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Updated 1 day ago

Anyone recently take the Adult Echo (RDCS) test? - 736 Replies

[QUOTE who="Mike in Toronto, Ontario"]Hi Julia. Can you send me The materials , please? I appreciate you so much.[/QUOTE] Sent...

Hisham in La Mesa, California

Updated 2 months ago

Contract/Per Diem Cardiac Sonographers: Need tax advice - 46 Replies

I just started to do per diem work in south orange county, california and would like to get some advice from other contract sonographers. Do you pay...

hoffman estatez in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 4 months ago

What are typical echo technician salaries? - 405 Replies

Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? What skills should you learn to increase...

cheer in Naperville, Illinois

Updated 6 months ago

How many studies should you perfrom/day? - 12 Replies

I work in a 180 bed hospital with one full time echo tech and one that only comes in for 4 hrs. on Mondays( none are done over the weekend so...

EchoLady in Alabama

Updated 6 months ago

pediatric echo - 2 Replies

Trying to pass the pediatric echocardiography exam. Does anyone recommend some literature or CD.

muniza in milton, Ontario

Updated 6 months ago

ARDMS echocardiography exam review - 99 Replies

I am planning to give ardms echo RDCS exam end of may please share your experiences regarding exam content.thanks

Brazilian at Heart in Russellville, Alabama

Updated 6 months ago

Brazilian cardiologist seeking employment as echo technician - 1 Reply

Hello! I live in Brazil and I am a cardiologist by the Brazilian Society of Cadiology. I have 2 years experience in echocardiography. I want to live...

johnny3434 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Updated 15 months ago

Job salary for adult vs peds - 2 Replies

Just wondering if a pediatric echo tech makes more than adult echo? And if so what type of difference are we talking about?

Echogal in Stony Brook, New York

Moving to Arizona-Echo Position

Hi I will be relocating to the Pheonix area in a couple of months, Does anyone know of any positions (echo tech) currently available or will be...

Kevin in Boonville, New York

Updated 16 months ago

Registered Cardiac Sonographer by CCI - 64 Replies

I am looking for an echo tech job in chicago,il. Recently passed my CCI registry exam and have 2 years externship experience. Please help me if...

Echo school-bound in Dyer, Indiana

Updated 17 months ago

Are echo technician job opportunities growing or declining? - 170 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most echo technician...

Anna in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

Updated 18 months ago

can the echo tech bill insurance - 1 Reply

im trying to open up a cardiac imaging office.....wondering if i, the echo tech, can bill insurance myself. will the insurance reimburse me or do i...

cncpcn_chichi@*****.*** in Calgary, Alberta

online helpful study guide for preparation for rdcs exam

Hi everyone, I am preparing right now to take the rdcs exam. Does anyone have helpful online reviwer that will be helpful for the exam? In...

Walter Rasmussen in San Francisco, California

Updated 25 months ago

Top echo technician skills needed to get the job. - 4 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every echo technician must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your echo technician...

Dan V in San Antonio, Texas

Travel Tech Testimonials

Does anyone have experience doing travel work? I'd like to hear what you thought about it. I am RDCS with 4 1/2 years hospital experience, and 1...

mary in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Updated 29 months ago

Echocardiography refresher courses???? - 5 Replies

Hi :) I graduated from an accredited echo program in 2010. I searched for a job for almost 2 years and never had any luck . Since then, I've worked...

Rebecca in Ashland, Kentucky

Updated 29 months ago

Echo Tech - 10 Replies

I graduated May 2008, and still have not find a job . Every job i see need 2 year experience . How can they do that when they have not give new...

Smiley in Chico, California

Pay per studies

Quick question! For those doing contract work, How much is average pay per study for lower extremity venous ultrasounds and ablations? When going in...

KentRamirez in Tavistock House, United Kingdom

Updated 37 months ago

Chances of finding a job? - 7 Replies

I graduated in December from an unaccredited school. Passed the CCI boards for echo. What are my chances of finding a job? I haven't scanned since...

EchoFan in Birmingham, Alabama

Echo/Vascular DFW payscale

I am looking at moving to the DFW area. I know payscales are highly dependent on experience but what are the average salaries for echo/vascular techs...

Stace in Rochester, New York

Updated 45 months ago

booking - 3 Replies

Anyone interested in peds echo books and the 500 cards for test.

C_Mahoney in Rochester, Minnesota

Job Application Advice for Upcoming Echo Graduate

Hello, I'm going to be graduating from a 21 month CAAHEP accredited echo program in early May with an additional Bachelor's degree in Health...

rt in Aurora, Illinois

Updated 49 months ago

Looking for employment in the Houston, TX area - 7 Replies

Hi I am an experienced registered echo tech currently working at a hospital in north Louisiana. I am registered RCS with 4 years experience in 2d...

CardiologyEmployer in Houston, Texas

Updated 51 months ago

available echo tech travel or permanent 9years adult pediatric - 2 Replies

I am available for travel echo positon echo tech adult and pediatric. 9 years experience. Just finished my assignment july 1st, o9

SP13 in Valley Cottage, New York

Updated 56 months ago

St. Francis Cares Hoffman Institute of Cardiac Ultrasound - 9 Replies

This is a one year certificate program in Echocardiography. Has anyone attended this program? What questions should I ask about the program to...

STILL PLUGGIN ALONG in Sebastian, Florida

Updated 59 months ago

Central Florida Institute - Echo Tech or Cath Lab - 49 Replies

Has anyone taking the invasive or noninvasive cardiovascular technologist programs at this school? How was your experience? Did they setup your...

Tammie Godwin in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 60 months ago

Jobs in Echocardiography - 80 Replies

I am looking for a hospital/clinic/etc. that will be willing to hire a recent graduate in echocardiography from Coosa Valley Technical College. I am...

kwoughter in San Diego, California

Updated 64 months ago

Which is the harder exam for the RDCS? CPI? or Echo? - 5 Replies

I am studying for the Echo portion of the RDCS. I believe its much harder than the CPI,because so much of it depends on how much practical experience...

TE13 in Ranheim, Norway

Updated 66 months ago

I JUST WANT A CHANCE!!! - 3 Replies

Its been one year since I graduated from the echo tech program and am currently working on my registry. Ive been applying for prn entry level...

echotech02 in Warwick, Rhode Island

Updated 68 months ago

Career Change Into Healthcare - 34 Replies

All, I am looking at my options in healthcare. I am 45 yrs. old and don't really know where to start. Probably looking at some sort of Technician...

Jose in Miami, Florida

Updated 70 months ago

British qualified Cardiac physiologist wanting to move stateside needing info - 1 Reply

Hello, I am currently a student Cardiac Physiologist, next year i will graduate with a degree and i will be specialised in echocardiography. I am...

deb crotty in Rochester, Michigan

Updated 73 months ago

I need to retake CCI registery exam.for echo - 4 Replies

I over looked paying dues, now I neede to retake echo exam. I'm 63 and took exam over 20 years ago. I just want to work my few remaining years. I...

mjr in Houston, Texas

Entry-Level Echo jobs in Houston?

Hi there. Anyone know of any Entry-level echo jobs in the greater Houston area? I graduated in May, have passed the Physics portion and am waiting...

Bree2011 in Boston, Massachusetts

Updated 76 months ago

Anyone recently take the Adult Echo (RDCS) test? - 4 Replies

Does anyone have the latest info for RDCS exam? I will be taking an RDCS exam at the end of August and I'm REALLY worried about the video cases.

Andrew in Riverside, California

Echo Temp/ Registry/Contract Jobs ?

What registry/temp/contract jobs are there in California? Kind of like the ones many nurses work for but for Echo techs.

igp.mia@*****.*** in West Palm Beach, Florida

Updated 79 months ago

Who has already taken the Physics SPI portion and passed it? what book did you study from? - 2 Replies

I am going to take my spi physic exam on June 25, 2011 in Miami,fl. I am currently studying from Eldamen 3 rd edition, Taking physics review in my...

evanjaline in Plainfield, Illinois

looking for a job

Hi , I am looking for a posiiton as an echo tech . but i have no luck in getting it . I am registered since last year and still unemployed . i would...

Steve in Houston, Texas

Updated 80 months ago

Echo tech from overseas - 4 Replies

Hi, If anyone knows a vacancy in any hospital that hires and is willing to sponsor for H1B visa. I am an experience and RDCS certified echo tech from...

NgN87 in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 81 months ago

I need some advice on getting into echo field - 4 Replies

I am a paramedic with all my certifications and currently working as a full time ekg tech. I would like to know if any of my education/training could...

Diana in Rockford, Illinois

looking for echo job

I have been registered for 6 months CCI. would love to work at a va, but no such luck. Any jobs anywhere. You help would be appreciated.

phouphet30 in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Updated 82 months ago

Entry Level Sonographer -looking for work- willing to relocate - 5 Replies

Hello, I am looking for fulltime work as an Echo Tech. Willing to relocate to Columbus-Ohio, Fort Wayne-Indiana, Chicago-illinois, Mobile-Alabama,...

rita Amao-wisotsky in Los Angeles, California

Updated 83 months ago

Echo Tech Looking for a Job - 5 Replies

If any one is interested in hiring a new grad i did the science part of the CCI exam .

Delta_Squadron in San Francisco, California

Updated 83 months ago

Vascular Ultrasound School - 2 Replies

Does anybody know where or what school I can get into that teaches Vascular, perferably online.

zoey in Clairton, Pennsylvania

Updated 84 months ago

Any suggestions - 4 Replies

I graduated in 2007, as a cardio-vascular tech. Trying to find a job in this field was extremely hard. I has been almost 3 years that I graduated...

Cubanborn87 in Durham, North Carolina

Echocardiology school

Hello everyone, I am going to start echo cardiology school next year but the school is far away from home and i wanted to get some courses out of the...

CareerGuru in San Francisco, California

Updated 89 months ago

Not sure if i should move back home (S. CA)????????? - 4 Replies

Hi there I'm an echo tech in Las Vegas with 2yr experience. I'm currently preparing for my physics exam in order to get registered. I've been...

rachelcnmt in El Mirage, Arizona

echo programs

I was wondering if anyone could give me some information. I am currently a nuclear medicine technologist and I am interested in learning echo. I have...

Imageman in Toledo, Ohio

Updated 90 months ago

RDCS looking for a career - 4 Replies

Hi, I graduated from an accredited school last August and passed my registry with ARDMS in September (I think that I set a record in getting my...

Carter0128 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Updated 90 months ago

Anyone know of any jobs? - 6 Replies

I am a recent ultrasound grad and having a hard time finding a job. I willing to re-locate but prefer to stay on the eastern side of the U.S. If you...

kellyecho in Highland, Indiana

Updated 91 months ago

Views - 1 Reply

This is a really entry level question, but here goes---I have been having a really hard time with my apical 4C view. I can not seem to ever locate...

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