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michael gaddis

Updated 7 days ago

I have my CDL CLass A permit now need to find a job that will hire me and teach me on the job - 9 Replies


Updated 10 days ago

Taxi Cab Driver - 4 Replies

Generally speaking, I think that profession of ‘taxi driver’ is very hard! Because you must work with people constantly! All people are different and...


Updated 10 days ago

list of NON DAC trucking companies - 56 Replies

Generally speaking, I think that profession of ‘taxi driver’ is very hard! Because you must work with people constantly! All people are different and...

Gastone Pinkney

have a cdl b class permit an need a truck to take test

Have a cdl b class permit an need a truck to take the test, an looking for any companies that is hiring cdl b class drivers, I have 7 yrs in...


Construction Driver

I have twenty plus years driving pretty much everything having to do with heavy civil construction and DOT work. I hauled heavy equipment for the...


Updated 18 days ago


I have Az driver,s Licence inaddition I have valde fas card.I am so intersting to work for Schneider,i need to get exceprience schnider traning...

Bhanu Bahadur Khadka


How can I get job etihad airways


Updated 26 days ago

DAC report - 328 Replies

I was in an accident in July, been on workers comp and just came off of it and got fired. The accident in July there was a fatality involved. I did...


Updated 1 month ago

Road Training - 1 Reply

wing it buddy

nathan baker1990

Updated 2 months ago

cdl a license with a felony conviction in 2003 - 106 Replies

[QUOTE who="jaskidd in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania"]if yuor conviction is over ten years old you can have it exsunged from your record thru a lawyer....


Updated 2 months ago

CDL permit - 146 Replies

[QUOTE who="RJ in Seguin, Texas"]You know I wasn't asking to borrow your f*#^@ng truck so if you didn't lik my question you don't have to hate. Alot...

thabiso 75

average wage for drivers in motor indudtry

I would like an advice on how much can one earn working for motor industry, I'm currently employed by toyota, an I'm earning less than 4,500 a month....


Updated 3 months ago

Help - 5 Replies



Updated 4 months ago

Driver with arrest record, but no conviction - 15 Replies

You can honestly answer no because you were not convicted. I am in the same boat for a dui charge and it is truly deemed not a conviction.


jb hunt

can anyone help me ? im schelduled to start orientation for a regional route with jb hunt soon.are there any drivers on here that can tell me how...


Updated 5 months ago

Have premit for CDL license and need help in getting CDL license - 97 Replies

[QUOTE who="Michel McCoy in Sumter, South Carolina"]I have my cdl permit. I need to work to pay mortgage and can't afford to go to school. Is there a...


Updated 5 months ago

Cant find a driving job after being fired for safety termination - 1 Reply

I know a small company that is hiring email me at


weekend driver jobs?

I've been driving a school bus for over a year so I have my class B cdl and experience. I'd like to get a second job to cover all the bills but my...

PapaJed in Van Alstyne, Texas

Updated 8 months ago

driver school drug screen - 48 Replies

I am scheduled to begin driving school in a couple of weeks. I am a bit concerned with the drug screen procedure. With the job market being as...

Waterloo,IA in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 12 months ago

Need a driving job - 4 Replies

I have 3 years OTR experience, but was terminated due to a jackknnife accident. No injuries, no fatalities, no others involved, plus no tickets or...

Eagle Eye Truck Lines, LLC in Wyoming, Michigan

Updated 12 months ago

What is on your DAC report - 59 Replies

I would suggest to all drivers to get a copy of there DAC report just to see what is on there. You are entitled to a free copy of your DAC report...

Jennifer at A1 Dispatch in Lexington, Kentucky

Updated 12 months ago

sprinter vans - 1 Reply

Thinking of buying a sprinter van. Is there work to be had, and how do you go about finding it, thank you. ...

JohnDoeHemmingWay in New York, New York

Updated 13 months ago

Can I truck drive to retirement? - 2 Replies

I need a career change. I am in my early 50s. Can I truck drive my way to a healthy retirement? I have a kid who is going to need college. I want to...

patriciajnsn in Sioux City, Iowa

Updated 14 months ago

dac report - 166 Replies

yes i am a new driver i have a clean dmv but i have 4 preventables all minor no tickets not police reports written ann i was termanated for this by...

Hire_me_dammit in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Updated 15 months ago

FELONY - 1 Reply

My boyfriend is 21 and has a felony on his record, he also didn't finish high school nor does he have a GED. What kind of jobs will hire him?...

Mike in Royal Oak, Michigan

Updated 25 months ago

Just got my class a cdl and now I need experiance. - 36 Replies

I just graduated truck driving school and have my class a cdl with hazmat and tanker endorsments. I have a spotless driving record,I was diagnosed...

diamond1 in Lithonia, Georgia

Updated 27 months ago

Can I get a driving job with a felony that happened over7 years ago? - 2 Replies

I have a cdl A I have a felony conviction from 1999. Because of that felony I never could get a job. Now I can't get work either cause of the felony...

inneed in Aberdeen, Maryland

Urine test was dirty and I lost my job

My Question is how do I explain why I no longer work for that employer?

lee turner in Vernal, Utah

gazelle transportation

pay is is excellent. no matter what ron says, its like working in the twillight zone. was lead driver, what ever that means, also trainer, also...

Edgar in Tampa, Florida

Updated 34 months ago

I got my CDL class A permit does anyone know anywhere I can get a job with just that? - 2 Replies

I have a CDL class A permit with the air brake endoresement. I don't have a truck to practice on or anything to use for the test. Anyone know of any...

Rahim Abdulla in Doha, Qatar

Updated 34 months ago

airport shuttle bus driver - 10 Replies

can anyone share their experiences ? regards, dave

johnblack in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 35 months ago

I GOT A DUI IN NOV.O7 - 2 Replies


rider in Uncasville, Connecticut


If you got your CDL through a truck driver training school, you MUST get your 6 months "over the road training". There are companies that will take...

Ronntoby@yahoo. Com in Gresham, Oregon

Finding a job with a 15 miles over limit ticket on my record

I was late for work. I was on my mortercycle and was clocked 88 in a 65. He droped it to 80 ina 60. I payed the fine not understanding that this was...

ladysydney in Gilbert, Arizona

Updated 38 months ago

oversea driving connection - 1 Reply

Just wondering whats the best outlet to getting a job driving a commercial vehicle overseas. I hear the pay is unmatched if ya get wit the right...

jaypthegreat in San Bernardino, California


i have a dui that will be 3 yrs old in may of 2012. im close to ontario desperatly looking for some driving work when i get to my 3 yr. mark.i...

patriciajnsn in Sioux City, Iowa

Updated 39 months ago

work - 1 Reply

I am a truck driver and been unemployed for a long time now, is been extremely hard to get hired, I know is cause my overweight even though they...

louis jeffery jr in Bennettsville, South Carolina

Updated 39 months ago

Help stop false reports DAC/USIS/HIRE RIGHT - 12 Replies

I wanted to draw your attention to this important petition that I recently signed: "Stop False Dac Reporting"

luckysafehaven in Omaha, Nebraska

Updated 41 months ago

Help - 1 Reply

I have not some weed in 25 days I have a pis test in 15 days im 400 pound do u think I will pass

Big man


How is alliance truck school

Bigboz in Union, New Jersey

Driver disqualification for Cdl

Im a driver who recently had my Cdl disqualified for an incident that happen 6 years ago.been driving for past 6 years but dmv just found out about...

Peeulosi in Palatine, Illinois

Updated 47 months ago

What does DOT Regulations mean ? Current copy MVR - 1 Reply

Will they help with pay scale.

aj4569 in Ford City, Pennsylvania

would anyone be willing to give me a chance

my drivers license got suspended over ten years ago and i was wondering if companys will still train me to get a cdl license i dont have my license...

screwed in Smithfield, Virginia

Updated 48 months ago

swift - 3 Replies

is swift a good company to drive for

tireme65 in Princeton, Missouri

Updated 49 months ago

felony and retraining - 20 Replies

had a felony in 2004 alls well for me in that aspect except its hard enough to get a job now in trucking and now i need retrained who will put me in...

txrodehog in Port Lavaca, Texas

Updated 51 months ago


Do anyone knows any companies that dont look at dac reports..I had quit a company and left there truck then they call me 2 hours later to go take a...

augie z. in Berrien Springs, Michigan

Updated 52 months ago

DUI in 2004 - 1 Reply

I had a DUI in 2004. Many companies say no DUI's in the past 5 years. I got ticketed for DUI in March 04 and convicted in November 04. Does anyone...

NJH in Los Angeles, California

Speeding Ticket for Delivery Driver Jobs

I'm actually a marketing professional, but I got laid off in November and need to start earning some more money. I have a speeding ticket on my...


paid training

i passed core,air brakes,school bus and passenger.....have my permit are theyre any good companies that wiil pay me to train?

transfer54 in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 53 months ago

problem with my dac - 2 Replies

question if i disputed stuff on my dac report and they removed it why two months later can the company say they verify it and dac services reinserted...

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