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acsd4f in Dallas, Texas

42 months ago

I recently graduated from a 4 year university with a BA in psychology. After spending some time in the real world I have finally decided on the appropriate career path for me. I want to pursue a career as a registered dietician. I have looked into either getting my Masters in nutrition and dietetics or entering into an internship program then becoming credited. However, in order to do either of these I need to complete coursework in areas such as chemistry. I am trying to figure out what the best way to complete that coursework would be. Should I take the specific courses at a community college, or return to a university and complete a bachelors in dietetics. Any information would be helpful.


41 months ago

I'm trying to figure that out as well. I have a BA in Economics and haven't taken any of the science courses needed. After doing a bunch of research I've decided that the best option for me is probably to take the prereqs at a community college or wherever I can find them and then try to get my master's in nutrition in a CADE-accredited program (hopefully a coordinated program rather than didactic so I don't have to apply separately for the internship). Problem with that approach is that there aren't a whole lot of coordinated programs that end in a master's degree.. and the programs that there are aren't necessarily consistent with prereqs (not to mention that they're competitive).. but I figure it's a start. I think it makes the most sense because: no one will give me scholarships to get a 2nd bachelor's degree, either way it will probably take me 4 years or so to become an RD (starting now with the prereqs) so I might as well get my master's in that time, I might be able to get an assistantship, and I'll have a master's instead of another bachelor's which would open the door for more things (such as teaching if I want to). If you don't want to get your master's, I don't think you'd have to get a 2nd bachelor's, but you would have to take so many classes that you might as well. I'm still uncertain about how exactly to get the schooling necessary to take the RD test (if you don't want to do an approved program but rather just try to take all of the courses necessary) but you could always write to the CADE people and ask them.. or to any university that has an approved program. From the research that I've done I would say try to figure out how to get there without going too far into debt.. since dietitians don't make that much money anyway. Good luck and let me know what you find out.

lena in Madison, Alabama

21 months ago

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