water still leaking in engine

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danmixdorf in Panama City, Florida

58 months ago

1990 International, 360 Engine. After having the piston head resurfaced and leveled as well as a valve job, water is still pouring into the oil pan. Pressure tested head no leaks. Put water in water jackets in engine no leaks. Torque head down to engine water pouring into oil pan. Other than a cracked engine block I can't figure out why water is still leaking into engine. Taken off head 3 times, check engine block also for level-good; for leaks- no leaks. I don't know what else to do! Truck has been down for one month and rental truck is going to bankrupt me.

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Rick in Richmond Hill, Georgia

56 months ago

Does this truck have an EGR cooler. These tend to go bag and will dump coolant in the exaust and oil. Also, the first thing to always check and go ahead and replace when you have mixing of the fluids is the oil cooler. I saw you had no mention of that. The FIRST thing is to replace that before you pull that head and start replacing sleaves. You can check the sleaves by dropping the oil pan and put about 20 lbs of pressure on your coolant resevoir or radiator. Maintain that pressure and lay underneath and watch. You'll see if any or none are leaking.

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International_certified_2011 in Mckees Rocks, Pennsylvania

56 months ago

Did you read his post? It is a 1990! Does it have an air compressor? If it does and it is engine driven, and water cooled that could be the source of your leak. You may only see a pressure drop while engine is running. Try putting the pressure tester on the engine at normal operating temperature and no pressure on the gauge. Start the truck and boost up the idle to about 1000 rpm and let it run. If the pressure builds to above normal pressure, there is an internal leak somewhere. Some leaks will not surface unless the engine is running. Also check the injectors and cups by draining the oil (water mixture), pressure test the system to see where the leak is coming from.

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