days a go i was...

ianjb53 in Birkenhead, United Kingdom

smoke on tick over

when i start the van up and leave it for say ten minutes i get loads of blue smoke until i increase the revs and clear it all out then all seems...

Roger in O Fallon, Missouri

Looking for Diesel Technician Volunteer Opportunity

I am strongly interested in gaining some diesel technician skills but I can't seem to find opportunities to volunteer. Does anybody know anybody who...

SHAG in Loudon, Tennessee

Updated 89 months ago

93 ford 250 7.3 turbo - 2 Replies

when trying to start the pcm will click 20 to 30 times ( pcm is new) new glow plugs and very hard to start,when plug in it easier to start,,,, white...

andrew lendrum in Evesham, United Kingdom

65c15 occasional whistle from turbo on acceleration

Hi all, I have 2002 65c15 that occasionally whistles under load,I took off pipe from turbo to intercooler seems in good condition i did clean up pipe...

ronnie h in quarry bank, United Kingdom

cold start iveco 35 c11 2002

when stating from cold diesel leaks from cold start valve then stops after 30 seconds is the valve faulty or are there seals which have perished....

paul gaynor in Dublin, Ireland

Updated 89 months ago

me iveco daily don"t start - 2 Replies

when i try to start the red injector is blinking and the key indicator is blinking

paul gaynor in Dublin, Ireland

iveco daily wont start

hi i have a 01 iveco daily 35c 13 i got bad fuel there was water in it iv cleaned the tank out and changed the fuel filter. it wont start iv...

pandaandcorn in Perth, Australia

Updated 90 months ago

Is it a good idea to work in UK as a diesel mechanic - 1 Reply

Wanted to know should I return what are wages these days in UK for a truck mechanic??? Should I come back? Or could I work as a tec in Spain dose any...

timjritter in Mercer Island, Washington

Updated 91 months ago

Diesel Mechanic - 5 Replies

My name is Marcus Ridley and i have 2 years of Diesel Mechanic Experience i have been out of a job since January and i am in need of a good job i...

K morgan in Beaumont, Texas

pump gear problem in allison fire service trans

I have a gen.4 3000 series fire service trans.when truck is cold the trans will go in 1st gear instead of 4th to pump.when truck is warmed up pump...

gordon in United Kingdom

Updated 91 months ago

brake light not working - 2 Replies

Hi, My iveco daily 2001 has a brake light o/s that is not working.The bulb is working as i tested it on the n/s light.Any ideas what the problem...

jon higgins in pitstone, United Kingdom

Iveco daily 50c13

I have just renewed my brake pads all round The warning lamp seems to come on now and then when driving ?????????????

pete in Queen Creek, Arizona

Updated 91 months ago

turbo deisel loses power. - 5 Replies

I have a 06 f350 turbo deisel. Recently. while driving there would be a loss of power. Like no power. Engine does not die,,(yet),,then it would kick...

bestwrench45 in Mocksville, North Carolina

Updated 92 months ago

Looking for a job! - 2 Replies

I just graduated from Nashville Auto Diesel College in September with honors. I have no experience but many certifications. I prefer to work on...

Vishal in Hamilton, Ontario

Updated 92 months ago

Issues with turn on after start - 4 Replies

I have a 2003 ford f350 turbo diesel, no problem starting cold. After the truck is warmed up, ran, and then shut off, it will not start again for...

Mark in Denver, Colorado

Updated 94 months ago

Need a Job - 2 Replies

I graduated Sept. 19 2008 From WyoTech for Diesel Mechanic and now have a Class A CDL and am looking for a job to get some experience under my belt,...

Shell in Sherwood Park, Alberta

CIH Combine - no power downhill and on level, uphill fine

CX860 combine, Iveco engine, works perfect uphill - lots of power, no power downhill or on the level - any suggestions - tried the Boost pressure...

Jason Ross in Garland, Texas

Updated 94 months ago

Looking for a diesel or reefer mechanic job. - 3 Replies

I have relocated to Decatur, Tx to help care for my dad. I brought my son, fiance and kids with me. I am in dire need of a job to provide for my...

AMEEN in Phoenix, Arizona



eddie in Pasadena, Texas

Updated 95 months ago

2005 6.0 power stroke - 2 Replies

I have a 2005 ford f-250 6.0 power stroke. I am losing coolant I done a pressure test no leaks, no white smoke from exaust. but every 200 to 300...

kenny in Dover, New Hampshire

been out of work 51/2 years

back in1987 i went to school for diesel mechanics .no one well hire me WHY NOT???

Terrence in Kanpur, India

Updated 97 months ago

foreclosure auctions - 1 Reply

Professional services of trained manpower namely Hospital administrators/ managers have now become essential to manage hospitals and medical...

royboy123 in Swansea, United Kingdom

Updated 97 months ago

Problems with Iveco engine in a CIH combine - 2 Replies

Have an Iveco engine (375 hp) in a combine that looses boost pressure and then power when the engine is warmed up. What could be causing this? No...

4paz in denia, Spain

thousands of jobs to be made>> www.sims.tv

With our new 4paz technology to bio farm the sea,has now got the green light from Brussels . We need now to find funds and people to raise them. We...

angelparmar in Ahmadabad, India

Updated 97 months ago

looking for a job - 2 Replies

been in trde for 20 years

damian in Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom

Updated 97 months ago

When do you change a cam belt miles or years ?? - 1 Reply

i'm looking for a luton van 3.5 ton on e-bay but some of them have over 100k miles and every time i ask has it had a cam belt change, i ether get...

knighty in Durham, United Kingdom

Updated 100 months ago



MATHIAS MUSONDA in Gaborone, Botswana

Updated 101 months ago

Looking For Diesel Technicians in Virginia - 1 Reply


chris in United Kingdom

bloddy ivecos

does anyone know what a square with a fan in it red symbol means when it comes up on the dash cheers its a iveco daily unijet 2002 2.8

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