What are typical director of pharmacy salaries?

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Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field?

What skills should you learn to increase your salary?

nic in Memphis, Tennessee

100 months ago


I'mnottelling in Milford, Connecticut

100 months ago

I make 125K/year after 24 years @ the same job. To be a great DOP, learn people skills!!! Low employee turnover is key...make staff happy by allowing them to have inout into their schedules!

Geno in Missouri in Aldrich, Missouri

92 months ago

Location has a lot to do with the salary you can get. More desirable locations often pay less even with a higher cost of living. Also, "Director of Pharmacy" is a very general job description. You can be director of a small hospital with only one pharmacist, or be director over a system with multiple facilities. I am director for a multiple facilities encompassing 400+ beds, and 60+ employees. I make around $165,000 per year. Learning as much as possible about the health care business is my recommendation for success in this position. Also, as much leadership training as you can stomach.

QualityRx in Fresno, California

64 months ago

Geographic location and hospital size have a lot to do with salary. The director of pharmacy at UCSF (around 1000 beds and 4 hospitals)made 218,000/year in 2007 (This is public information posted on their website). Most CA Directors earn between 175,000 - 190,000 - There are a many now pushing and/or exceeding the 200K mark. Particularly since regulatory pressure has increase and leadership with extensive experience and training is a must....Many Directors in CA have Pharm.D degrees, advanced practice residency training, and MBA degree's. With recent legislative accountability and a general lack of leadership in pharmacy practice salary's of those with strong leadership skills and vision have been excellent.

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