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Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming environmental specialist interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

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dasunil in Naperville, Illinois

109 months ago

I am not a Recruiter, Human resource specialist or any kind of expert in the interview processes, but I have read books and offer my personal experience. I am not responsible for any claim for interview failure or misinterpretation of the advice, so use it with you own wit and risk. Go to library and read books, practice interview processes with your family or friends. Write your thaughts what you want to say and discuss about the job and the company. Write down your own questions and think what best answers you can provide to those questions.
Most interview-employer asks the following typical questions.
1. Why you left your job or why you want to change your job?
2. What experience do you have for the job, what you can do for the company?
3. Three bad things experiences.
First read the job description and prepare yourself to the requirement of the job and employer. In the interview, if the employer asks for a certain experience in air permitting for fossil plants (burning coals), then state it in the interview don't lie that you can do Nuclear also. Just remember if you are a heart surgeon and can operate any kind of heart surgery, don't think you can perform eye surgey also. If they ask how much you are currently making and how much you are expecting for the job, try to deffer the question for the last hurdel, say you would like to weigh the job requirements and duties, then based on market value I would like to discuss the salaries. Don't give your references till you are told that employeer would like to offer you a job. Every body know how to wear the best suit for the interview, look into the eyes of the employer. Never, Never, Never lie for the salaries (Every Bank or Credit card compnaies have your salaries), any employeer or lawyer can get information from your records. Be relaxed and don't sit tense, or beg for the job. Go for it as if you are going to help the company grow with your experience, not as a job seeker and you will get the utmost success.

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interviewee in Ponce, Puerto Rico

91 months ago

Good afternoon:

I would like to comment, but not about the environmental specialist interview specifically. I am writing you, because I would like to ask you something about the things to avoid in an interview process. Do you, as experienced HR professional, think that the following situation affects the interview process for the interviewee?


The interviewers are very happy, because the interviewee answer the questions very well and they are considering him for the position ZZ1. At the end of the interview process they ask: Any questions? The questions made by the interviewee was impressives. They interviewers ask again: Any question? The person say: "Yes, I get a little question. I applied also for the postion ZZ2. It is similar to the ZZ1." The interviewee was interrupted by the interviewer: "Well, our objective is that the person in the position ZZ keep in a growing process. The ZZ1 will work with ZZ2 together. We hope that the persons in the postion ZZ1 grow to the ZZ2." The interviewee considered that with his question annoyed the interviewer.

What do you think? The interviewee would be not considered for the job, because of this last questions?

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