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Mango in Manchester, United Kingdom

Gear stick extension - Iveco Daily

Hi, I have a 2000 Iveco Daily. The gear stick is way too low down and gives me shoulder ache as I actually have to lean over to get 1,3 and 5. Is it...

Dr. Goodwrench in Aliso Viejo, California

DT 466/530 conversions to Natural Gas

AnyOne worked on one these yet or heard of any issues,

Jersey Joe in Denver, Colorado

Updated 51 months ago

2005 DT466E Fuel in Oil - 1 Reply

Working on a 2005 International School Bus with a DT466E around 88,000 Miles. Getting fuel in the oil. I am suspecting the injectors, Anyone run in...

umerhayat in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Updated 51 months ago

mechanic jobs in france - 1 Reply

looking for a job in the south of france{borbeaux}area,i`m a fully quailified plant/truck mechanic/and have a good back ground experience ranging...

Catfarmdude in Bury, United Kingdom

Iveco - lack of power

Hi Everyone! I have a 35c12 on a o4 plate. For some reason it seems to be lacking power. It runs ok, starts fine, if a little sluggish, but just does...

jmr63301@*****.*** in O Fallon, Missouri

Updated 52 months ago

1993 Ford E350 7.3 Diesel - 2 Replies

Have a 1993 Ford E350 diesel Bus.... It never starts right up it takes some time. It will crank over then die immeidately then won't start for a...

jmr63301@*****.*** in O Fallon, Missouri

Updated 52 months ago

1996 e 350 7.3 powerstroke - 1 Reply

my box truck starts runs fine then go down the hwy about 55 at steady speed and start slowly loseing power if i keep going it will eventually die but...

@vw in Los Angeles, California

Updated 53 months ago

1999 international 4700 6 cyl deisel - 2 Replies

Going through 6 liters of oil a day but showing no sign of burning it . Checked turbo and compressor no sign of oil build up . Could it be rings but...

Cadburyegg in Winner, South Dakota

Updated 53 months ago

complete set of tools - 4 Replies

I have no idea, if I am posting this correctly!! forgive me if I am not suppose to ask this.. but my husband changed careers a few years back, and...

kenny in Dover, New Hampshire

Updated 53 months ago

Top diesel mechanic skills needed to get the job. - 20 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every diesel mechanic must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your diesel mechanic...

grobinson in Vacaville, California

Updated 53 months ago

Work - 5 Replies

Im a certified Diesel mechanic looking for work desperatly .

Confused in Normal, Illinois

Updated 54 months ago

02 International DT466E- Hard to start - 2 Replies

I have an 02 International 4300 with the 466E. When the truck sits for more than a few hours, it cranks for a long time before it starts. The...

Fabio in Shelton, Connecticut

Portable Aurora diesel generator

I am looking at purchasing a 6500W portable diesel generator from Aurora. I wouldlike some feedback as to the quality and reliability of units they...


Updated 55 months ago

How hard is it to get your foot in the door??? Going to get degree in Diesel Tech at 2 year college - 1 Reply

Starting school pretty soon, i'm interested in working as a fleet mechanic in a large scale trucking company, looks like they are some of the best...

ehsanullah qazizadah in Afghanistan

Updated 55 months ago

1998 International - 1 Reply

Just replace a fuel pressure regulator, drove the truck for 1 day-sputtering at 1800 rpm any ideas before I go back to the repair shop? DT 466...

International_certified_2011 in Mckees Rocks, Pennsylvania

Updated 55 months ago

water still leaking in engine - 2 Replies

1990 International, 360 Engine. After having the piston head resurfaced and leveled as well as a valve job, water is still pouring into the oil pan. ...

KevinMul in United Kingdom

Iveco Eurcargo 2001/2002 blink codes

Can someone please direct me to where I can purchase or get a manual that has a list of all the blink codes, Thanks in advance.

shoprat in Pasadena, Texas

24 volt in a 12 volt truck

anyone on here ever run across a meritor freedomline transmission? its a 24 volt unit in a 12 volt truck but what i am wanting to find out is how...

Phil Bock in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts

2001 dt466e runs like hell

the truck runs terrible and have hadit to every shop in town no visible codes but they clear the computer. and truck runs exellent for about 2 hours...

Mike in Pickens, South Carolina

nuetral safety switch 1999 international 4700

I have an International 4700 truck that the breaker is being tripped. It controls the neutral safety switch. When the breaker trips, the engine...

ajhd in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 57 months ago

DT466 shutdown no codes - 3 Replies

I have a truck with a DT466 "05" . The engine spits and sputters after 20-40 miles . It will shutdown. Wait 15mins and it will start back up and run...

FAF in Houston, Texas

05 INTL 4300

Truck shakes at speed 40-55 .i mean shaking kinda sideways.i dont feel much vibration on steering wheel,i do feel it when i hit the brakes.(have air...

williansanthony in Kingston, Jamaica

Updated 58 months ago

Ford Iveco 75E15 wiring diagram - 1 Reply

Hi all and thank you for reading. Can anyone tell me where I can obtain a wiring diagram for the above vehicle. Thank you in anticipation. Tony

Jan in Male Kysice, Czech Republic

Iveco Daily 2007 Diagnostic tools

Hi, what would you recommend for Iveco Daily diagnosis? Iveco Easy is not affordable for me, the only option I have found seems to be...

TheRookie86 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 60 months ago

Is a career change to a diesel mechanic a good choice - 2 Replies

I am 39 changing careers. Is diesel mechanic a good idea?

MusicMan in Shaftesbury, United Kingdom

Iveco Daily Electronic Sliding Door, it wont close! cash waiting for someone who is an expert on these doors

Hello Everybody i just joined this forum :D i have an X registration (year 2000) Ex Parcel Force Van and yes, the date is correct, even though...

schmittm in Kennewick, Washington

Updated 61 months ago

Vt365 (6.0) 2008 shut down after 2min of idle, won't start or tunrover - 2 Replies

Started 2008 vt365 in 4200 chasis yesterday and after 2 minutes it shut down. Now won't start or turnover. Can hear clicking sound behind dash on...

transis123 in United Kingdom

loss of power

Any 1 help iv got a transit 2.5 td 1996 u can drive it with lots of power turn it of then turn it back on then it will lose power please any info

WILL in Garden Grove, California

Updated 62 months ago

6L Powerstroke problem - 2 Replies

Hey all, I've got an 04 Ford F-350 with the PSD and have had the issue of puking coolant from the degas bottle. First had it happen in Dec '07,...

tony j in Dowagiac, Michigan

Updated 62 months ago

diesel mower wont start - 1 Reply

Ya I've got an old jacobson zero turn 3 cyl. Diesel mower. Having a lot of problems getting it to start. Broke the injectors loose and it appears to...

kennystreetsparkplug in Dover, New Hampshire

Updated 62 months ago

cant find work as adiesel mechaic - 1 Reply

forthe 6years ihave been trying to find work as a diesel mechanic but no one to will hire me ihave had training in the ary national garud and...


1997 International DT466 spits and sputters

truck will run fine and after 50 miles or so will shut down, wait a bit and now it starts but spits and sputters really bad and keeps dying, I...

daveyboy in Todmorden, United Kingdom

iveco dailey 35s13 gearstick play

i have an iveco dailey 35s13 and it has mega play in the gear stick , i can get all the gears its just there dificult to find sometime , im getting...

tim in Longmont, Colorado

Updated 63 months ago

Is there an easy way to get dual wheels off of a truck? - 1 Reply

Is there a way to get dual wheels off of a truck? I work on a lot of big trucks is there a better way to get them off other than that big expensive...

goldie1b in dunoon, United Kingdom


Hi can anyone out there please tell me what fittings i need to replace brake lines on a iveco daily 29L 2.3 10hpi, I plan to use 3/16" copper bundy...

Keith downs in london, United Kingdom

Iveco Daily 35S12 "x reg" fuel pump problems

hey all, slightly OT reply but here goes. i own a 35S12 hpi on an "x reg...2000" it was running lovley then it basically justt stopped.there was...

sharpy in Turkey

Updated 64 months ago

iveco daily not starting from cold - 8 Replies

iveco not starting from cold just had fuel filter and pump fitted and not made any difference. if i take the thermo fuse out and thermo relay it...

mike in Apopka, Florida

Updated 65 months ago

need some guidence - 2 Replies

i am interviewing for an equipment mechanic apprenticeship job on the 19th of nov. and want to be on my game. i am inexpereienced in the interview...

48036 in Plymouth, Indiana

Updated 65 months ago

Tips for diesel mechanic interviews. - 2 Replies

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming diesel mechanic interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

kickenit2 in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 65 months ago

Diesel engine swap - 5 Replies

I would like to know if it would be worth it to put a 1978 3.9 cummins motor into a Chevy 3500 P/U. Also wondering what the cost would be for someone...

Dan Brown in Wallsend, United Kingdom

Iveco Daily 2008 3.0hpi

My iveco wont stop running if the head lights are on. If i take the key out it will still run. Has anybody had this before

chase lunn in Mobile, Alabama

international 4300

anyone have codes for 2003 international 4300 my truck is throwing fault 150: 1 2023 14p

Brian in Breckenridge, Texas

Updated 66 months ago

6.0L diesel F250 - Fuel Pressure Regulator leaking - 1 Reply

I noticed a fuel smell coming inside the cab during stops but not while cruising. When I got home I noticed the fuel pressure regulator was leaking...

pig tail in Myrtle, Mississippi

Updated 66 months ago

dashboard is not working - 1 Reply

my dashboard on my 99 international dt466 is not working

Wayne in Akron, Ohio

1987 S1900 International DT466C No Start

Both tanks are new and full of fuel. new fuel filter and was running fine then it died about 300 miles from home on the owner and I went down to...

ukremovals in Cumbria, United Kingdom

Updated 67 months ago

Iveco daily 35c14 - 1 Reply

Hi,Im a rear axle for an iveco daily 35c14 xlwb. mine is a chassis cab version, not a van.Also it's a 2005. thanks mike.

Benjamin Magdaleno in El Paso, Texas

need major help PLEASE

ok so i have a yanmar APU model 2TNV70-KBR it wouldn't start I found out the transfer pump wasn't working so I replaced it, but not before I...

So Fresh in Durham, Connecticut

05 IH 4300 / DT466 wiring harness issue

We just recently swapped in a brand new DT466 engine for this 05 4300 with a manual transmission. Everything internally was ripped apart, real bad...

brian varnes in Thousand Oaks, California

physical Aspect of job

Ok, Im a 34 year old man who was involved in a horrible motorcycle accident 3 yrs ago.Because of this, I have lost my trade in sales due to my voice...

Mover in Elgin, Texas

Updated 68 months ago

Dt 466 - 3 Replies

I have a 2004 international 4300, DT466. The fuel tank on the driver side does not switch over. Its like it is not there. I have fill up this tank...

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