How hard is it to get your foot in the door??? Going to get degree in Diesel Tech at 2 year college

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jsdhesmith5 in Santa Maria, California

68 months ago

Starting school pretty soon, i'm interested in working as a fleet mechanic in a large scale trucking company, looks like they are some of the best jobs out there for Tractor Mechanics, is this true, or is it better to work in small shops? I see that somplaces even allow school as experience, is this common? I will most likely have to relocate for jobs, I live in a small city with not much room for opportunuity, thanks everyone.......


43 months ago

It's very easy to be a diesel tech for a large fleet. I first started with one of the biggest fleets out there. I only got paid 12.50 an hour even with my ase. So I started going to diffrent fleets. And now I'm on my 5th biggest fleet making 22 an hour and I know us diesel techs should get way more for what we handle and do. I have some friends that work with small true family owned fleets and he's making 4 bucks more then me. To get top dollar u need to get into a union me don't waste 10 years to figure it out

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